March 17, 2022

A Recipe Creation for Poosh

The Anti-cravings Shake Recipe

Hello Everyone!

I was delighted to be asked to create a recipe for Poosh, recently.

Why Did I Create a Recipe to Curb Cravings for Poosh?

I went with a shake recipe to curb cravings because based on my experience, so many people state that they have serious sweet cravings late morning or mid-afternoon that are really hard to ignore.

When members have switched to my shakes, they have lost weight, gained mental clarity, a new energy, managed their sugar levels, cleared up their skin conditions and so on.

I thought that Poosh’s audience would appreciate how powerful the shake works.

How Does the Anti-cravings Shake Work?

Not only does it do exactly what it is meant to and that is really stave off strong cravings, but it was created for its nutritious value and taste!

As well as benefitting from the compound-rich ingredients that will fill people up longer, there’s skin and tissue-loving collagen, and anti-inflammatory cacao and flax seeds, amongst other powerhouse ingredients contained in it.

Cacao is a favourite of mine, since it contributes wonderfully to shakes like these and are nutritionally-dense.

It is so rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, protein, fibre, calcium, zinc, copper and selenium – which are amazing for protecting your heart, as well as lowering inflammation and balancing mental health and hormones.

There are so many benefits in drinking an anti-cravings shake!

I stay clear of shop-bought nut milk, as they are packed with emulsifiers, thickeners and additives, which are linked to gut dysbiosis, inflammation, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

In fact, many ready-made milks contain so many additives. Make sure that you look at the ingredients before you buy ready-made nut milks.

Also, if there is a really long date on the package, there will no doubt be some preservatives in there.

Even if you are in a ‘health food’ shop, always look at the ingredients. You will be surprised. Don’t take it for granted that you are eating healthy food from a healthy food store!

Here’s a recipe for my instant nut milk, which is the base of Poosh’s anti-cravings shake recipe, which you can check out here.

There are many cravings hacks on the Eat Burn Sleep program and a plethora of shakes and smoothies – all with brain and gut in mind and lowering inflammation, which can lead to real life-changing benefits.

And – definitely taste! As many of you know, I love good food and I love creating recipes that do you good!

I hope that you like the Poosh recipe feature.

Kourtney Kardashian seems to like the recipe, as she was captured in the press after sharing the anti-cravings shake on Instagram.

I am convinced you will, too!




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