June 20, 2022

My Interview in The Daily Mail

Healing My Ulcerative Colitis & Rare Blood Disorder

I was interviewed for Femail: The Daily Mail about my health journey, which began over 20 years ago.

It is so important to raise awareness of the impact of chronic inflammation on the body, since it is linked to the majority of chronic diseases. Many people do not know that they have inflammation running high in their body.

We are currently adding a list of conditions (found under Conditions in the Menu) to the platform. These conditions like psoriasis, IBS, IBD, Long COVID, diabetes, candida and more – are all linked to chronic inflammation!

There are brief explanations under each condition about what this anti-inflammatory platform does to lower inflammation, and how Eat Burn Sleep treats inflammatory conditions at source.

Many conditions like obesity and endometriosis are linked to chronic inflammation. Symptoms of high inflammation running in the body can be so easily brushed off and disregarded, like aching joints, dry skin, hair loss, tiredness, feeling low, anxiety, gas and bloating.

You can read the interview here.


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