December 14, 2021

How to Avoid a Hangover

What Makes a Big Difference to Hangovers?

The Daily Mail newspaper recently asked me to join a panel of doctors and nutritionists on what drinks cause a hangover. It’s an interesting little article.

Calories in Drinks Affect You the Next Day

It is good to be mindful of alcohol and enjoy it in moderation. I love to have a glass of good wine, especially with dinner.

At parties, I really enjoy a glass of Champagne.

‘Fluctuating blood sugar levels induce cravings and hangovers’

So, when asked, I always recommend steering clear of sugary alcoholic beverages because they produce the worst hangovers.

The calories in a drink vary, which always affects how you feel the next day.

So, for instance, a glass of mulled wine, which is expected at this time of the year, is 235 calories for a 125ml glass.

The same size glass of white wine contains around 125kcal. Dry Champagne averages around 95kcal.

Some sweet alcoholic drinks play havoc with your blood sugar levels and induce cravings while drinking them.

The next day will always be challenging, with fluctuating blood sugar levels.

So, I would opt for dry white wine or Champagne. Vintage wines are great because they contain bacteria that might benefit your gastrointestinal health.

The article is a great little read; a doctor briefly explains the science behind a hangover.

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Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and pick up on a healthy lifestyle again the day after! Here’s the Ultimate Liver Detox Guide!



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