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Weight Loss Diet. Safe Treatment For Obesity/Weight Loss with Long-Term Results!

This weight-loss diet is natural, long-term, and without health risks. Rapid weight loss for many (see the testimonials!). Side effects: mental health improvement, detoxed liver, beautiful skin, better sleep, better body composition overall, increased energy and vitality, reduced joint pain, reduced chronic inflammation – improved chronic conditions, and the list of positive side-effects alongside weight loss goes on!

Are you suffering from obesity? Do you need to lose weight for health concerns? Do you have ‘Lockdown’ weight gain? Or want to reduce Postpartum weight gain?

Are you struggling to find a way to reduce your obesity? Do you want also to tackle conditions linked to obesity, like depression and type 2 diabetes?

You could be wanting to prevent obesity and weight gain or would like to shift a few kgs.

If you have been looking for natural, long-term help for obesity, an obesity diet, an obesity management plan, or a morbidly obese weight loss plan – that works – look no further!

Help is here to reduce obesity – an essential treatment for weight loss; managing chronic inflammation – for lasting change!

Check out the testimonials about weight loss and our member Christen’s obesity reduction success story below.

The Eat Burn Sleep platform is successfully assisting sufferers of obesity and any other inflammatory conditions that they may have alongside their condition: depression, hormone imbalance, joint pain, psoriasis, and diabetes.

How to Reduce Obesity Naturally

Obesity is a low-grade chronic inflammation condition. When people are obese, they have increased inflammation cell production (IL-1, IL-6, and TNF-a) and reduced adiponectin levels (which improves insulin sensitivity and has an anti-inflammatory function).

Excess adipose tissue (fat) will dysregulate your hormones because more estrogen (female hormone) is produced in the adipose tissues, which fuels even more inflammatory cells – in both men and women.

Having sustained inflammation in the body and the altercations of dysfunctions associated with obesity, which stimulate oxidative stress, contribute to more obesity-linked complications.

These can be hypertension, cardiovascular, cancer, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and, as already mentioned: type 2 diabetes, depression, and psoriasis, for instance.

So, naturally, a diet and lifestyle aimed at reducing inflammation are vital in treating obesity.

Obesity is an inflammatory condition that can be managed and reduced successfully with the proper anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle. The emphasis on the right anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle for treating obesity is deliberate.

You see, diet, exercise, and behavior modifications remain a cornerstone of treating obesity, but a diet and lifestyle intervention can often be overwhelming for the person with the obesity condition doing it alone.

Doctors do not get much time with their patients. Although they recommend an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle change for obesity, it can be frustrating for both the doctor and patient because there needs to be a daily structured plan for obesity management with full support.

This is impossible for a doctor to implement and monitor. Seeing a nutritionist for a personal obesity plan is not always affordable for many people. A supportive 24/7 weight loss diet and lifestyle intervention are necessary.

This is why healthcare professionals worldwide prescribe Eat Burn Sleep for their patients with chronic inflammation (as well as for themselves!).

A diet and lifestyle to reduce inflammation at source don’t have to be as bland or arduous as it sounds. Weight loss and inflammatory condition reduction can happen quickly and will be ongoing on the right anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle for obesity.

A successful obesity treatment plan is one that supports daily with proper food. So much is wrong with the food that is being produced today. Obesity is nobody’s fault.

The food that is bought today is changing our microbiomes. Changing our microbiomes impacts our health – obesity is one of the conditions.

An anti-inflammatory lifestyle that genuinely works will be non-restrictive and delights with delicious recipes to look forward to. An obesity diet and lifestyle that is successful educates so that people understand their bodies and minds to make good choices; for optimum nutrition and sustained weight loss for life.

Avoiding inflammatory foods (and some are so surprising since they are marketed for weight management) is possible when you know what to look for. Information about weight loss can be rather complex and overwhelming.

A sustained weight loss diet and lifestyle that works doesn’t feel restrictive. It allows for maximum absorption of nutrient-rich foods and provides all the necessary anti-inflammatory tools, like a movement guide and stress reduction, to reduce obesity in the body.

