Treating Endometriosis The Eat Burn Sleep Way

Best Treatment for Endometriosis

Are you wondering how to get help and relief for you (or someone you love) for endometriosis?

Have you not been diagnosed with endometriosis (and have had other conditions ruled out), have many painful symptoms, and have been told that it is normal?

Do you want to clear up your endometriosis to improve your fertility chances (because it is possible – see the testimonies)?

If you suffer from endometriosis, we do not doubt that the pain and symptoms you are experiencing are incapacitating. Endometriosis flare-ups can be a debilitating daily occurrence and can impact your life physically and mentally.

Rest assured because help is here for endometriosis sufferers – with the condition, symptoms, psychological caveats, and the goal of fertility.

If you have been looking for the best endometriosis diet, an endometriosis treatment plan, and ways to reduce endometriosis quite quickly for the long term – look no further!

Check the testimonials below and on the testimonials page. Read about members’ experiences on Eat Burn Sleep with other conditions/symptoms/goals that you may have.

How to Treat Endometriosis Successfully

Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory condition driven by the hormones estrogen and progesterone. With endometriosis, cells from the womb lining attach themselves to other body parts.

They then undergo cyclical changes where patches of endometriosis thicken and shed, but they don’t leave the body. It is a chronic inflammation condition. It causes tissue scarring and intense pain.

Unfortunately, endometriosis is linked to infertility because chronic inflammation is linked to infertility and miscarriages – but whether fertility is a goal for now or the future, do not despair.

When you lower inflammation around the uterus, the chances of having a healthy implantation and a positive outcome for pregnancy are much higher.

Reducing chronic inflammation in the whole body will assist with carrying you through to delivering a healthy baby.

Chronic inflammation conditions need to be treated with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that treats the condition at a systemic level for long-term health. Details below!

How to Reduce Endometriosis

Eat Burn Sleep is a 360-degree inflammation-reducing platform used and prescribed by healthcare professionals worldwide for endometriosis and other chronic inflammatory conditions. It treats inflammation at a systemic level and reduces pain where needed. E.g., Dysmenorrhoea is a painful symptom of endometriosis. The pain subsides by quietening the inflammatory response caused by prostaglandins produced in the body.

Improving gut and brain health and detoxifying the liver (which has 500+ functions in the body, including homeostasis) efficiently – and getting good, regular sleep to allow for hormone regulation – endometriosis symptoms balance and reduce. In most cases, endometriosis goes into remission.

It is a safe and natural method that does not involve medication and works harmoniously alongside medicines if you are on a prescription.

In fact, this anti-inflammatory lifestyle allows for better medication absorption since one of the critical factors is improving liver function to its total capacity. Medication can overload the liver and stop it from functioning to optimal levels.

The impact on a sufferer’s life is significant with endometriosis and many conditions—stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fertility concerns, weight issues, and other concerns. Navigating work, school, relationships, and home life with the debilitating symptoms of endometriosis is challenging. Endometriosis can affect many parts of the body.

This makes the Eat Burn Sleep method so successful for longevity because the anti-inflammatory lifestyle reduces inflammation in the mind and body over time.

The optimum healthy lifestyle reduces inflammation wherever it needs to be reduced. This reduces pain and symptoms, sometimes very quickly (but long-term is the goal).

Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle contributes immensely to giving sufferers of endometriosis their lives back. Members appreciate the daily support and the personalized advice section (which helps with endometriosis flare-ups, for instance).

In many cases, endometriosis sufferers feel healthier and happier than ever with this lifestyle. This is EBS science! Not just because they have achieved their goals of reduced endometriosis flare-ups, pain all over their body, fatigue, improved fertility, and parenthood (check out those testimonials)!

Join Eat Burn Sleep if you haven’t already, and start saying goodbye to endometriosis and its side effects today.

I love your platform so much. Thank you so much for everything.

I have better digestion and it has helped me listen to my body more.

Your podcast has given me the tools to create new habits and at the same time take the process calmly.

I understand the importance of stretching to improve mood and to meditate first thing in the morning to feel calm.


I have been a member twice of EBS.

I love your "soothing workouts" and all your advice.

I also wanted to let you know when I rejoined last year and had my physical my weight was 172 lbs. My physical last month was 142 lbs.

Thank you so much.


The movement videos really help my energy levels.

My immune system has improved, less of the dreaded colds.

Working with young kids I'm constantly surrounded but I've been on top form the last year and fought off anything relatively quickly.

Gobsmacked at how quick I got pregnant as I wasn't even sure it was even possible.

My skin is clear and fresh and not to mention the weight loss of 15kg and rediscovering my wardrobe!

My mental health as improved too!


I followed your Personalized Advice for Fertiity and
I conceived within a few months.

Thank you!


I love the platform and your recipes.

I'm a mom of 3, work 100%, have a traveling hubby and a pony for the kids!

Can't thank you enough for all the goodness you've brought to my life.

Feeling so good after a three-year burnout and three kids, thanks to your food and motivational insights.

Plus, 10 kilos down with very little effort postpartum!

Thank you!!!


Absolutely love your platform and it has helped me a lot.

Before my pregnancy, it helped with my energy levels and bloating. My husband and I both did the six week reset and felt better about ourselves. Having example weeks helped shaped my terrible eating habits of skipping meals to lose weight. I absolutely love the recipes which according to my husband has made me a better cook. Now I have a 19 week old son and I am trying to get back in shape and eating healthily.


I am so impressed with what the EBS lifestyle has done for my body.

My husband, family and friends have all noticed as well. Nearly 5 months later and weighing a healthy 12lbs less then when I started, I love it


I've just completed my first week of the six week reset and have lost 4kg.

I feel so energetic and have been having the best sleep.

Thank you so much for all the research you do and the time you take to explain it on the platform.

Priya (name changed for privacy reasons)

After just one week of the 6-week reset I have lost 3.5kg. I am thrilled with the result and I look forward to losing some more!

The reason I bought the membership was that I gave birth 3 months ago. During pregnancy I was very active, eating healthy, massages, acupuncture and gained 8.5kg, however after the birth I continued to gain weight despite continuing with the activity routine from pregnancy.

I am enjoying the plan so much.


Me and my sister both follow your advice and program and are extremely happy with how we feel! Thank you so much for creating this lifestyle.

We both see improvement in physical and mental health as well as weight loss.

We are learning so much from you, your advice and life story. We are absolutely inspired and grateful we have found you.


Thank you dear Yalda for the amazing masterclass on IBS. Full of super useful tips and information.

You are so inspiring and encouraging!


I have lost 9kg in a month.

I love your premium membership. My husband always suffered from back pain but with your exercises he feels much better. He is always asking for your videos!

Thank you!


The IBS & Digestive Issues Masterclass was amazing.

Great information on what to avoid during flare ups.

The sugar and fiber really was an eye opener for me. Continue with these masterclasses.

This is why I always renew my membership!


It's been a good way to reset and get myself back on track.

I just feel so much better in my body eating according to the lifestyle - no bloating, heartburn or heaviness.

And I can easily get back in better shape in no time and with no deprivation.

Oh and helps my cravings tremendously!


I used to have stomach aches after each meal and I no longer have these.

I lost 16kg in one year with no feeling of being hungry or frustrated and I have no more bloating.

I've learned how to love and dedicate time for myself. I went through difficult times this year but still did not put on any weight. I used to turn to sugar but you've made me go for a better life.

I move, work, socialize and face problems with no effect on my health whatsoever.

My doctor was amazed by my health related to a scoliosis I've had. I have not taken a painkiller or pill since I have been following the EBS lifestyle.

An amazing life change!


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