60% of an adults’ neurotransmitters are located in the gut, and 80% of children’s. The brain-gut link has been written about a lot over the past 10 years and we have made massive progress in that field.

When I was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, I tried a diet called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) which was also used to improve symptoms for children with autism. It has made me realise how strong the brain-gut link is. I spent hours researching diets, the microbiome and this link. I came to realise that our mood,  our digestion and our immune system are intertwined.

The SCD didn’t work for me unfortunately, and it ultimately took me over the years to perfect my low-inflammation and gut health lifestyle – which I share on the 6-week plan platform.

The food you eat on a daily basis, your stress levels, the exercise you do massively impacts your gut flora as well as your inflammation levels. Brain cells have been proven to get inflamed so if you suffer from anxiety or depression, living a low-inflammation lifestyle can help improve your symptoms.

In the 6-week plan platform, a whole section of the platform is dedicated to mental wellness. 70% of our immune system (GALT – Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue) is located in our guts as well as 60% of our near-transmitters. Then, there is a very strong link between exercise and inflammation. Some forms of exercise are inflammatory when others are anti-inflammatory.

Our mind, our body, the way we move, the way we deal with stress and the way we eat are all linked and all impact each other. All non-communicable diseases (responsible for 71% of deaths worldwide) are linked to chronic inflammation -hence to gut health, see video on this topic on my youtube channel.

These include depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, heart attacks, auto-immune issues, psoriasis, asthma, diabetes etc. It can sound overwhelming, and one might find it hard to start somewhere.

I have felt overwhelmed myself all these years ago, almost wanting to give up! But in a way, what saved me is the fact that my body wasn’t responding to medical treatment and I ended up at one point being kept alive with weekly blood transfusions. I had no choice but to find a solution to this, which I could apply to my daily life of a busy mum of two young boys!

I have come up with a simple lifestyle, which is achievable, sustainable and has been yielding tremendous results for a growing number of people, as you can see on my instagram “Testimonials” highlight. I share it all on the 6-week plan platform, as well as regular exclusive content and new recipes.

I hope the 6-week plan platform helps you like it has helped me! Remember to look after yourself without over-obsessing. The Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle isn’t about perfection but about damage limitation 😊

Yalda x

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