May 15, 2022

Does Junk Food Damage Your Body?

My Interview With BBC World: People Are Overfed And Undernourished

In the BBC World Live News interview, I was asked to comment on the government’s case that we have a cost of living emergency and poor people need cheap food.

To explain further: The ban on ‘buy one get one free unhealthy food’ deals is being put on hold for a year. Also, the plan to restrict television advertising of junk food advertisements before 9 p.m. has been put on hold.

The government said that this plan would allow for a better understanding of the impact on household finances as the cost of living continues to rise.

As I explained, people are overfed and undernourished. If you consume more processed foods, it will give you very unstable blood sugar levels. This can lead to diabetes, obesity, and heart attacks. These are all taxing on the healthcare systems.

If it were ‘buy one get one free’ for healthy, inexpensive food like vegetables, fish, and chicken, there would not be an issue.

This decision will most likely cause even more mental and physical health problems. It doesn’t make sense. Gut health is paramount to psychological and physical well-being.

When you consume food that doesn’t feed you nutritionally, your body is never satiated. So, you end up eating more. Overeating foods that are not nourishing will encourage inflammatory disease, without a doubt.

Processed foods cause gut dysbiosis, which ultimately leads to disease.

Obesity, for instance, is reaching epidemic proportions in most Westernized countries. It is a severe chronic inflammatory condition with a wide range of debilitating and life-threatening conditions. This makes the body susceptible to catching serious viruses and not recovering from them, like COVID-19.

Obesity imposes enormous financial burdens on healthcare systems. Not banning ‘buy one get one free’ junk foods at this time is encouraging more serious health conditions. Obesity develops over time. Once it kicks in, unless someone undertakes an anti-inflammatory lifestyle like our member Nicky did (she lost 56 pounds), it presents many more risks.

Conditions associated with obesity are cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and joint and muscular conditions. There are gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory disorders, cancer, and obstructive sleep apnea. There are psychological conditions and depression, as in neuroinflammation. (Depression diminished for Nicky, too, on this gut-health plan).

We must educate people on how to create nutritious meals on a tight budget. We should encourage batch cooking once a week for an hour. Freeze food that can be taken out in the morning and quickly heated in the evening.

Or use a slow cooker (a slow cooker isn’t necessary, though) to make soup and stews that take no time to prepare. I told the BBC World presenter that I had bought organic chicken and vegetables and lemons to make my immune-boosting chicken soup. It came out at only £2.50 per person.

It isn’t just a bowl of hunger-satisfying chicken soup; the ingredients work together to boost the body rather than deplete it.

The synergistic actions from the nutrients, combined with the accompanying compounds from ginger, turmeric, onions, garlic, parsley, black pepper, eggs, lemons, and so on, will all assist significantly with the lowering of inflammation. This will protect the immune and keep the digestive tract healthy.

Kefta, Tomato, and Egg Tagine comes in around the same cost and are not only delicious and satisfying, but it fills the body up with good nutrition. It supports metabolic and cholesterol-lowering functions. It reduces inflammation and protects the eyes, teeth, brain, and bones. Keeping the mind, the immune system, and the whole body healthy.

My Cream of Broccoli and Zucchini Soup costs even less than £1.50 per person. It protects the body from viruses and disease, supports metabolism and gut health, stimulates the liver, and lowers cholesterol and inflammation.

Encouraging people to feed their guts well with good bacteria will keep them mentally healthy, too.

Junk food / processed foods do not fulfill daily micro and macronutrient requirements, leading to disease.

We must teach people how to nourish themselves and their families (without spending too much money) to support their health and the healthcare system.

You can watch the interview here:

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Look after yourselves. You cannot outsource health!

Yalda Alaoui


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