Candida & H-pylori

Eliminating Candida & H-Pylori The Eat Burn Sleep Way

Best Treatment for Candida & H-Pylori

Do you have candida or H-pylori and need natural treatment that lasts? Do you have candida and H-Pylori with symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, brain fog, PMS, headaches, sinusitis, low moods, and sugar cravings that you want to manage and reduce?

If you have been looking for a candida diet, H-pylori nutritionist advice, and/or a lifestyle to get rid of candida and H-pylori – that works – look no further!

Rest assured if you are suffering from Candida or H-pylori because safe and natural help is here!

Candida albicans is the most important opportunistic (doesn’t usually cause disease) pathogen that is naturally present in the gastrointestinal tract.

It also resides in the mouth, throat, eyes, skin, vagina, nose, and sinuses.

Various toxic factors produced by candida and H-pylori become an issue when your immunity is compromised.

This can happen through certain medications and conditions, like diabetes, for instance. Pregnancy also can cause candida overgrowth. HRT and contraceptive pills promote high estrogen, which supports candida overgrowth.

These conditions are also linked to leaky gut syndrome, which means toxins can be released into the bloodstream and enter internal organs. As a result, candida and H-Pylori overgrowth can cause chronic inflammation.

How to Treat Candida and H-Pylori Naturally

The best way to tackle candida and H-Pylori is not to give the opportunistic pathogen the tools to grow.

So, following a low inflammation and gut health-focused lifestyle (with special considerations) and healing the gut lining will meet those objectives. Strengthening your gut bacteria will help your microbiome fight H-pylori and candida. Looking after the gut will keep immune cells strong.

Word of caution: there are always diet fads, which promote an influx of health and diet advice articles from unqualified bloggers. Check them out with a healthcare professional first because some, if followed, could leave you susceptible to disease. Optimum health and healing conditions are slightly more complex than avoiding certain foods.

You cannot outsource your health. Look after yourself. Let Eat Burn Sleep help you do that! 

How Can You Fix Candida & H-pylori?

The anti-inflammatory lifestyle is focused on treating chronic inflammation conditions at the source rather than masking symptoms.

Eat Burn Sleep will heal your gut lining and tissues, allow maximum nutrient absorption, and balance your microbiome with gut-healthy microbiota, achieving optimum gut health. It promotes good liver health and strengthens the immune. Good, regular sleep becomes part of your life!

Treating the source of the disease is why Eat Burn Sleep members feel even better as time goes by because it never stops producing good results as opposed to taking medication, which begins with an initial relief of symptoms that declines over time.

When you join the Eat Burn Sleep anti-inflammatory lifestyle, follow the Personalized Advice section (Premium Membership) for managing and reducing candida, H-pylori & SIBO.

This includes foods to avoid, foods to include, supplement advice, ‘healing crisis’ die-off recommendations, and other information about candida and H-pylori.

Members see positive changes quite quickly (although longevity is the focus), and symptoms certainly reduce within 21 days.

Tackling candida and H-pylori overgrowth is made accessible on this 360-degree anti-inflammatory lifestyle.  

Lowering your inflammation as soon as possible by following the Eat Burn Sleep method will put you in charge of managing your candida forever.

It will make you happier and healthier. That’s Eat Burn Sleep science! Check those testimonials, and if you haven’t already, join today!

The movement videos really help my energy levels.

My immune system has improved, less of the dreaded colds.

Working with young kids I'm constantly surrounded but I've been on top form the last year and fought off anything relatively quickly.

Gobsmacked at how quick I got pregnant as I wasn't even sure it was even possible.

My skin is clear and fresh and not to mention the weight loss of 15kg and rediscovering my wardrobe!

My mental health as improved too!


Absolutely love your platform. Interesting and inspiring with some wonderful recipes too.

With no specific health issues I have been using the EBS platform to purely encourage leading a healthy lifestyle.

I tend to follow the six-week reset guide for 4 or so days every week and feel infinitely healthier, lighter and more energetic.

The recipes are delicious and simple (the family fave is the Immunity Chicken Soup and Prawn & Courgette Stir Fry).

The platform is non-restrictive lifestyle that is actually truly enjoyable to live by.


I can't thank Yalda enough for the help she has given me.

At the start of my journey, I felt nauseous every day. I had episodes of fainting and vomiting and I felt really hopeless.

I had previously been diagnosed with coeliac disease and vasovagal syncope syndrome. My symptoms were unusual and I had been to so many doctors. Nothing was making me feel better and I was scared that nothing ever would.

After just a few weeks of working with Yalda, I started to feel better. Not only did my symptoms begin to improve, but I felt like I had more control over them when they occurred. Mentally, I was more relaxed, and my skin even cleared up.

Yalda was able to view the situation that I was in better than any doctor and I'm so happy with the progress I've made physically and mentally. My vomiting stopped completely, and my nausea is almost entirely gone.

If I do feel bad, sometimes I don't get scared like I used to. My energy has increased, I've been able to control my fainting a lot better and I feel like I'm able to think more clearly.

