March 22, 2023

Member’s 25kg Weight Loss Success Story

A ‘Greatest Gift’ Story from an EBS Member

An Eat Burn Sleep Member tells her success story in the Express about the benefits of joining our anti-inflammatory program.

Help With Weight Loss and Chronic Inflammatory Conditions

After significant traumatic events led Christen Kinard to deal with depression, anxiety, weight gain, and dermatitis, she stumbled across the Eat Burn Sleep program by following me on Instagram.

She says, “I followed Yalda Alaoui for a while on Instagram before signing up for the platform, but it was when I signed up that everything kicked into high gear. Everything made sense. I felt knowledgeable, empowered, supported, and equipped.”

It was when she joined the Eat Burn Sleep community that her skin started healing, weight loss happened rapidly for her, and the anxiety and depression melted away.

For twenty years, Christen suffered from depression before joining the Eat Burn Sleep program!

There are many scientific reasons why anxiety and depression are reduced on this anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Better mental health isn’t just a by-product of the target of weight loss and conditions clearing up in the skin and body.

The program connects the brain and gut while lowering inflammation.

The whole program educates you in an easy way so that you make good choices for your body going forward, with a focus on not striving for perfection but for damage limitation.

You may hear me often talk about this because I don’t think many fashionable ‘diets’ are sustainable.

They actually end up making people feel guilty, unhappy, or even unhealthier because it was extreme (which is so bad for the body), or they fell off the wagon because it was hard to stick to and didn’t fit in with their lives.

This lifestyle is for long-term health and happiness

So, a huge part of the lifestyle is devised around neuroplasticity and neurotransmitters, lowering cortisol, improving endorphins, human growth hormones (HGH), and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), supporting the parasympathetic system and lowering the sympathetic nervous system (as well as encouraging the production of neurotransmitters in the microbiome, too). Have you read 4 Secrets to Feeling Good?

The food is carefully chosen for its powerhouse compounds that aid in the lowering of inflammation and fighting disease, which are brought together into powerful healing recipes that will fill you up and make you happy.

Recipes like Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies & Slow Cooker Indian Vegetable Curry.

The videos on wellness, nutrition, movement, meditation, advice, and tips are continuously being added because I am continually researching.

I teach to educate everyone about achieving an optimum healthy life!

I am so passionate about living this anti-inflammatory way due to my own journey, which led me to research extensively, which led to my recovery. Which is why Eat Burn Sleep exists.

This anti-inflammatory lifestyle saved me from dying, and now I have optimum health; the best body composition that I have ever had, keeping me strong – and I have put my autoimmune diseases into remission. I couldn’t keep that to myself!

So, during my decade of research, I qualified in Naturopathic Nutrition with a foundation in Biomedicine so that I could dispense my scientific findings!

So, hearing life-changing stories daily makes it all worthwhile.

Christen also shares some of the benefits of the anti-inflammatory program in the article, “I had a system, a community, and a lifestyle mapped out for me.”

I am so pleased that Christen shared her “greatest gift” success story with the Express.

For me, I want to reach as many people as possible so that we are all living our best lives with more autonomy over our dietary and lifestyle choices – feeling happier, healthier, and stronger – both mentally and physically.

Reducing disease, losing weight, and protecting ourselves can be a complicated affair. Especially with all of the confusing, inconsistent information: potions, magic pills, extreme diets, and fads out there, which are quite possibly contributing to inflammation and making people’s bodies susceptible to disease.

You can’t just take a pill, eat what you like, and wake up with dramatic health changes!

Have you read How to Lose Weight Fast, Why Am I Always Hungry?, How to Lose Weight For and During Holidays, Weight Loss & The Link To Sleep? & Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Members do say that weight loss happens quickly for them and stays off due to the whole lifestyle guidance and education that’s enjoyable to follow. So, it is a quick fix that lasts – for some, but I like to focus on the long-term optimum health for everyone, not quick fixes.

Many people say that they feel empowered with the education from Eat Burn Sleep – and that is just wonderful to hear!

You can read the article about Christen’s 4-stone (25kg) weight loss, mental health, and skin improvement here.

Wishing you good health, too.

Yalda Alaoui


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