April 16, 2023

How Do You Live With IBS and Anxiety?

Reducing IBS and Anxiety

Hello Everyone! Here’s some good news if you’ve given up on life without IBS and anxiety!

There are 4-5 lbs of bugs in our tummies. They consist of viruses, fungi, bacteria, and protozoa, fundamental to our health.

IBS and anxiety can be reduced by changing these bugs in your tummy, and there are many ways to do that.

This post will tell you about the link between IBS and anxiety and how to put them into remission, possibly!

How Do You Develop IBS and Anxiety?

What Causes IBS and Anxiety?

How Do You Cope with IBS and Anxiety?

What Links IBS and Anxiety?

Will IBS and Anxiety Go Away?

How Do You Develop IBS and Anxiety?

Bugs are all over and inside us. Trillions of them! They support critical bodily functions and have a potent effect on physical and mental health. They have a role in the development and severity of IBS and anxiety. In fact, with many conditions, anxiety runs alongside them because of this.

A good balance of bugs in our tummies equals better mental and physical health. A good balance of diverse bugs keeps our immune system healthy and chronic inflammation at bay.

They aid digestion and absorption of food. They also defend against pathogens and regulate immune homeostasis.

What Causes IBS and Anxiety?

An imbalance of tummy bacteria contributes to IBS, bloating, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, and a whole array of conditions. The list is endless.

An upset balance of bugs means that there can be more bad guys than good. The balance is easily upset through food, lifestyle choices, stress, medication, sickness, destructive sleep patterns, thoughts, who we live with, etc.

The thing is, the dominant species proliferate. The bad bugs may take over depending on what you eat and how you live. Too many of these affect your physical and mental health immensely.

When an alteration in the normal tummy flora occurs, stomach lining permeability, inflammation, gut motility, and the quality of life change – for the better or worse.

Oftentimes, the existence of IBS contributes to things like stress, inadequate sleep patterns, and malnutrition, and this creates an endless cycle. If you suffer from IBS and anxiety, it is no wonder that you think it will never end.

If you are on medication, this may also contribute to the alteration in your tummy flora because medicine can do that!

It is no wonder that IBS often develops after a bout of gastroenteritis, an extremely stressful event, or any life stressors. People with depression, anxiety, and PTSD often have to deal with irritable bowel syndrome or some digestive issues, too, for a reason.

How Do You Cope with IBS and Anxiety?

When you have IBS, it can take over your life. Your day can be planned around it or changed at the last minute due to flare-ups! You can be in a vicious cycle because how do you stop being stressed about having IBS?

The anxiety and possibly depression about having IBS is not just because of dealing with the effects of having IBS. The gut is connected to the brain!

What goes on in the gut affects the brain, and what goes on in the brain affects the gut.

It is often described as the microbiota-gut-brain axis.

A whole load of physiological processes explains how the brain influences intestinal activities and how bugs in the tummy affect mental health.

The microbiota-gut-brain axis is explained in more detail here: Why You Need To Know This If You Have Depression.

The other thing to note is that if your gut is imbalanced, it isn’t producing the neurotransmitters that make us feel good. Read this article: 4 Secrets to Feeling Good.

Also, an imbalance means that essential vitamins needed for neuronal function are not being synthesized. This leads to fatigue, depression, anxiety, low moods, and brain fog!

The constant running to the bathroom will prevent you from absorbing nutrients, causing your tummy bacteria to become unbalanced. This can lead to low iron levels and anemia.

Will IBS and Anxiety Go Away?

I have noticed that many diets recommended for IBS include foods and compounds that exacerbate IBS symptoms. So, if you have tried an IBS diet and have not seen any positive results, this will be why.

This natural treatment for IBS I developed myself, and I suffered from IBS flare-ups for years. It truly works!

Eat Burn Sleep has many members that used to have IBS and anxiety. The great thing is that they got a handle on it early since this IBS diet and lifestyle guide are easy to follow.

Members, access the personalized advice here for the IBS flare dietary protocol, foods to avoid, foods to favor, supplements, and nutritional advice for all symptoms of IBS.

Eat Burn Sleep doesn’t mask symptoms temporarily. It gets to the fundamental reason you have IBS and anxiety, and it assists with improving both until it is no longer happening.

Increased energy, weight loss, reduced bloating and puffiness, glowing skin, better body composition, consistent good sleep, and a better quality of life are often reported side effects. Check the testimonies.

And there is nothing off-limits since this is all about limitation! Although, those tummy bugs are powerful. When balanced perfectly, cravings reduce. It does feel magical.

I hope that you have a wonderful day.


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