Psoriasis Diet

Psoriasis Diet. Best Treatment For Psoriasis

Are you looking for a psoriasis diet and lifestyle to follow to reduce/get rid of your psoriasis? Do you want long-term help for psoriasis?

If you are wondering what else you can do besides consulting your doctor about your psoriasis when everything else seems to fail, we are so glad you found us.

We understand your autoimmune condition and know how to relieve your psoriasis condition. 

When you live with psoriasis, it can feel like a perpetual situation that causes you stress. Every decision is based around your psoriasis condition.

Through having to deal with itchy, tight, and painful skin patches that nothing seems to cure, the stress that is invoked is another trigger for psoriasis flares and pain.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition and chronic illness that isn’t contagious or infectious and is characterized by patches of silvery red, dry, and scaly skin. It can appear anywhere on the body. It can be accompanied by immobility (arthritis), burning pain, bleeding, itchiness, joint stiffness, depression, and anxiety.

As always, with many autoimmune diseases, you can go through periods where it is better and then periods where it feels worse (flare-ups). Medication that used to stop the symptoms may have stopped working.

You may also be dealing with the emotional symptoms due to the nature of the Psoriasis condition, as well as how it makes you feel physically.

As Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition, you may also be concerned about developing another autoimmune disease, which is often the case because the inflammation pathways are open.

Having Psoriasis can affect your life; what you wear, how you sleep, what to eat and drink, self-esteem, confidence, relationships, school, work – and so on.

How to Treat Psoriasis Naturally

What usually happens with skin cell renewal is that new skin cells are created in the deepest layer of the skin. As the new skin cells move up and reach the outermost level, they die off, which takes 3-4 weeks. 

With psoriasis, an autoimmune condition, the process is speeded up due to the body protecting itself after detecting foreign pathogens. T cells that travel around the body fighting germs start attacking healthy skin cells by mistake when psoriasis is present. So, the deepest skin layers produce more T cells quickly, and the skin moves up to the outermost layer within seven days. As they die off, they have these red, cracked, and scaly patches. 

Understanding the cause enables successful treatment of psoriasis.

Many factors, including genetics, skin injuries, Leaky gut syndrome, stress, environmental issues, alcohol, deficiencies, and medication, can cause psoriasis. The number one cause, which everything is linked to, is systemic inflammation. 

So, psoriasis treatment should be aimed at lowering inflammation in the body. This cannot be done by medication alone. Many medications mask the symptoms but don’t fix the underlying cause.

We advise that you carry on consulting with your doctor and pursue an anti-inflammatory lifestyle to keep your inflammation down and symptoms at bay. Yes, it is possible. Read the testimonials about successful psoriasis reduction.

If your autoimmune disease is genetic, of course, you cannot do anything about that, but what is lovely to know is that you can learn to deactivate those gene expressions. If your lifestyle is inflammatory, you will activate your genes. 

Inflammation and gut health are very closely linked, and 70% of immune cells sit in the gut, so improving gut flora will reduce inflammation and boost the immune system.

An anti-inflammatory lifestyle that encourages good, regular sleep is also essential.

Sleep deprivation is a common occurrence with many autoimmune conditions. Sleep deprivation activates the sympathetic nervous system, increases pro-inflammatory cytokine production, and can have severe immunological effects. So sleep promotion is imperative to healing your autoimmune condition.



How to Control Psoriasis

Following the Eat Burn, Sleep lifestyle will lower your inflammation levels, improve your psoriasis condition, and protect you from developing more autoimmune diseases.

Like all autoimmune diseases, once you have one, you are more prone to developing others. Yalda, the founder of EBS, suffers from two autoimmune conditions. It is through managing and putting her conditions into remission that Eat Burn Sleep exists. This lifestyle reduced her chronic inflammation and healed her autoimmune diseases. Like many members, she is in better health than ever before and medication-free. 

It’s crucial to fix the source of the issue, which is inflammation and gut health, to avoid developing other conditions. Liver function (which performs over 500 necessary bodily functions) is improved after the reset on the platform. (Medication can congest the liver and also affect gut bacteria).

Members say that their psoriasis flare-ups have cleared up, their psoriasis scars are not as visible, and they feel confident again.

Mental health is also improved on this anti-inflammatory lifestyle, and it isn’t because of the positive results of seeing and feeling improvement, which can happen quite quickly (longevity is the focus, though!).

It is the brain-gut connection. Improving your gut microbiota on this inflammatory-lowering lifestyle will improve your mental health.

You feel and look great physically, and your mental well-being is improved immensely on the Eat Burn Sleep Lifestyle.

Members state they enjoy accessing and following the tools to manage their autoimmune conditions on the Eat Burn Sleep platform.

