June 03, 2020

How Can You Stop Aging?

A Conversation with Dr. Fegerl from the Viva Mayr Clinics: Chronic Inflammation Brings Premature Aging

Last week Doctor Sepp Fegerl from the Austrian Viva Mayr Clinics joined me on IGTV to talk about the role of inflammation in the body. During the live, we talked about various causes, signs, and effects of inflammation.

Watch the video to hear a medical professional’s thoughts on Eat Burn Sleep and why Dr. Fegerl believes in the importance of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.


  • The difference between healthy inflammation and chronic inflammation.
  • Why chronic inflammation makes you age faster?
  • Why is sleep the best anti-oxidant?
  • Why is your body feeling stiff, and your face or eyes look puffy?
  • Why is inflammation the biggest trigger of other health issues?

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