A successful obesity-reduction diet and lifestyle is fun and easy to follow. Restrictive diets are generally over before they have begun – and are often dangerous, causing more health issues. Calorie-restrictive diets do not work.

This happens when you have diabetes and weight loss in mind and go on the Keto diet.

Other forms of treatment tend to carry unrealistic expectations, don’t last long-term, involve major surgery, and have substantial side effects.

Weight loss is a side effect of the Eat Burn Sleep anti-inflammatory lifestyle as members treat chronic inflammation conditions.

Starting in the gut, an obesity diet should be rich in gut-healthy foods. Unfortunately, the food industry can be partly blamed for obesity, creating indigestible foods that significantly negatively affect our gut bacteria/body and mind health.

Disrupted gut bacteria are one of the causes of obesity. The overconsumption of processed junk foods with additives and preservatives contributes to chronic illnesses.

Many foods we think are healthy and purchased in a ‘health food’ shop contribute to gut dysbiosis and disease and leave people undernourished.

Improving gut health is major in healing obesity. This is also where mental health is improved because of the brain-gut connection. Another side effect of Eat Burn Sleep is elevated moods and feeling happier!

You will lock in sustained weight loss when you improve gut health, nourish yourself with good gut bacteria, and starve the harmful bacteria over a long period. Your weight loss is sustained when your body gets used to losing weight over time.

Weight Loss Success Stories

Eat Burn Sleep’s weight loss success is amazing. Many members have joined to reduce their inflammatory conditions and symptoms and have been delighted at the side effects.

One significant side effect of treating inflammation at source is sustained weight loss.

You only have to scroll through the testimonials to see that most people mention weight loss. 

How Can You Lose a Lot of Weight Fast?

Oftentimes, rapid weight loss occurs, but the focus is always long-term and steady with this anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Optimum health and longevity are what Eat Burn Sleep members achieve.

Eat Burn Sleep is the right anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle, which focuses on all of the above with the added value of a specialized section for weight loss. There is support for what to avoid, what to eat, extra guidance on valuable tools to reduce weight, hacks to curb cravings that work, and so much more.

Sleep reprogramming happens on the Eat Burn Sleep anti-inflammatory lifestyle, even for the most long-standing insomniacs. Sleep is essential for metabolism, stress reduction, protection against disease, weight loss, and so on. Sleep helps you lose weight!

As stated, weight loss is a side effect of this anti-inflammatory lifestyle, starting with the six-week reset aimed at optimizing health for everyone.

There is also the added value of mind reprogramming and neuroplasticity exercises on this anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle – which are incredibly effective for transitioning from unhealthy to healthy lifestyles.

Many inflammatory foods we eat today are addictive, but they are not suitable for us and contribute to disease and obesity.

Imagining a different way of eating, thinking, and moving may seem overwhelming, but the Eat Burn Sleep platform reprograms your mind so that cravings, old habits, and foods fade away quickly and are not missed. It is that powerful.

With anti-inflammatory movement, anti-inflammatory thoughts, and delicious anti-inflammatory food, we can help you treat your obesity successfully with a focus on long-term results on the Eat Burn Sleep anti-inflammatory lifestyle. 

Without medication, surgery, or adverse side effects – no temporary measures!

 If you haven’t already, subscribe here today and start reducing obesity and inflammatory conditions – in a natural, sustainable way.

Treating obesity and weight loss for long-term results that promote mental well-being as a biological, scientific side-effect is here.

Obesity is not your fault. Chronic inflammation affects us all, and we must lower it for longevity. Let’s beat obesity together and get you feeling fantastic and healthy!

An obese person holding their fat on their stomach.

Rapid 60 lbs Weight Loss Success Story 

Christen suffered two significant traumatic events that led to weight gain, bloating, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, and dermatitis.

She gained weight and was covered in dermatitis, and her depression, anxiety, and panic attacks were debilitating. 