My experience with Yalda has been amazing and I'm so grateful for her and everything that I've learned through this process.


Absolutely love your platform and it has helped me a lot.

Before my pregnancy, it helped with my energy levels and bloating. My husband and I both did the six week reset and felt better about ourselves. Having example weeks helped shaped my terrible eating habits of skipping meals to lose weight. I absolutely love the recipes which according to my husband has made me a better cook. Now I have a 19 week old son and I am trying to get back in shape and eating healthily.


I've just completed my first week of the six week reset and have lost 4kg.

I feel so energetic and have been having the best sleep.

Thank you so much for all the research you do and the time you take to explain it on the platform.

Priya (name changed for privacy reasons)

I have just completed week 1 of the 6 week reset. I am so delighted - feeling great, and so glad your platform exists. It is brilliant. And all your recipes are delicious. Thank you!


Me and my sister both follow your advice and program and are extremely happy with how we feel! Thank you so much for creating this lifestyle.

We both see improvement in physical and mental health as well as weight loss.

We are learning so much from you, your advice and life story. We are absolutely inspired and grateful we have found you.


After following you for years and being on your platform since last October I have only consistently applied the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle for the last four weeks and I have to say I FEEL SO GOOD!!!

I actually can't believe how easy it's become to make the switch and what a difference it's made to my body & mind already!!!

I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.

I have more energy and not craving sweet food, I have applied the 80/20 rule and find it's a perfect balance for me.


I used to have stomach aches after each meal and I no longer have these.

I lost 16kg in one year with no feeling of being hungry or frustrated and I have no more bloating.

I've learned how to love and dedicate time for myself. I went through difficult times this year but still did not put on any weight. I used to turn to sugar but you've made me go for a better life.

I move, work, socialize and face problems with no effect on my health whatsoever.

My doctor was amazed by my health related to a scoliosis I've had. I have not taken a painkiller or pill since I have been following the EBS lifestyle.

An amazing life change!


Just wanted to say I am on day 8 of the six week reset.

Can't believe how good I feel just after following for a week.

After years of food intolerances, bloating, and pain, my stomach is almost flat, my joints are feeling better and I have lots of energy and good mood. Have been following Yalda for months, I wish I had started the reset before.

Love all the info available. I wish I had all this info 10 years ago!


Week 4 of reset and feeling so great. I've just rejoined the platform after being a member a while ago.

I knew how to follow the lifestyle but rejoining has helped in reincorporate those bad habits.

The biggest change for me was the increased mental focus and energy throughout the day.

As a long covid sufferer, I have tried some supplements in the past which helped to an extent but the diet and lifestyle changes made all the difference. I feel like myself again.

I also have PCOS so blood sugar management is key for me and don't experience a crash after my meals. I underestimated the power of walking and love the movement videos.

I'm so pleased to have rejoined and look forward to a continued EBS lifestyle to support my health.


A month into the lifestyle and I feel great. Most of my symptoms have disappeared, and I am just feeling lighter.

I lost 5 kilos, and I am now at my ideal weight. I am feeling less tired and less anxious which I used to be all the time.

I initially purchased the premium membership because I was always bloated with abdominal pain and nausea. I always felt down and got diagnosed with SIBO. All of it is gone!

Thanks for all your recommendations on the platform.

I have been spreading the word. Two of my colleagues are considering getting the premium membership.


I am on week 3 and really feeling much better.

I have also already lost 3kgs, but for me, the better mood and higher energy levels are the most magical outcomes so far.

After 2 full weeks, I don't crave sugar anymore and find the reset pretty easy to observe.


I joined the platform ten days ago and started the 6-week reset, and gosh, I see results straight away.

I have always been on a good diet but always felt bloated regardless of what I ate. I went on with Yalda’s lifestyle and recipes, and I lost 2 kilos of water retention in 5 days!

Yalda is a genius, I always was a fan but was lazy to join her platform, thinking I won’t be able to follow all the steps since I have a busy lifestyle, but she made it so easy.

I eat three proper meals a day which I never did before, and I have never been happier before with myself and my body.


I had surgery in February and suffered since then from severe water retention. I’ve always been sensitive to this but mainly when it is very hot in the summer. I have to admit that I have had two very long flights to Australia and back in April that haven’t helped my problem either.

When I hit 69.6kg on the scale, I decided that I had to do something about it!

I have now completed my first week of EBS and have lost 4kg!!

Probably a bit of fat and a lot of water… but who cares. I am back to 65.6kg. I must say that everything Yalda had foreseen happened. I had my “healing crisis” on day 3. Extreme tiredness, low energy and low mood. I’ve had some cravings too, but those were manageable, thanks to her tips. I was over those naughty feelings on day 5 and feel much better now. My skin is also glowing, which is a little bonus too.

I am very motivated and can’t wait to see the results after week 6!

I’ll maybe reach my 60kg goal I haven’t been able to see on the scale for the past 20 years.


The Candida & H-pylori Treatment Management Plan

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