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Ready to reduce inflammation, restart your gut microbiome, and promote optimum immune and liver health?

Eat Burn Sleep is an online optimum health education platform that helps you do just that – as well as empowering you so that you have more autonomy over your health.

Glowing reviews from doctors

I have told most of my clients in the clinic about your platform, as it’s very integrated, which is how I like to work with people.

Amal Alaoui For Eat Burn Sleep Amal Alaoui Craniosacral Therapist

My name is Dr Sara Fernandez, and I’m a Medical Doctor and General Practitioner with a special interest in Mental Health and Integrative / Functional Medicine, IBS, SIBO, and anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

I am really impressed with the quality of your work and couldn’t agree more with your principles. Your ability to formulate a lifestyle strategy around improving health is outstanding.

EBS is an excellent and professional platform sustained with thorough research and scientific information. You not only cover research for anti-inflammatory nutrition but for all medical conditions. This demonstrates how what we eat contributes to their regression or progression as chronic illness.

I applied your methods with several patients, myself included, for gastrointestinal issues, showing excellent results.

Having treated and seen patients all my career, I firmly believe that nutrition, exercise and movement, and stress reduction through means such as meditation are crucial components of treating chronic conditions.

An anti-inflammatory lifestyle improves metabolic energy, sleep, gastrointestinal and skin conditions, and joint pain by activating the body’s innate healing response.

We truly are what we eat. Even Hippocrates declared that “all disease begins in the gut”! And most certainly, in recent years there has been an explosion of scientific literature pioneering the intestinal Microbiome, and how the gut is an immune organ.

You are helping many people, and your time and efforts are greatly valued. Congratulations on helping to transform lives.

Dr Sara Fernandez For Eat Burn Sleep Dr Sara Fernandez General Practitioner

Yalda is an incredible woman who has triumped over adversity to become a trusted beacon in the wellness world. Her EBS methodology is based on solid research, is engaging and supportive. I highly recommend.

Dr. Tamsin Lewis For Eat Burn Sleep Dr. Tamsin Lewis Medical Doctor, integrative medicine
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EBS Verified Member
Nazreen For Eat Burn Sleep

I’ve been on the lifestyle for a year now and I am so happy that I purchased it.

I am now more aware of my body, I know what triggers inflammation in my body and it has improved my life immensely.

I have fallen off the wagon a few times but always come back to the lifestyle because the endometriosis pain is very intense when I eat badly.

I have successfully lost 11kgs this year and kept it off so far.

EBS Verified Member
Conny For Eat Burn Sleep

I was diagnosed with chronic colitis at the age of 23. I searched for cures my whole life, but nothing could help me. I discovered the lifestyle 2 years ago through a friend and have been on it since then.

I have lost weight, gained confidence, and energy.

The other day I had a colonoscopy, the doctor confirmed that there were no traces of colitis in my body and that I am officially in remission! I have had colitis for 26 years, and no one could cure it.

Yalda’s lifestyle does help, it does make miracles happen!

EBS Verified Member
Karima For Eat Burn Sleep

Thanks to the EBS lifestyle, I feel lighter and less bloated.

It also helped me improve the quality of my skin, and my adult acne disappeared when I started eliminating the food on the red list.

My goal was not to lose weight; I just wanted to have a healthier lifestyle.


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