Dairy-free protein shake: coconut, vanilla, blueberries

I prefer using plant-based protein powder for my shakes as it is dairy-free. I have noticed that even people who tolerate dairy, report less bloating with a plant-based protein powder compared to a whey-based powder.

I like making variations of my protein shakes, sometimes using coconut milk or almond milk depending on the flavors.

This one is absolutely delicious. I add a frozen banana for extra sweetness and creaminess. It is a great option for breakfast or snack/post-workout.



Makes 1:

– 250ml coconut milk
– 1 ripe frozen banana
– a handful of blueberries
– a scoop of vanilla pea protein powder


Nutritional info

Kcal 342.3

Fat 7.4 g

Carbs 53.3 g

Net Carbs 45.3 g

Sugar 29.7 g

Protein 22.9 g


Put all the ingredients in your blender. Blitz and serve.


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