May 04, 2020

Does Dieting Damage Your Health?

My Interview in The Sybarite: Fad Diets Damage Your Metabolism

Hello Everyone! I enjoyed my interview with The Sybarite. Here’s a snippet:

What was it like growing up in Morocco? 

Absolutely wonderful. I grew up in a small town, Kenitra, which was full of beautiful Art Deco and Art Nouveau buildings back then. It is close to the sea and has a beautiful ancient oak tree forest nearby. We would play tennis, ride horses on the beach and in the forest, have barbecues on wild unexplored beaches, and eat delicious fish and seafood.

The cultural diversity was also incredible. I grew up with Muslim, Jewish, and Christian friends, celebrating Eid, Bar Mitzvahs, and Christmas. I never knew there were conflicts over religion in the world, and it is still a difficult concept for me to grasp.  It was a special childhood as, at that time, there were no supermarkets in Morocco. I would go to farmers’ markets with my mum—the first supermarket opened in Rabat when I was 12—and there were virtually no TV shows! I think there was an hour a day of cartoons, but no more. I would watch TV on Saturdays for an hour, and that was it.

You went through a number of health issues over the years. What was it about traditional medicine that made you decide to create your own solutions?

Allopathic medicine has a place, and it saves lives. It certainly has saved mine. However, I was never healthy or able to function normally with medication. I had to completely change my lifestyle in order to improve my gut health and hence lower my inflammation levels. Lowering chronic inflammation allowed me to put two auto-immune diseases into remission and finally be medication-free.

You can click here to read the full interview.

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