Not just for the optimum health education delivered in an easy-to-understand way, delicious recipes that reduce chronic inflammation, and the anti-inflammatory movement videos. Or the neuroplasticity exercises and personalized advice (Premium Membership) for reducing psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases.

This 360-degree optimum health lifestyle scientifically improves your physical and mental health, and life is enjoyed more. Restorative, regular sleep is enhanced. Even in the most long-standing sleep-challenged!

Everything in your life that was challenged with your psoriasis becomes enhanced positively when you practice the Eat Burn Sleep method.

It isn’t all of the above (and more) that makes Eat Burn Sleep so unique: the daily support and being part of a beautiful, supportive community means a lot to our members and us.

If you haven’t done so yet, we invite you to join our Eat Burn Sleep community and manage/reduce/eliminate Psoriasis today! Help is here for psoriasis; once you are on the program, it doesn’t stop working!

I have been following the EBS lifestyle and wanted to thank you for all your work in creating this program
– it has been life changing for me.

I have ulcerative colitis, and I have never gone this long without a flare-up.

I also traveled to America at the end of last month and for the first time in 5 months managed to travel without any bleeding.

My other half has been following along with me and he has lost almost 2 stone in under 7 weeks.

I can’t believe the improvements in my energy, sleep, and skin.







The movement videos really help my energy levels.

My immune system has improved, less of the dreaded colds.

Working with young kids I’m constantly surrounded but I’ve been on top form the last year and fought off anything relatively quickly.

Gobsmacked at how quick I got pregnant as I wasn’t even sure it was even possible.

My skin is clear and fresh and not to mention the weight loss of 15kg and rediscovering my wardrobe!

My mental health as improved too!


Gut health is everything!

Now that I am better it was amazing to have the woman who does my eyebrows say my skin was looking so healthy now and glowing and not dry.

It really help absorb the nutrients and not have gut problems like before.


(name changed for privacy purposes)

I can’t thank Yalda enough for the help she has given me.

At the start of my journey, I felt nauseous every day. I had episodes of fainting and vomiting and I felt really hopeless.

I had previously been diagnosed with coeliac disease and vasovagal syncope syndrome. My symptoms were unusual and I had been to so many doctors. Nothing was making me feel better and I was scared that nothing ever would.

After just a few weeks of working with Yalda, I started to feel better. Not only did my symptoms begin to improve, but I felt like I had more control over them when they occurred. Mentally, I was more relaxed, and my skin even cleared up.

Yalda was able to view the situation that I was in better than any doctor and I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made physically and mentally. My vomiting stopped completely, and my nausea is almost entirely gone.

If I do feel bad, sometimes I don’t get scared like I used to. My energy has increased, I’ve been able to control my fainting a lot better and I feel like I’m able to think more clearly.

My experience with Yalda has been amazing and I’m so grateful for her and everything that I’ve learned through this process.


I love the platform!

I recently tried some heavier weights workouts and I too felt it was too much, I was stiff and I felt inflamed after a couple of weeks of doing the exercises.

I really enjoy your workouts, and I do them most days.

I’m a qualified yoga teacher and the routines are great for minimizing injury but building muscle.

I’ve recently been suffering from acne at the age of 46, and following your lifestyle has improved my skin dramatically. My pigmentation has also really improved since being on the lifestyle too.


Here is a quick eyelash update, I’m so happy with the growth rate.

All the lashes are back, volume is there and length varies depending on when they started growing. No false lashes anymore.

The mental game is really the biggest change; anything else is a bonus.

Thank you!


I joined the platform mainly to see if I could lose a bit of weight. Most people would say I didn’t need much to lose but I was feeling uncomfortable.

Since joining the platform I have lost around 6 kg and it’s constant.

I have also been extremely consistent by doing the exercises everyday (I combine with a 20 min run on the treadmill daily Monday to Friday).

My skin is clear and I get a lot of compliments on my body shape.

I wear things I wouldn’t have and I feel confident. I also really just like to follow the food regime because I feel unbloated and less heavy and I just think it’s the healthiest I have been. I still drink wine and champagne because I love it but I do it in moderation and generally follow the 80/20 rule for food.

Sometimes you don’t need big life altering problems to want to feel better, you just want to feel your best self to stay healthy for yourself, your kids and family and thats the reason I follow you and that’s why I really love your platform!


Morning beautiful,

guess who’s recovering from Alopecia Universalis and getting her eyelashes back (lower ones look wild).


I can feel my gut glowing; not just my skin.


Thanks to the EBS lifestyle, I feel lighter and less bloated.

It also helped me improve the quality of my skin, and my adult acne disappeared when I started eliminating the food on the red list.

My goal was not to lose weight; I just wanted to have a healthier lifestyle.


Psoriasis Remission Success Story

The Psoriasis Treatment Plan

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