December 21, 2021

Best Alcoholic Drinks With Diabetes

Alcoholic Drinks for Diabetes Sufferers

Express newspaper asked me about the best (and worst) alcoholic drinks to have if you have Diabetes for an article they did recently.

What Drink is Best for Blood Sugar Levels?

I always recommend you steer clear of sugary alcoholic drinks and opt for dry wine or Champagne; that is for everyone, not just people with diabetes. I love a glass of vintage wine or Champagne.

It isn’t just about the type of drink either, but it is also about the quantity.

‘Opt for dry wine or Champagne.’

It’s a good idea to stay hydrated, drink water in between 1 to 2 drinks, and eat during consumption.

Eat Food to Slow Alcohol Absorption

Food’s presence will slow the absorption of alcohol in the bloodstream.

We must also not beat ourselves up with guilt if we go a little over.

To feel well, though, moderation will allow us to feel better both mentally and physically consistently.

Look After Your Liver

Ensuring that our livers are not overloaded is essential to good health. When our liver gets overloaded, it can start malfunctioning.

We can feel unwell in our bodies and minds with an overloaded liver.

Reduce Cravings After Drinking

As a diabetic, your blood sugar levels will definitely thank you if you stick to dry wine or Champagne.

This will ensure that you don’t have a disruption in your blood sugar levels, and it also reduces cravings afterward.

I have a great sugar cravings hack in my program that all of my friends love, but it is so hard to quell those intense cravings when you have had a sugary alcoholic drink.

You can also read an article here about the: Best Drinks to Avoid Hangovers.

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