Christen knew that she had to do something about it all, so she began researching an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle, arming herself with a haphazard set of rules based on what she found on the internet. 

When she stumbled upon Eat Burn Sleep, everything clicked into place and kicked into high gear.

Everything made sense to Christen that was on this anti-inflammatory platform. She felt knowledgeable, empowered, supported, and equipped. 

She no longer had to rely on her notes; she now had a system, a community, and a lifestyle mapped out for her.

‘Eat Burn Sleep was’, said Christen, a ‘greatest gift’ as she healed from her trauma.

The anti-inflammatory lifestyle isn’t strict and has a lot of flexibility, leading to Christen losing 60 pounds (25.4 kg, 4 stone, 4 pounds). 

The dermatitis, all over her face, healed up, and she now has beautiful skin. 

Depression and anxiety went away. Bloating and digestive issues cleared up. She feels free. 

Christen states that she is healthier and happier than ever being on this anti-inflammatory lifestyle. 

Members state that they had never felt happier or healthier before Eat Burn Sleep became their lifestyle. The reason is not just because they are seeing results, losing weight, managing their chronic inflammation, and experiencing these amazing side effects with glowing skin, better body composition, more energy, stronger hair growth, and nails (the list goes on).

You see, a considerable part of this lifestyle is devised around neuroplasticity and neurotransmitters, lowering cortisol, improving endorphins, human growth hormones, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), supporting the parasympathetic system and lowering the sympathetic nervous system (as well as encouraging the production of neurotransmitters in the microbiome, too).

It is a science-backed, evidence-proof anti-inflammatory lifestyle endorsed by members and healthcare professionals worldwide – for its effectiveness in treating chronic inflammation and making people feel happier – not just because of the results – but biologically.

You may be interested to read more about Christen’s 25kg weight loss and depression remission success here.


EBS Verified Member
Yassi <img width=" width="150px">

I joined the EBS platform last November and it’s been one of the greatest things I’ve done for myself.

Yalda always says that we are not aiming for perfection and I’m the living proof.

My GI issues have resolved. The festoons under my eyes are gone and everyone keeps telling me that I’ve lost weight and look healthier.

If you’re unsure that you can follow the lifestyle all the time please don’t hesitate to give it a try.

You don’t need perfection to see results.

Thank you Yalda!

Yassi Trustpilot review

EBS Verified Member
Helen <img width=" width="150px">

I shed 10 pounds (4 and a half kg) following the Six Week Reset.

I feel so much more balanced and lighter inside and out, plus some digestive issues have disappeared.

The EBS approach is considered gentle and scientifically backed. I’m actively trying to maintain my now thriving gut health ‘garden’ as much as I can, limiting the damage it does in social eating situations.

I’ve never been a great cook, but I find the recipes so easy and filling. My favourites so far are chicken nuggets, zucchini bread, and chicken sausage shakshuka. Plus, there are options for those of us with a sweet tooth or who can’t face savoury protein for breakfast, which doesn’t happen on many healthy eating plans.

Thank you Yalda!

Helen Trustpilot review

EBS Verified Member

I have lost almost 10kg since starting EBS.

I’ve had knee surgery, and my knee pain has really reduced, and my post-op recovery is going very well. I am not taking anything for pain relief.

Everywhere I go, I just talk about your platform. Thank you so much!

I absolutely love this lifestyle.

And I love that you are so quick with answering any queries on your platform’s forum.


EBS Verified Member

I have been following the EBS lifestyle and wanted to thank you for all your work in creating this program
– it has been life changing for me.

I have ulcerative colitis, and I have never gone this long without a flare-up.

I also traveled to America at the end of last month and for the first time in 5 months managed to travel without any bleeding.

My other half has been following along with me and he has lost almost 2 stone in under 7 weeks.

I can’t believe the improvements in my energy, sleep, and skin.


EBS Verified Member

Since joining the platform 3 weeks ago, I have lost 3kg, and my bloating is gone.

I have bilateral patellofemoral osteoarthritis (severe pain in both knees) and the pain is now much less.

