February 18, 2019 |

Escape to Marrakech

Hi everyone, I know we are all feeling the winter chill so I thought I would share with you all my favorite spots in the beautiful Marrakech. Many have requested this so I hope you enjoy it!



For a casual meal, I love the Argana overlooking the main square. It has a traditional feel to it.



Café de la Poste has a lovely colonial feel to it with delicious French food. Riad El Fenn an amazing spot. It is a lovely arty boutique hotel. I suggest going to the top floor to have lunch. There is a great shop inside run by Paul Rowland, an ex-fashion man from NYC.

Enjoy a great Sunday brunch at La Mamounia hotel where you can sit by the pool and enjoy! Or at Kasbah Tamadot which is Richard Branson’s hotel, 20 min away but absolutely stunning. La Pause a day trip that is amazing, relaxing, and remote. Check it out online for more of its features. Finally, I love La Terrasse des Épices where you will find a full restaurant with traditional selections or a pastry shop if you are on the go.



For Moroccan style food, Dar Yacout gives you the full cultural experience. It is set in a raid where they play Andalous music and serve traditional food from Fez. I suggest having a light lunch if you go there for dinner! There is also a Moroccan restaurant in the Royal Mansour Hotel, La Table Marocaine. The lamb as a main is exquisite! Bo Zin is the best for a fun night, a 20 min drive from the center. You will find dinner and dance with a mixed menu of Asian and French food. The food is quite good. Le Comptoir has belly dancers but is a bit touristy. The food is good nonetheless and it is fun!



– Djellabar has magnificent decor and a trendy feel.
– Bar at the Royal Mansour, beautiful, refined, and quiet.
Jad Mahal has a great night time feel with a small food menu as well.
– At Le Comptoir they have a fun selection of cocktails.
– Pre drink in the gardens at la Mamounia Hotel is very pleasant.



The spa at the Royal Mansour is the best with lots of specialty selections. The one at La Mamounia is beautiful too with a lot of facial options.



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