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Why I Use Collagen

How Collagen Compliments the EBS Lifestyle It takes one person in the public eye to be linked to a product’s worthiness and boom, everyone is scrambling to find out more. Some crazes get taken out of context and are rather extreme and soon fall by the wayside (thankfully) but taking collagen powder seems to be […]

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Corporate Talks and Workshops

Health Talks,Workshops and Masterclasses A unique approach to boosting productivity, morale, health and vitality. Eat Burn Sleep Corporate Talks and Workshops are delivered by founder of Eat Burn Sleep – Yalda Alaoui, who is a Naturopathic Nutritionist. Through her groundbreaking research into the fields of chronic inflammation and gut health, she has earned a reputation […]

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My Feature on Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Website

My Anti-inflammatory Daily Routine I was interviewed for the website of the amazing Dr. Barbara Sturm recently. She and I connect through our anti-inflammatory philosophies. Gentle and Trusted Skincare Like myself, Dr. Sturm has carved out her second career through addressing a need through innovation and challenging the traditional medical systems, through her research on […]

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Detox your Liver Naturally

Liver Detox Guide Detox is a general buzzword at this time of the year: promoting health, boosting our systems for defence against disease and to kickstart weight loss programs, for instance. Which detox is best? Is it necessary to detox? Is fasting good for you? What happens to our body when we fast? Extreme Detoxes […]

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Yalda Comments: How to Tell if Food is not Edible

Be More Connected to your Food I was interviewed recently by the Daily Mail about what I thought about the recent call-to-action from the charity Wrap to supermarkets, to ditch the sell-by dates on packaging. All in the effort to promote less waste, of course and I absolutely support it. How to Identify Spoiled Food […]

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Yalda Comments: Food Safety

The Sniff Test Operates on Common Sense I was interviewed by Metro for my thoughts on food sell-by dates, following on from Morrisson’s announcement that it was going to remove the ‘use by’ dates from milk packaging and bottles. Don’t Consume Foods That Smell Off – Of Course! This is all with a bid to […]

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Yalda Comments: Drinks for ‘milder’ Hangovers

What Makes a Big Difference to Hangovers? The Daily Mail newspaper asked me to join a panel of doctors and nutritionists recently, on what drinks cause a hangover. It’s an interesting little article. Calories in Drinks Affect You the Next Day It is good to be mindful about alcohol and enjoy it in moderation. I […]

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Yalda Comments: Best Alcohol for Diabetics

Alcoholic Drinks for Diabetes Express newspaper asked me about the best (and worst) alcoholic drinks to have if you have Diabetes, for an article they were doing recently. What Drink is Best for Blood Sugar Levels? I always recommend that you steer clear of sugary alcoholic drinks and opt for dry wine or Champagne and […]

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Yalda Alaoui

Yalda is a globally-recognized gut health and inflammation expert and the founder of Eat Burn Sleep.

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