August 18, 2020 |

Dr Tamsin Lewis MD on Eat Burn Sleep

Dr. Tamsin Lewis is a medical doctor with a BSc in Neuroscience and the Biology of Ageing, specialist training in psychiatry and sports medicine, and further education in nutritional and functional medicine. She is a former GB elite triathlete that started her own company focused on providing an integrated medical service with a unique approach to optimal health. Dr. Tamsin joined me for a live on Instagram to talk about the psychology of inflammation. 


  • What physical processes can happen after emotional trauma?
  • How to measure changes in your body.
  • How breathing affects your physical and mental health.
  • What is the connection between psychological safety and autoimmune issues?
  • What is hormesis and how it can strengthen your body?




There is a strong link between mental and physical health,  and I have dedicated an entire section of the Eat Burn Sleep platform to mental wellness.


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