I feel like I can finally start doing movement videos that previously I couldn’t do because of my knee pain.

Also, all your recipes are so tasty.

Thank you so much.


EBS Verified Member

I just wanted to let you know how much of an impact you have made on my life.

EBS not only helped me mentally, but it also gave me the push I needed to finally take control of my drinking. I used to love a drink at the end of a busy day, but it got so easily out of hand for me and I felt so well by following the lifestyle that I decided I didn’t need to do it anymore. That was last June and I’ve never felt better.

My weight has always been between 9.7 and 10 stone and as a result its now been 8st for the last few months.

My sister is also a member and we feel like you are part of the family, you’re the one we go to for advice on almost everything!

Just wanted to say your work is truly appreciated and thank you so much.


EBS Verified Member

I have been a member twice of EBS.

I love your “soothing workouts” and all your advice.

I also wanted to let you know when I rejoined last year and had my physical my weight was 172 lbs. My physical last month was 142 lbs.

Thank you so much.


EBS Verified Member

The movement videos really help my energy levels.

My immune system has improved, less of the dreaded colds.

Working with young kids I’m constantly surrounded but I’ve been on top form the last year and fought off anything relatively quickly.

Gobsmacked at how quick I got pregnant as I wasn’t even sure it was even possible.

My skin is clear and fresh and not to mention the weight loss of 15kg and rediscovering my wardrobe!

My mental health as improved too!


EBS Verified Member

I love the platform and your recipes.

I’m a mom of 3, work 100%, have a traveling hubby and a pony for the kids!

Can’t thank you enough for all the goodness you’ve brought to my life.

Feeling so good after a three-year burnout and three kids, thanks to your food and motivational insights.

Plus, 10 kilos down with very little effort postpartum!

Thank you!!!


EBS Verified Member

I am so impressed with what the EBS lifestyle has done for my body.

My husband, family and friends have all noticed as well. Nearly 5 months later and weighing a healthy 12lbs less then when I started, I love it


EBS Verified Member
Priya </br data-lazy-src=

I’ve just completed my first week of the six week reset and have lost 4kg.

I feel so energetic and have been having the best sleep.

Thank you so much for all the research you do and the time you take to explain it on the platform.


(name changed for privacy purposes)

EBS Verified Member

After just one week of the 6-week reset I have lost 3.5kg. I am thrilled with the result and I look forward to losing some more!

The reason I bought the membership was that I gave birth 3 months ago. During pregnancy I was very active, eating healthy, massages, acupuncture and gained 8.5kg, however after the birth I continued to gain weight despite continuing with the activity routine from pregnancy.

I am enjoying the plan so much.


EBS Verified Member

Me and my sister both follow your advice and program and are extremely happy with how we feel! Thank you so much for creating this lifestyle.

We both see improvement in physical and mental health as well as weight loss.

We are learning so much from you, your advice and life story. We are absolutely inspired and grateful we have found you.


EBS Verified Member

I have lost 9kg in a month.

I love your premium membership. My husband always suffered from back pain but with your exercises he feels much better. He is always asking for your videos!

Thank you!


EBS Verified Member

I joined the platform mainly to see if I could lose a bit of weight. Most people would say I didn’t need much to lose but I was feeling uncomfortable.

Since joining the platform I have lost around 6 kg and it’s constant.

I have also been extremely consistent by doing the exercises everyday (I combine with a 20 min run on the treadmill daily Monday to Friday).

My skin is clear and I get a lot of compliments on my body shape.

I wear things I wouldn’t have and I feel confident. I also really just like to follow the food regime because I feel unbloated and less heavy and I just think it’s the healthiest I have been. I still drink wine and champagne because I love it but I do it in moderation and generally follow the 80/20 rule for food.

Sometimes you don’t need big life altering problems to want to feel better, you just want to feel your best self to stay healthy for yourself, your kids and family and thats the reason I follow you and that’s why I really love your platform!


Weight Loss Success Stories

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