Acid Reflux: GORD & GERD

Best Treatment For Acid Reflux, GORD, and GERD

Have you been diagnosed with GORD or GERD and want natural relief for the long term? Have you not been diagnosed with GORD or GERD, but you are wondering why you always have acid reflux?

Have you got a health condition that causes you to suffer from acid reflux?

Are you dealing with bloating, heartburn, and belching regularly?

You can stop suffering from GORD, GERD, and constant acid reflux because natural and safe help is here!

If you have been searching for an acid reflux diet, GORD diet, or a lifestyle to manage GERD – that works long-term, then look no further!

How to Treat Acid Reflux, GORD & GERD Successfully

Some symptoms that you may be suffering from if you have GORD or GERD:

  • Acid reflux
  • Belching
  • Regurgitation
  • Vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Choking sensation
  • Coughing
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Throat burn
  • Sore throat
  • Chest pain (that’s been ruled out as anything more than heartburn)
  • Sour stomach


If you are experiencing any of these discomforts on a regular/daily basis, this health platform can help you reduce the symptoms of GERD and GORD and the cause/s.

Eat Burn Sleep can help you reduce factors, like excess weight, that may affect your lower oesophageal sphincter, causing GERD, for instance.

Stress could be the cause. Stress alters mucosal functions and gut motility, which could cause acid reflux and heartburn: GORD  or GERD. Stress causes gut dysbiosis!

Unless your gut health is treated, it could lead to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is a dysregulation of the immune system.

If good gut bacteria are not populating and being wiped out, chronic inflammatory disease will present itself in your body. This is not achieved by diet alone.

It is essential to have a holistic anti-inflammatory lifestyle focusing on gut health, liver detoxing, immune protection, and reducing contributing factors attributed to inflammation.

Very often, positive results can occur within 48 hours of being on the Eat Burn Sleep Six Week Reset, but the long term is the focus.

How to Get Rid of Acid Reflux and Treat GORD and GERD

Eat Burn Sleep anti-inflammatory lifestyle is the best safe, natural, long-term, 360-degree treatment for GORD, GERD, acid reflux, heartburn, belching, etc.

Treating the condition at the systemic level is how it is successful for longevity.

Eat Burn Sleep treats many chronic inflammatory conditions that develop acid reflux and heartburn as secondary to digestive issues.

EBS prevents and reduces bloat, gas, heartburn, vomiting, chest pain, and other digestive symptoms. It treats all symptoms that can often occur alongside other chronic inflammation conditions – like obesity, IBD: Crohn’s, Celiac, colitis, diverticulitis, endometriosis, PCOS – and the list goes on.

It also helps reduce acid reflux and heartburn safely during pregnancy. (In fact, Eat Burn Sleep is a healthy lifestyle to follow for optimum health during pregnancy).

Eliminating stress and inflammation in both mind and body with anti-inflammatory movement is part of the EBS method.

Neuroplasticity exercises, sleep reprogramming, and enjoying the journey to life-long good health are other vital factors of this unique anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Gut, liver, and immune health are all boosted, reducing inflammation and symptoms and eventually putting chronic inflammation conditions into remission.

Healthcare Professionals and EBS members worldwide rely on this anti-inflammatory lifestyle to assist with chronic inflammation.

We give chronic inflammation sufferers their lives back. Along with full daily support and a health community forum, there’s a personalized advice section for Acid Reflux: GERD & GORD that helps when you have a flare-up.

The Acid Reflux: GERD & GORD protocol includes foods to avoid, foods to favor, supplements advice, extra lifestyle recommendations that will assist in reducing aggravating GORD, and how to stimulate gut motility, for instance. There are also additional nutritional guidelines to help rebuild tissues and relax muscles to aid GORD and GERD.

Acid flare-ups, burning throats, and digestive issues diminish on this anti-inflammatory lifestyle in the long term. Healing begins as soon as you start the Six Week Reset.

In most cases, members experience better health and happiness than ever before.

Join Eat Burn Sleep and start saying goodbye to acid reflux, GORD, and GERD and all their side effects today!



It’s changed the way I think and live completely!

My husband follows it too, he used to have the worst acidity. Every 2-3 months he’d have a crisis that would last a week, sometimes more. Since getting on the EBS lifestyle, he hasn’t had an acidity attack in over 2 years. It’s truly unbelievable!

I’ve also been educated so much more on reading ingredients while grocery shopping, which is why I mainly shop at the farmers market now.

What I love most about the EBS lifestyle is you really empower people to take control of their health.


I have been so ill recently, and I was on antibiotics for a month, and the doctor told me to change my diet. I was ok to start with, but then my iron level went really low; they put me on an iron tablet which killed my tummy.

He said I should take lactulose as it would help; I also had heartburn and took Rennie. Then my joint started to be stiff, and I couldn’t do much. The doctor said could be arthritis. I said no way; it’s inflammation!

So I decided to leave this doctor and do my own thing and get back on the lifestyle; after one day, all my symptoms were gone!


I have Crohn’s disease. I was feeling severe nausea and acid reflux due to my condition & that’s totally gone!

I also crave less sweet stuff and just generally have more energy during the day.

I’ve also lost 6.5 pounds in one and a half weeks.


