Long COVID Diet

Long COVID Diet. Best Treatment For Long Covid.

Have you had COVID-19 and cannot shift the aftereffects? Are you suffering from Long COVID/Post-COVID Syndrome?

Are you looking for a Long COVID diet and lifestyle to follow to reduce/put your symptoms into remission?

It could be one or more symptoms that you have still lingering or have developed more since the initial mild symptoms.

You could also be dealing with deconditioning mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, which often happens after bouts of illness, bed rest, and inactivity.

If your doctor has ruled out anything serious, we feel confident that Eat Burn Sleep’s anti-inflammatory lifestyle will treat the symptoms most commonly associated with Long COVID, both mentally and physically.

How to Treat Long COVID Naturally

Understanding that Long COVID is a condition and should be treated as such is imperative for long-term recovery. 

Reasons for the persistence of symptoms, of course, have to be identified in any person since multiple mechanisms could contribute. This is also why Eat Burn Sleep works alongside allopathic treatment and is used by health professionals worldwide.

When clinical tests were run, what transpired was that the primary hallmark of COVID-19-related immunopathological conditions is chronic inflammation.

It is characterized by the excessive secretion (usually slow release) of cytokines (crucial for immune system health) and chemokines (directing cells where to go).

The ‘cytokine storm’ leads to a vulnerable immune system, which makes people more susceptible to viruses.

Inflammatory biomarkers were high in people with pre-existing chronic inflammation conditions like obesity and those with an inflammatory lifestyle like physical inactivity, smoking, and an unhealthy diet.

COVID-19 causes inflammation, and inflammation causes the prolonged effects of COVID symptoms.

If you have high levels of inflammation running in your body, your immune system becomes dysregulated. 

An anti-inflammatory lifestyle that treats the mind and the body effectively reduces the duration of many symptoms of Long COVID.

An anti-inflammatory lifestyle gut-healthy diet that puts back good diversity in the microbiome will reduce Long COVID symptoms. (70% of our immune cells sit in the gut).

A chronic inflammation-lowering diet rich in immune-boosting and anti-viral macronutrients and micronutrients, vitamins (especially vitamin D, which is crucial for immune system regulation) is effective, paying attention to foods to avoid and foods to support recovery.

Lowering inflammation and boosting the immune system will treat Long Covid symptoms – and protect against the appearance of new symptoms and other conditions.

How to Manage Long COVID

Eat Burn Sleep is a holistic anti-inflammatory lifestyle that reduces inflammation in the mind and body for longevity and successfully manages Long COVID.

This optimum health lifestyle reduces inflammation wherever it is needed to be reduced. This reduces pain and symptoms, sometimes very quickly (but long-term is the goal).

Moreover, this method for treating Long COVID reduces the risk of short and long-term complications associated with COVID-19.

The reason is that following this anti-inflammatory lifestyle will reduce the condition at source and continuously manage inflammation.

Reducing inflammation cannot happen by diet alone. Movement and neuroplasticity exercises come into play. For instance, anti-inflammatory movements build a strong core, leading to better gut health and immunity.

The Eat Burn Sleep recipes are packed with macro and micronutrients, devised for their healing properties, digestion, diversity, and deliciousness!

Healing foods for chronic inflammation and optimum immune health have never been so exciting!

The recipes contain anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-thrombotic, and immunomodulatory properties, ideal for Long Covid recovery.

Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle contributes immensely to giving sufferers of Long COVID their lives back. For some, it happens pretty quickly.

Members appreciate the daily support and the personalized Long COVID recovery advice section. This details foods to support Long COVID recovery, nutrients to look out for, foods to avoid, etc.

Scientific studies are continuous so you will find all of the latest research on the platform related to inflammation.

With full access to the Eat Burn Sleep platform, members are armed with all the tools (that are delivered in an enjoyable, easy-to-understand way) – for an optimum healthy lifestyle – that’s fun and not restrictive!

Members often say they feel healthier and happier than ever with this lifestyle.

This is EBS science!

It’s not just because they have achieved their goals of reducing Long COVID symptoms. It’s a biological process!

Join Eat Burn Sleep if you haven’t already, start saying goodbye to Long COVID, and say hello to living at your optimum health today.

Week 4 of reset and feeling so great. I’ve just rejoined the platform after being a member a while ago.

I knew how to follow the lifestyle but rejoining has helped in reincorporate those bad habits.

The biggest change for me was the increased mental focus and energy throughout the day.

As a long covid sufferer, I have tried some supplements in the past which helped to an extent but the diet and lifestyle changes made all the difference. I feel like myself again.

I also have PCOS so blood sugar management is key for me and don’t experience a crash after my meals. I underestimated the power of walking and love the movement videos.

I’m so pleased to have rejoined and look forward to a continued EBS lifestyle to support my health.


I’d been told that an anti-inflammatory lifestyle would help me during COVID.

