Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Bloating

Treating IBS The Eat Burn Sleep Way

Best Treatment for IBS, Bloating, and Digestive Issues

Have you been diagnosed with IBS and want natural relief for the long term? Have you not been diagnosed with IBS, but are you wondering why you always have bloat and gas pains?

Has your debilitating stomach pain and constipation been under investigation for a long time, but your tests return normal?

Do you wonder why your stomach gurgles so much, even when you are not hungry?

Are you dealing with diarrhea regularly? Do you experience painful spasms in your colon?

Are you concerned about the stabbing pains in your chest that feel like a heart attack (and have had heart conditions ruled out by a healthcare provider?)? If you have had anything serious ruled out by your Doctor, it could be your digestion. 

If you are suffering from bloating, IBS, constant abdomen discomfort, and indigestion, natural and safe help is here for you. 

If you have been searching for an anti-bloating diet, IBS diet, or a lifestyle to manage digestion – that works long-term, then look no further!

How to Treat IBS Successfully

Treating IBS, bloat, and digestive issues is imperative for your immune system and mental well-being and for protecting yourself from developing an autoimmune disease.

What happens with IBS is that your gut bacteria is disrupted (dysbiosis), and you have poor microbiome diversity. 70% of your immune cells are in the gut, and 60% of neurotransmitters are produced in the gut.

(This is why if you have IBS, you may also have depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorder because of the bidirectional link between the gut and the microbiome and the brain).

Unless your gut health is treated, it could lead to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is a dysregulation of the immune system.

If good gut bacteria are not populating and being wiped out, chronic inflammatory disease will present itself in your body. This is not achieved by diet alone.

It is essential to have a holistic anti-inflammatory lifestyle focusing on gut health, liver detoxing, immune protection, and reducing contributing factors attributed to inflammation.


How to Get Rid of Bloat and IBS

Eat Burn Sleep anti-inflammatory lifestyle is the best safe, natural, long-term, 360-degree treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Treating the condition at systemic levels is how this optimum healthy lifestyle is successful for longevity.

Eat Burn Sleep also treats many conditions that are developed as secondary to IBS and digestive issues.

Eliminating stress and inflammation in both mind and body with anti-inflammatory movement is part of the EBS method. Neuroplasticity exercises, regular sleep, and enjoying the journey to life-long good health are other vital factors of this unique anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Gut, liver, and immune health are all boosted, reducing inflammation and symptoms and eventually putting conditions into remission.

Healthcare Professionals and EBS members worldwide rely on this anti-inflammatory lifestyle to assist with chronic inflammation.

EBS prevents and reduces bloat, gas, pain, and other digestive symptoms. It treats all symptoms that can often occur alongside other chronic inflammation conditions – like Celiac disease and endometriosis.

We give chronic inflammation sufferers their lives back. Along with full daily support, there’s a personalized advice section for inflammatory bowel conditions and digestion that helps when you have a flare-up.

The IBS personalized advice protocol includes foods to avoid, foods to favor, supplement advice, lifestyle and other nutritional guidelines, and extra dietary advice for chronic diarrhea and constipation relief.

In most cases, members feel relief within 48 hours (but long term is the focus), and most members experience sustained better health and happiness than ever before.

Join Eat Burn Sleep if you haven’t already, and start saying goodbye to irritable bowel syndrome and its side effects today!



Absolutely love your platform and it has helped me a lot.

Before my pregnancy, it helped with my energy levels and bloating. My husband and I both did the six week reset and felt better about ourselves. Having example weeks helped shaped my terrible eating habits of skipping meals to lose weight. I absolutely love the recipes which according to my husband has made me a better cook. Now I have a 19 week old son and I am trying to get back in shape and eating healthily.


Me and my sister both follow your advice and program and are extremely happy with how we feel! Thank you so much for creating this lifestyle.

We both see improvement in physical and mental health as well as weight loss.

We are learning so much from you, your advice and life story. We are absolutely inspired and grateful we have found you.


Thank you dear Yalda for the amazing masterclass on IBS. Full of super useful tips and information.

You are so inspiring and encouraging!


The IBS & Digestive Issues Masterclass was amazing.

