Candida & H-pylori

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Best Treatment for Candida & H-Pylori

Do you have candida or H-pylori and need natural treatment that lasts? Do you have candida and H-Pylori with symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, brain fog, PMS, headaches, sinusitis, low moods, and sugar cravings that you want to manage and reduce?

If you have been looking for a candida diet, H-pylori nutritionist advice, and/or a lifestyle to get rid of candida and H-pylori – that works – look no further!

Rest assured if you are suffering from Candida or H-pylori because safe and natural help is here!

Candida albicans is the most important opportunistic (doesn’t usually cause disease) pathogen that is naturally present in the gastrointestinal tract.

It also resides in the mouth, throat, eyes, skin, vagina, nose, and sinuses.

Various toxic factors produced by candida and H-pylori become an issue when your immunity is compromised.

This can happen through certain medications and conditions, like diabetes, for instance. Pregnancy also can cause candida overgrowth. HRT and contraceptive pills promote high estrogen, which supports candida overgrowth.

These conditions are also linked to leaky gut syndrome, which means toxins can be released into the bloodstream and enter internal organs. As a result, candida and H-Pylori overgrowth can cause chronic inflammation.

How to Treat Candida and H-Pylori Naturally

The best way to tackle candida and H-Pylori is not to give the opportunistic pathogen the tools to grow.

So, following a low inflammation and gut health-focused lifestyle (with special considerations) and healing the gut lining will meet those objectives. Strengthening your gut bacteria will help your microbiome fight H-pylori and candida. Looking after the gut will keep immune cells strong.

Word of caution: there are always diet fads, which promote an influx of health and diet advice articles from unqualified bloggers. Check them out with a healthcare professional first because some, if followed, could leave you susceptible to disease. Optimum health and healing conditions are slightly more complex than avoiding certain foods.

You cannot outsource your health. Look after yourself. Let Eat Burn Sleep help you do that! 

How Can You Fix Candida & H-pylori?

The anti-inflammatory lifestyle is focused on treating chronic inflammation conditions at the source rather than masking symptoms.

Eat Burn Sleep will heal your gut lining and tissues, allow maximum nutrient absorption, and balance your microbiome with gut-healthy microbiota, achieving optimum gut health. It promotes good liver health and strengthens the immune. Good, regular sleep becomes part of your life!

Treating the source of the disease is why Eat Burn Sleep members feel even better as time goes by because it never stops producing good results as opposed to taking medication, which begins with an initial relief of symptoms that declines over time.

When you join the Eat Burn Sleep anti-inflammatory lifestyle, follow the Personalized Advice section (Premium Membership) for managing and reducing candida, H-pylori & SIBO.

This includes foods to avoid, foods to include, supplement advice, ‘healing crisis’ die-off recommendations, and other information about candida and H-pylori.

Members see positive changes quite quickly (although longevity is the focus), and symptoms certainly reduce within 21 days.

Tackling candida and H-pylori overgrowth is made accessible on this 360-degree anti-inflammatory lifestyle.  

Lowering your inflammation as soon as possible by following the Eat Burn Sleep method will put you in charge of managing your candida forever.

It will make you happier and healthier. That’s Eat Burn Sleep science! Check those testimonials, and if you haven’t already, join today!

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EBS Verified Member

This is the best investment in my health (and my partner’s health) that I have ever made and I recommend the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle to everyone!

If you’re thinking about it, take the plunge – we have seen so many benefits including improved energy (and no dips in energy), better sleep, brighter skin (I now understand Yalda’s glow!), we never bloat after meals, we feel hungry only at mealtimes/satisfied between meals, and then for me, I’ve gone from excruciating period pain to almost no pain at all, a recurrent yeast infection has gone, and I feel far less stressed and generally calmer.

The first day of dietary changes was hard for me but by day 2, I felt full of energy and have never looked back. We are certain we’ll never return to our old way of eating (except for the occasional treat!) and we’re both so happy that we decided to transform our health with Yalda’s help!


EBS Verified Member

I’m doing extremely great on the lifestyle. I don’t suffer from anything as such. I’m doing it to lose a bit of weight, stop sugar cravings/addiction and control candida. I am not 100% strict but I follow it 80% of the time. I don’t feel sluggish, don’t feel hungry or deprived. It’s just my body wanting nutritious food.


The Candida & H-pylori Treatment Management Plan

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