All the lovely recipes on the site were a wonderful mood booster and definitely made me feel better plus the rest of the family loved the food too


Your protocol really helped me with some of my long covid symptoms such as diarrhea and skin rashes, and it lowered my HBA1C (average blood glucose).


I had COVID a few weeks ago (and pregnant and unvaxxed), but being on the lifestyle, I swear helped so so much. Felt a little flu-like for a day or 2 then absolutely fine so thank you!


I’m on my 2nd day in the EBS lifestyle because of Post-COVID headache and pregnancy. Yesterday was the first day without a headache after 3 weeks.


(name changed for privacy purposes)

I learned I had COVID and switched; I think the lifestyle helped me to not get worse.


(name changed for privacy purposes)

Having Long Covid and switching into the lifestyle, I have less to almost no joint and muscle pain and no anxiety after 6 weeks.


(name changed for privacy purposes)

It is so painful having Long COVID and it affects you severely mentally and physically.

5 weeks into the EBS lifestyle, I’ve noticed my joint pain is getting better.

I still can’t exercise as much as I would like to but will get better soon.


(name changed for privacy purposes)

I cannot recommend the website enough!

Everyone should subscribe to make a lifestyle change which is easy to follow.

Following Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle for a couple of years now has definitely helped me during COVID. I have continued to work in the office even though co-workers around me have been sick.

I attribute this to my healthy eating and lifestyle.

I consider myself Yalda’s biggest fan! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have added to my life in the last few years and I appreciate your time, effort and feedback.

Keep up the great work; you are touching my life and many others.


I listened to Yalda’s advice about resting, specifically laying down, post-vaccination. In her story, she said this helps work with the parasympathetic nervous system.

Several friends had experienced some flu-like symptoms the next day after their jab. They were all much physically fitter than me.

So I thought about the advice and decided to rest and lay down after my vaccination. I’m 100% sure it helped as I had no symptoms the next day.

Thank you Yalda.


I suffer from severe endometriosis which has had a debilitating effect on my quality of life. I have tried every pill under the sun to help with the severe pain. The side effects were astronomical and I could not cope. I also struggle with anaemia and go for regular iron drips. My next step would be to have a hysterectomy. With the current COVID pandemic, it is not safe to be in a hospital right now.

I decided to try the lifestyle and pray that it helps so that I can live a full life. The first week of the reset was incredibly difficult. I got a bad flu and a terrible headache. As it turned out, I felt awful because I had COVID. I was on several medications including antibiotics and taking lots of vitamins.

With all of the challenges faced, I still lost 3.2kgs in the first week. I am still following the lifestyle 80% of the time. I still have COVID symptoms but they have been decreasing with time.

I have so much more energy, I have lost almost 6kgs so far and I am able to live an almost pain-free life.

Thank you for helping me!


As someone who suffered from long COVID severely before I joined EBS, I can vouch that your expertise and advice have helped me so much to the point that 4 months down the line I have zero symptoms.

Forever grateful to you.


I listened to your advice to lay down after both shots and the only reaction I had was a sore arm. I follow EBS and so do two of my other friends and they only had sore arms from Pfizer. Everyone else had a much harsher reaction that we know who don’t follow a low inflammation lifestyle.


I started following Yalda a few months ago, and since catching COVID in March 2020 more than anything I have just wanted to feel better as I was diagnosed with LONG COVID.

I never had the encouragement or motivation to even move from my sofa due to lockdown and being unwell but I finally had enough as I had also become so overweight due to the severe body pain and shortness of breath I have from long covid I was unable to exercise or bothered to cook.

After seeing how much Yalda makes sense in her stories and lives, I found the courage to sign up.

4 weeks into the lifestyle I feel so much better in terms of how I feel about myself, being happier, feeling healthy,

I have also lost nearly 5kg but more than anything I feel fresh.

I also had IBS but I don’t get bloated anymore, my heartburn is non-existent, I don’t get stomach cramps.

Overall this lifestyle has changed me completely and I’m confident that I will be in an even better place with more time.

I highly recommend this new lifestyle to anyone that wants to become a better happier version of themselves.


On 1st Jan 2020, I got Covid before it was even a thing. The virus threw me off working out and took me 8 weeks to recover. As soon as I tried to get back on track, I found myself in the middle of a word-wide pandemic!
I was completely thrown off my healthy eating habits and lockdown drinking became a thing! I gained about 15kgs and my body insecurity reached its absolute maximum. About 6 weeks ago, I bit the bullet and joined the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle and I must say it’s the second-best thing I’ve done this year! I finished the reset just before Christmas feeling like MYSELF again for the first time this year. The weight loss aside, I was seriously concerned about my health and immune system, and the lifestyle put me back to the mental state I need to be in! I have no plans to stop it as it’s not a diet but a lifestyle! If your balance has been thrown off by 2020 chaos, I highly recommend checking her out and joining the lifestyle!


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