January 09, 2023

How To Get Rid of Chronic Inflammation

My Interview With Mo Gawdat: We Are all Inflamed!

I really enjoyed my chat with Mo Gawdat, about why and when I changed my career, my research in health, all about healing non-communicable diseases, why you need to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that still allows pleasure, and so much more. It was so much fun!

You can watch it here:

You can hear more inspirational health advice and stories from my wonderful guests on the podcasts page and listen/read some more of my interviews here:

How to Reduce Chronic Inflammation

Putting My Autoimmune Diseases into Remission

Healing My Ulcerative Colitis & Rare Blood Disorder

Secrets for Good Health

I wish you a lovely day!

Yalda Alaoui


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