• Kung Pao Chicken

    Here’s my gut health friendly take on a classic Chinese dish! I have it with broccoli on the side 🙂

  • Complete green soup

    This is my current favourite soup! I make it quite thick and I find it so delicious and filling! Perfect on the 6-week plan too, it has both greens and good carbs, a

  • Coconut and chocolate macaroons

    My lovely friend Sarah shared this incredible recipe with me. I have slightly tweaked it as I can’t help myself 😄. It can be made with only 3 ingredients if you want them

  • Lean Italian Meatballs

    This wonderful recipe, healthy and family-friendly is now up on the 6-week plan platform! Click here to find out more about the 6-week plan. New recipe uploaded every Wednesday as well as regular

  • Versatile tomato sauce

    This tomato sauce is very easy to make and so versatile! I of course use it with pasta or rice for my children, but also as a shakshuka base, with zucchini noodles, with

  • Paleo Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

    I had a massive craving for double chocolate chip cookies and adapted my original Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe to make it even more chocolaty! 😊 These are dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free and grain-free!

  • Vegan Sesame Squares

    My Vegan Sesame Squares are so simple to make yet totally addictive. They a wonderful healthy snack or petit four option. Dates have natural occurring sugars as well as anti-fungal properties, which partly

  • Roasted Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) with salsa verde

    This grain-free, dairy-free and vegan recipe is so easy to make yet super healthy! Perfect “good carbs” option if you are on the 6-week plan. Talking about the plan, many people doing it

  • Paleo Mandarine and Almond Cake

    This delicious treat is DAIRY FREE, GLUTEN FREE and GRAIN FREE 💫 It also uses no oil as the mandarines are sufficient enough to make this cake SUPER MOIST. I hope you enjoy

  • Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemons

    Moroccan tagines are so good for you. Slow cooked, hence easy to digest. Most of them contain garlic (antifungal properties), onions, turmeric and ginger (powerful anti-inflammatories). They are PALEO, DAIRY-FREE, GRAIN-FREE and GLUTEN-FREE.

  • Healthy breakfast cookies

    I have been wanting to come up with a delicious recipe for a breakfast on the go for a while. This is a wonderful option, as it keeps and you can make it

  • Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

    These cookies are dairy-free, grain-free, refined sugar-free and packed with protein and good fats. They are consistent with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and can be enjoyed as a healthy treat!

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