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Ready to reduce inflammation, restart your gut microbiome, and promote optimum immune and liver health?

Eat Burn Sleep is an online optimum health education platform that helps you do just that – as well as empowering you so that you have more autonomy over your health.

Glowing reviews from doctors

Having treated pain all of my career, I firmly believe that diet, exercise, stress reduction through means such as meditation are crucial components of treating both acute and chronic pain.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, decreasing inflammation, and stress reduction are important components that affect a disease.

It is why I became an adept of Yalda‘s program.

Dr. Silvia Nicolae Anesthesiology Specialist, Interest in Pain Management

I am a GP and Functional Medicine Physician based in London with a special interest in Reproductive Endocrinology and Mental Health. I have followed Yalda’s work for many years and applied her methods as they pertain to clinical practice with several patients and myself included – this has shown excellent results. From my own experience, my energy levels improved, alongside my migraines and several gut issues.

Dr. Zara Jawad GP and Functional Medicine Physician

When I discovered Yalda a few years back through friends, I was blown away because her method is very coherent.

I am thrilled that I can now refer my patients – male & female to an excellent & affordable nutritionist.

Her method is also perfect for pregnant ladies who will find information on how to eat & what to do before, during, and after pregnancy.

Olivia de Maigret Osteopath specialized in Women's Health


I’m heading into Week 3, and I took a photo of my psoriasis on day one and took another on day 14.

In 14 days, my psoriasis has improved so much. I am so happy!




I’ve been on the lifestyle for a year now and I am so happy that I purchased it.

I am now more aware of my body, I know what triggers inflammation in my body and it has improved my life immensely.

I have fallen off the wagon a few times but always come back to the lifestyle because the endometriosis pain is very intense when I eat badly.

I have successfully lost 11kgs this year and kept it off so far.


Morning beautiful,

guess who’s recovering from Alopecia Universalis and getting her eyelashes back (lower ones look wild).


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