Great information on what to avoid during flare ups.

The sugar and fiber really was an eye opener for me. Continue with these masterclasses.

This is why I always renew my membership!


It's been a good way to reset and get myself back on track.

I just feel so much better in my body eating according to the lifestyle - no bloating, heartburn or heaviness.

And I can easily get back in better shape in no time and with no deprivation.

Oh and helps my cravings tremendously!


I used to have stomach aches after each meal and I no longer have these.

I lost 16kg in one year with no feeling of being hungry or frustrated and I have no more bloating.

I've learned how to love and dedicate time for myself. I went through difficult times this year but still did not put on any weight. I used to turn to sugar but you've made me go for a better life.

I move, work, socialize and face problems with no effect on my health whatsoever.

My doctor was amazed by my health related to a scoliosis I've had. I have not taken a painkiller or pill since I have been following the EBS lifestyle.

An amazing life change!


I first heard of you through Ampersand Health and you resonated with me so much.

The one thing that may be of interest is that it took me 2-3 weeks before I settled into the 6 week reset. I couldn't possibly introduce the 'movement' element until week 4. The first and second week I really struggled with bloating and possible constipation.

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 10 years ago at the age of 53. Its just if anyone else struggles then its worth persevering.

A huge thank you to you. I joined the platform early February.

My husband and I have never eaten so well or enjoyed our meals much. We eat almost entirely from your recipes, this evening we enjoyed the slow cooked oxtail followed by fruit crumble. Both absolutely delicious.

Many thanks for all our hard work, I can't sing your praises enough.


I joined the platform 3 weeks ago and am doing the reset whilst breastfeeding and I'm really enjoying it.

I've lost 3kg, my sleep is so much better, the walks are helping my mental well being and most importantly my milk supply hasn't been affected.

I'm 4.5 months postpartum and breastfeeding exclusively. Thank you so much.


Just wanted to say I am on day 8 of the six week reset.

Can't believe how good I feel just after following for a week.

After years of food intolerances, bloating, and pain, my stomach is almost flat, my joints are feeling better and I have lots of energy and good mood. Have been following Yalda for months, I wish I had started the reset before.

Love all the info available. I wish I had all this info 10 years ago!


Week 4 of reset and feeling so great. I've just rejoined the platform after being a member a while ago.

I knew how to follow the lifestyle but rejoining has helped in reincorporate those bad habits.

The biggest change for me was the increased mental focus and energy throughout the day.

As a long covid sufferer, I have tried some supplements in the past which helped to an extent but the diet and lifestyle changes made all the difference. I feel like myself again.

I also have PCOS so blood sugar management is key for me and don't experience a crash after my meals. I underestimated the power of walking and love the movement videos.

I'm so pleased to have rejoined and look forward to a continued EBS lifestyle to support my health.


I just wanted to say thank you so, so much for your app and lifestyle guidance.

Finally I'm losing weight and feel happier and healthier- bloat free, pain free, just everything is better!

Thank you.


I started the 6-week-rest again 2 weeks ago. I’ve been following it word for word and 4kg's of bloated-ness and puffiness is now gone!

I overindulged over the festive period and never reigned it back.

I have better sleep! And the Turkey Beef Skewers are amazing.


A month into the lifestyle and I feel great. Most of my symptoms have disappeared, and I am just feeling lighter.

I lost 5 kilos, and I am now at my ideal weight. I am feeling less tired and less anxious which I used to be all the time.

I initially purchased the premium membership because I was always bloated with abdominal pain and nausea. I always felt down and got diagnosed with SIBO. All of it is gone!

Thanks for all your recommendations on the platform.

I have been spreading the word. Two of my colleagues are considering getting the premium membership.


I am on week 3 and really feeling much better.

I have also already lost 3kgs, but for me, the better mood and higher energy levels are the most magical outcomes so far.

After 2 full weeks, I don't crave sugar anymore and find the reset pretty easy to observe.


After week 3 on the lifestyle, it’s crazy how much better I feel & this is the first thing in a long while where I am losing weight.

I just want to say thanks & I think you might need to add a lifetime member option.

Also, your movement videos are spot on & your voice is very calming.


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