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Dr. Natasha Singh

I am an anesthesiologist and Ph.D. molecular biologist and I find Yalda’s research evidence-based and there is a lot of science behind her methods… It is easy to follow and I have changed the way I approach what I put into my body and how I treat myself! I have shared her ideas with my patients who have lost weight, increased energy and have fewer aches and pains! I can’t recommend her approach more!

Dr. Zara Jawad

I am a GP and Functional Medicine Physician based in London with a special interest in Reproductive Endocrinology and Mental Health. I have followed Yalda’s work for many years and applied her methods as they pertain to clinical practice with several patients and myself included – this has shown excellent results. From my own experience, my energy levels improved, alongside my migraines and several gut issues.

Dr. Mehreen Khan


Personally the plan has helped me so much. I have PCOS and IBS/reflux. […] An added benefit for me is my cystic acne from PCOS just vanished. My 13 yr old [..] acne is clearing up. Same for my grown man brother and his migraines also lessened. […] The bloat is gone, no more popping TUMS and Gas-X and Omeprazole all the time. My tummy is flat for the first time since babies! I feel better at 40 (my birthday is tomorrow) than I did at 30. My hair is shinier, my nails are breaking less. I would also add that I am adapting many of my Pakistani recipes (inspired by yours) and the ingredient list to be EBS compliant. […] I’ve never been a big eater and didn’t join for weight loss. My weight has dropped maybe 2-3 pounds but it seems to have just redistributed to the right place.

Dr. Peter Hobeika


I am a physician, I live in New York. I had been suffering since the age of 30 with recurrent bouts of colonic diverticulitis. Every time requiring a course of harsh antibiotics for 10 days. I downloaded your two week plan and started following it. I basically changed my diet 180 degrees. I am truly grateful for your guidance. I am a believer now that many of our problems are related to what we put in our bodies. The gut is the most important organ in the body. It is the window to our health. We are not made to eat refined and processed foods. Thank you again for what you do. Keep up the good work. You are helping out many people I am sure.


I did her 6-week plan in the past but keep coming back for more inspiration. Love it.


I have been on the plan for about 4 months and I have lost 30 lbs as of today!! So happy.


This is such an amazing and unique plan in every single aspect: it really re-sets everything if one has had an indulgent weekend, after holidays or special occasions


You can not get a package like this for less money out there. Yalda actually cares about helping people achieve health and feel better in their daily life.


I love it. taught me so much about eating well and taking care about my gut health. I am able to talk to my children about this too.


The 6-week plan has changed my lifestyle and I lost 12 kgs

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