April 25, 2022

Secrets for Good Health

Fixing Health Issues and Fine-Tuning Optimum Health

I recently enjoyed appearing on The Big Move podcast and chatting with Em Roberts.

We discussed:

*Taking charge of your health

*My approach to nutrition – minimizing damage

*Teaching educated moderation when it comes to health

*What chronic inflammation is

*Why gut health is so important

*Neurotransmitters and immune cells

*How Eat Burn Sleep helps with specific issues and ensures optimum health

*Removing the stigma around obesity

*Being a good role model for my children

*Taking the pressure off yourself not to be inspired every day

*How to get through phrases when you don’t feel on top form

*Talking to yourself for a positive outcome when it comes to bingeing 

*Taking time away from screens for a good digestion

*The Red and Green Brick Wall System on Eat Burn Sleep

*The positives of social interaction

*How to keep a positive mindset daily 

*Rewiring subconscious habits


I also share what I tell my boys about the key to happiness!

As a final takeaway, it is essential to:

Invest in your Health – it’s Your Most Valuable Asset.

I hope that you enjoy the podcast as much as I enjoyed being on it. Don’t forget to check out the podcasts on Eat Burn Sleep. I have amazing guests with incredible stories surrounding health.

Have a wonderful day!

Yalda Alaoui


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