May 28, 2023

Looking for a Safe Liver Detox for Weight Loss?

Some Liver Detoxes Pose Health Risks

Hi Everyone. I am writing about liver detoxing for weight loss since there are many liver cleansing supplements online and liver detox hacks on social media, and some are not good at all for your health.

Most liver detox and weight loss supplements have not been tested in clinical trials.

This post is about signs that your liver needs attention, what overburdens the liver, why some liver detoxes are dangerous, how to help your liver, and how to lose weight safely.

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What Does The Liver Do?

How Does The Liver Become Overburdened?

Signs of an Overloaded Liver

Do Liver Cleanses Work?

Do Liver Detoxifying and Regenerating Supplements Work?

Does Rapid Weight Loss Happen With a Liver Detox?

Can a Detox Help Liver Disease?

What Does The Liver Do?

Our liver is the second largest organ in the body. It sits under the rib cage on the right side of our bodies. It has over 500 essential functions, so it needs to be healthy and strong. 

For instance, the liver plays a central role in sensing and responding to systemic inflammation. Yet, the liver’s inflammatory mechanisms and immune cell populations are crucial for liver homeostasis. The complex interplay also frees the body from the risk of infections, tissue damage, and tumors.

Another of the main functions of the liver is detoxification. It converts the nutrients from our food into substances needed for the body and turns toxins into harmless substances or expels them.

In a process called phagocytosis, it filters toxins through the sinusoid channels. These are lined with Kupffer cells (immune cells). Kupffer cells then digest, destroy, and excrete any invading bacteria, cellular debris, and other exogenous substances like alcohol and drugs.

A healthy liver naturally cleanses toxins from the system.

However, there are many ways that our livers can become overburdened, and this leads to less-than-optimal health. 

How Does The Liver Become Overburdened?

  • *Medication. 
  • *Some supplements.
  • *Drugs.
  • *Alcohol.
  • *Caffeine.
  • *Gut dysbiosis. (Gut-liver axis).
  • *Leaky gut syndrome.
  • *Obesity
  • *Type 2 Diabetes.
  • *Infections like hepatitis C. It can cause chronic inflammation, dysfunction, and liver damage.
  • *Iron-loading Disorders like Hemochromatosis.
  • *Conditions include cirrhosis, fatty liver, bile duct, and Wilson disease. Liver diseases can be genetic.
  • *High Fat Diet. Too much to store in the liver.
  • *High Sugar Diet. Again, the toxic load.
  • *Chemical exposure. They are everywhere! In toiletries, make-up, air fresheners, candles, detergents, furniture, and furnishings. 


Signs of an Overloaded Liver

  • *Fatigue. Toxin overload and impaired glucose storage can impair liver function and tire you. 
  • *Lack of energy. As above. 
  • *Digestive issues. If bile production is compromised, inefficient fat metabolism occurs, slowing digestion.
  • *Weight gain. Inadequate digestion and fat metabolism can occur.
  • *Nausea. Toxins could be circulating in your system if they are not eliminated.
  • *Vomiting. As above. 
  • *Hot flashes. The liver is responsible for hormone balancing. So imbalances can bring on symptoms of hormone imbalance.
  • *Mood swings. See above.
  • *Irregular periods. See above.
  • *Dark urine.
  • *Swellings in the legs.
  • *Yellowing skin and eyes.
  • *Skin rashes and itching. Toxins can build up and cause inflammation. Itching could also indicate liver disease, so check in with your doctor.
  • *Acne. Again, toxin buildup could be expelled through the skin. 


Do Liver Cleanses Work?

There are millions of liver detox guides, potions, tips, kits, and other products aimed at cleansing your liver that have not been tested in clinical trials. Many could be a waste of time and money, at the least, and many could worsen your health to the point of hospitalization. Without the guidance of a qualified health practitioner, nutritionist, or dietician, I advise you to be extremely careful. 

For instance, an enema detox, when not administered correctly, can change electrolyte levels and cause serious harm to the intestines, heart, etc. 

A product that promises a liver detox could contain ingredients that cause chronic inflammation, do not blend well with your regular medication, or are scientifically unproven. 

Some liver detoxes could disrupt a good gut bacteria balance. Dysbiosis causes chronic inflammation and dysregulation of the immune system.

Do Liver Detoxifying and Regenerating Supplements Work?

Try to ignore marketing and investigate ingredients.

Acute liver injuries have been found when people take ‘liver detoxifying and regenerating’ supplements. Emergency department evaluations revealed indications of drug-induced liver injuries, which were reduced when they stopped taking them.

Many people do not discuss what herbal treatments or supplements they are taking with their doctor and can presume that natural herbs will be fine, which isn’t the case for all. Also, they may not be compatible with your regular medication. Plus, as I often say, supplements from unreputable companies are not regulated. You could be consuming anything. It could be hazardous to your health.

As mentioned above, medication, supplements, and drugs significantly affect the liver.

Does Rapid Weight Loss Happen With a Liver Detox?

Our members have lost weight in very little time on this lifestyle. The above and below images are indicative of what many members experience. Then, weight loss becomes constant, even without you realizing it, because you eat well on Eat Burn Sleep. There are many nutritious foods (and treats) and no calorie counting or hunger pains.

Weight loss is a side effect of Eat Burn Sleep since I developed it to put my autoimmune conditions into remission and for optimum health, not weight loss, but reducing inflammation in the body will reduce weight considerably and safely.

There is a personalized section on how to gain or maintain weight if losing weight is not your issue and it is an inflammatory or autoimmune condition you want to put into remission.

Rapid weight loss liver detox diets composed of very few calories will cause malnutrition and ultimately put weight on in the long term, as they slow metabolism and do not contain enough nutrients you need for your body to function healthily. Low-calorie diets and detoxes result in reduced gut bacteria diversity, which may heighten the risk for disease.

Eating less does not speed up metabolism.

You see, the body adjusts to the low calories and preserves the calories it gets. When you eat properly again because calorie-counting diets are unsustainable and not healthy (and downright dull), the weight piles back on. 

You cannot change your liver health (only detrimentally) by doing or taking one thing. Good nutrition and lifestyle are essential for your liver health. 

Doing a detox and then going back to a diet loaded with inflammatory compounds or not actively keeping stressors down will not be helpful.

However, if you live an anti-inflammatory and nutritious lifestyle or embark on one immediately after a detox that a health professional has devised (like this one), your liver will be healthier going forward. You will be full of vitality and not put your health at risk.

Can a Detox Help Liver Disease?

Many liver diseases need medical attention, and a detox cannot fix these. However, a doctor is more likely to suggest a diet and lifestyle intervention for many after treatment since nutrition, what you eat and drink, and how you live are essential to liver health, protection, and repair.

Damage limitation and protecting your liver are essential. Being kind to your liver most of the time will give you more protection from liver disease. 

The Eat Burn Sleep starts with a beautiful, safe reset for the body that detoxifies/unburdens the liver so it can do its job. With nutritious gut-healthy food involved, I will add! Our thousands of members have tried and tested the powerful protocol to kickstart excellent health. By week 2, you will feel incredible. By week 6, you feel ready to take on the world!

There are 300+ recipes, worldwide-inspired, to choose from. Here are a couple of taster recipes for non-members: Indian Eggplant Curry & Harissa Salmon & Quinoa Taboulé.

You may be interested in reading: Detox Your Liver Naturally.

When looking after your liver, keeping it healthy, and boosting it for efficiency, think long-term. Quick fixes are often a waste of time, money, and energy and can be dangerous. 

I always advise taking health advice from someone qualified. 

You cannot outsource health, and education is key. 

Enjoy your day!


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