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Does Junk Food Damage Your Body?

My Interview With BBC World: People Are Overfed And Undernourished In the BBC World Live News interview, I was asked to comment on the government’s case that we have a cost of living emergency and poor people need cheap food. To explain further: The ban on ‘buy one get one free unhealthy food’ deals is being […]

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What Is the Best Diet for Everyone?

The Benefits of a Low Inflammation Lifestyle I get asked a lot by people who do not have health issues whether my anti-inflammatory ‘diet’ would benefit them somehow. People often say ‘diet,’ but the Eat Burn Sleep method is much more than that. It is a holistic anti-inflammatory lifestyle with more facets than just what […]

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Can You Put Ulcerative Colitis into Remission?

My Feature in Relentless Magazine: The Reason Why Eat Burn Sleep Exists Hello Everyone! I love the feature in the Spring edition of Relentless magazine. I hope that you like it, too: Relentless Magazine Issue 5        

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Is the Keto Diet Good For Diabetes?

Keto Diet for Diabetes? Hello everyone! I am often asked about my opinion of the keto diet. I tried a very similar diet when I was exploring what would help me with my autoimmune diseases (which is why Eat Burn Sleep was created). So, I have first-hand knowledge of how being on an extreme diet […]

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Secrets for Good Health

Fixing Health Issues and Fine-Tuning Optimum Health I recently enjoyed appearing on The Big Move podcast and chatting with Em Roberts. We discussed: *Taking charge of your health *My approach to nutrition – minimizing damage *Teaching educated moderation when it comes to health *What chronic inflammation is *Why gut health is so important *Neurotransmitters and […]

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Help With Male Infertility + Chronic Inflammation

Male Infertility is Linked to Chronic Inflammation I was asked to share my views on the benefits of fish oil for men for Fit & Well. Male infertility is treated successfully on the Eat Burn Sleep program, so I was pleased to share that omega-3 reduces inflammation. You can read the article about the benefits […]

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Top Tip for Better Sleep!

Boost the Production of the Sleep Hormone Melatonin I was asked to comment for The Sun recently on how to get your best night’s sleep. Sleep is a huge focus of the Eat Burn Sleep program, of course, and I was pleased to share one top tip for a great night of sleep along with […]

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How to Reduce Chronic Inflammation

My Interview in The Telegraph: Chronic Inflammation Affects All of Us I was interviewed recently for The Telegraph about what we need to know about chronic inflammation because it affects all of us. It was only through my health issues (which started when I was 12 and led to dire circumstances where I faced death) […]

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Yalda Alaoui

Yalda is a globally-recognized gut health and inflammation expert and the founder of Eat Burn Sleep.

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