September 14, 2021

Stress Management & Holistic Performance

Alice Law

How to Look After Your Mental Health

In this wonderful episode, my guest is Alice Law. We talk about the different types of stress people can experience, the ways one can prevent it, and the simple tips that will help you to feel calm and balanced.

Alice is a Stress Management & Holistic Performance Coach and the founder of Lawali-life. Alice’s advice comes from her unique experience and compelling story. She went through a seven-year period of chronic stress and has witnessed the devastating effects of stress on the physical and mental health of her loved ones.

Stress Coping Mechanisms

Alice has been kind enough to share her experience with us, as well as her coping mechanisms and the method that has saved her. She helps others with her own unique techniques. In this episode, we also discuss:

*Catastrophic thinking


*Trauma-emotional freedom technique

*Stress responses

*Macro stressors

*Internal stress

*Daily rituals to cope

*Honest Journalling

*Gratitude journalling (it is impossible to be grateful and anxious at the same time)

*Neurotransmitters being produced in the gut (which is what the Eat Burn Sleep program promotes)

*Healthier choices are made when you are kind to yourself

“Recipe for happiness – more positive thoughts than negative thoughts”

It is interesting to know that we have 60-80,000 thoughts a day! 80% of those are negative! We are hardwired to look for negative to keep us safe, going back to cavemen times when we were constantly looking out for threats. Which reminds you to think more positive thoughts.

Be conscious about being positive and looking for positive things to think about. Let go of guilt. This reduces stress.

Also, to practice mindfulness. It is important to know the ethos of mindfulness in order to practice it better. So many people talk about not being able to get constant thoughts out of their heads when they try mindfulness. So, it is about paying attention to the thoughts that we have.

Accept the thought when it comes in and give it a positive acceptance; think about how you can change it into a positive thought. Remember that what you practice gets stronger! So practicing positive thoughts produces more positive thoughts.

Looking after our mental health is important for our physical health.

I asked Alice how she assists people with managing stress, and her method is so intriguing. From a stress inventory, looking at mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self and analyzing where you can cut back from micro-stress doses to emotional freedom techniques and guided thought meditations (and so much more), it is no wonder that she is in big demand. You can listen to her Lawali-life podcasts here.

You may be interested in listening to the podcast that I did about mental health and chronic inflammation.

Thanks for listening, and remember: Keep happy, keep healthy, and keep your inflammation down!

Yalda Alaoui


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