Only one week in, and I already feel much better: no acid reflux, no gas, no bloated abdomen, no puffy cheeks.. it feels like I’m only eating foods my body is happy with. Plus, the green list is full of delicious foods so I don’t feel restricted at all!

I haven’t felt too hungry or too full, and it even removed my anxiety around “bad foods” that came from my previous super restrictive diet. It’s the only diet I actually feel I can sustain as a lifestyle.


Anti-inflammatory lifestyle is the best thing that could have ever been introduced to me and has helped me get back on my feet again health-wise.

I have a hiatus hernia, gallbladder that needs removing as it’s full of stones, I have gastrointestinal issues. My surgery has been delayed multiple times due to Covid and now I’m dealing with weight issues. I love the NHS and respect it fully but they didn’t take my conditions seriously and couldn’t diagnose me. I had spent a fortune to finally realize what my medical problems were.

I’m thankful that I can live again without pain, without burning my oesophagus vomiting after every meal due to acid reflux and the hiatus hernia. I’ve still not received surgery but my conditions are a lot less.

I’m less puffy and bloated and can keep food down and now gradually my weight is coming down as well.

So, I thank you for what you share with the public and for making life worth living again. Because I went to some very dark places before and I’m happy now.


Thank you, Yalda! Life without pain and acidity has finally become real and achievable.

Thanks for all the positivity.

This is the best format for premium membership! It’s for a year so there’s enough time to adopt the new lifestyle.

It’s great! I think I will sign up for another year.


The lifestyle has helped me so much.

I have PCOS and IBS/reflux. An added benefit for me is my cystic acne from PCOS just vanished. My 13-year-old acne is clearing up. Same for my grown brother and his migraines also lessened.

The bloat is gone, no more popping TUMS and Gas-X and Omeprazole all the time. My tummy is flat for the first time since babies! I feel better at 40 (my birthday is tomorrow) than I did at 30. My hair is shinier, my nails are breaking less.

I would also add that I am adapting many of my Pakistani recipes (inspired by yours) and the ingredient list to be EBS compliant. I’ve never been a big eater and didn’t join for weight loss. My weight has dropped maybe 2-3 pounds but it seems to have just redistributed to the right place.

Dr. Mehreen Khan


I’ve been on the EBS lifestyle for several months. Prior to this, I had surgery for large cell lymphoma, where all tissue was successfully removed. However, I knew I had a rough reconstructive surgery ahead of me.

I got my bloodwork prior to surgery this past month and my numbers were incredible!

I’ve never felt so good and what was still a painful surgery and recovery has been much easier due to less inflammation.

A dear friend shared your info with me and I have gone on to share with many other women whom all have had great results and feel amazing.

Thank you for helping change my life and adding to my recovery. I have had NO heartburn.

I was drinking aloe water, taking medication almost daily for it. Poof, it’s gone now.

Once I’m cleared for light exercise I will start your workouts and stretching. I’m still with stitches on many parts of my body as it is a several month recovery processes.

Grateful for my health on this journey.


Yalda, there are so many things I’d love to thank you for.

Just three weeks into this lifestyle but one thing that fills me with joy is just how incredibly delicious the recipes are!

I’m not a natural cook but having your cooking videos on hand gave me the confidence and inspiration.

Thank you for working so hard to put all of this together.

I had a terrible hiatus hernia when I was 18 years old and, like you, spent years chasing down good health. At one point I was vomiting blood and was only eating boiled fish and rice.

It feels almost like magic to have discovered all of this now and so much now makes sense looking back!

Thank you!


I just joined the platform (on my second week) and I couldn’t be happier. All the pain associated with my hiatus hernia is gone and I feel more energized this week which is fabulous.


The lifestyle is very helpful.

I tried many other weight loss programs. I was not successful.

I decided to try the EBS lifestyle, due to getting tired of the way my stomach feels: bloated, having heartburn and not feeling well and always tired. I am also in the menopause stage of my life.

The lifestyle helped me feel energetic and understand what soothes me.

Hot flashes are better and even my Reiki healer felt my stomach and can not believe how much it improved. She said my stomach linings are much better.

I now understand what to eat and what not to eat.

Thank you Yalda for this. I have also subscribed to the membership.


I took my last omeprazole for acid reflux on Sunday before starting the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle. Never needed it since! And I have tried every other natural supplement under the sun, but it never worked!


I’m in week 4. Since I started the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle my acid reflux symptoms have reduced a lot and my skin is really glowing! I have enjoyed the complete change in lifestyle, being a lot more conscious about what I eat, and especially discovering other ways to enjoy food without feeling like I’m missing too much. I’d like to thank Yalda for sharing her knowledge with us and inspire us all to be and feel better!


I feel amazing on the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle! From the end of week one. It’s amazing how eating the right foods makes you feel and helps me have a clear mind as well!! I have no bloating, no stomach issues, no heartburn, no foggy brain, no inability to focus. Just all-around amazing! Thank you Yalda for giving us this amazing lifestyle and guidance for mental and physical well being. You’re a lifesaver!!


Three days in and my acid reflux seems to have almost disappeared! The second lockdown brought me down, I felt sick and my body “burned” me for 2 weeks (my response to stress this year has taken on disturbing proportions especially with shingles at the beginning of the year and an ulcer). Each meal increased acidity … but now it’s much better!


The GORD/GERD Treatment Management Plan

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