October 22, 2023

10 Ways to Boost Your Immunity Quickly

Fastest Ways to Boost Your Immunity Against Viruses

Hello Everyone! If you are in a part of the world experiencing seasonal changes, there is likely to be an increase in viral infections, and you could be looking for ways to boost your immunity quickly against viruses.

Exposure is inevitable, and it is essential unless you are advised to shield for medical reasons or are classed as vulnerable.

We need exposure but must also be highly cautious of viruses when underlying chronic inflammation exists. This has become even more evident in the last few years. If you have underlying chronic inflammation, your immune system is dysregulated, but you can change that and fight inflammation.

Boosting your immunity quickly by following the below will help most people do so while still enjoying life!

(Looking after your immune system throughout the year is good advice, not just when the seasons shift).



Here are 10 ways to boost your immunity quickly against viruses and ensure better health:

1. Eat Gut-healthy, Nutrient-rich Foods Regularly

Our immune systems need nourishment from a plethora of nutrients from foods.

Poor gut health is linked to weakened immunity and non-communicable diseases. Gut health is imperative to good health, and the diversity of your gut bacteria will dictate how nutrients are absorbed.

Getting it right will better prepare the body for excess inflammation and microbial attacks! Beneficial nutrients to boost your immunity quickly and ensure immune system regulation must be digested regularly, forming an excellent dietary pattern.

Try these two delicious recipes:

A bowl of Greek chicken soup with inflammation reducing turmeric, which has given it a wonderful golden colour. A healing soup.

Immune-boosting Chicken Soup

A plate of immune boosting energy balls

Immune-boosting Energy Balls.

2. Ensure You Get Enough Vitamin D 

90% of vitamin D is absorbed from the sun, essential for the immune system. There are safe ways to do this, and of course, there are challenges here, especially with seasonal changes.

If you have poor vitamin D absorption, like with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, and celiac, please follow the personalized advice for inflammatory bowel disease. It is an imperative protocol for good health and to put the conditions into remission, regardless.

If you are a vegan, live where sunlight is limited, or have any other reason that prevents you from getting the right amount of vitamin D, it’s worth reading through this health education platform, arming yourself with advice from a nutritionist and of course, eating nutrient-rich, gut-healthy foods. The bioavailability of foods is essential to boost your immunity quickly. However, some people need to take supplements.

Sunshine is good for your immunity.

Absorb sunshine as much as possible in cooler months, sit by an open sunny window, or obtain a S.A.D. lamp.

3. Keep Your Inflammation Down – through eating, moving, and sleeping (Eat Burn Sleep!) is the most sound advice for everyone!

4. Change Lifestyle Habits

Change any lifestyle habits that inhibit good health. An unhealthy lifestyle, which includes eating and drinking unhealthy foods and drinks most of the time, being overweight and underweight, following restrictive diets, lacking proper exercise, being sedentary, lack of fresh air, pollution, toxins, excess alcohol, smoking, drug abuse, poor sleep patterns, and stress weakens immunity defense.

A close up of a slim girl on her weighing scales.

5. Reduce Your Weight

Obesity is a chronic inflammatory condition, and you can reduce your weight by reducing the inflammation in your body. It is the safest, most effective way of reducing weight and boosting your immunity. Fat tissues produce adipocytokines, and these increase inflammation. Impaired T-cells stop the response of the immune system to pathogens. Also, it is worth knowing that with obesity, vitamin D is not readily available when needed because it accumulates in excess fat. This is reversible when you reduce chronic inflammation.

6. Put Your Autoimmune Disease Into Remission

Is that possible? Yes. I have two autoimmune diseases, so I created Eat Burn Sleep. Please read the other articles and magazine and newspaper features in the articles section.

Man taking ten minute mental break at the desk for good health.

7. Perform Regular De-stressing Techniques

Stress is so bad for your health, and it can affect gut health, affecting mental and physical health. Excess cortisol that is triggered, along with other hormones when you are stressed, leads to reduced immunity and increased inflammation.

The immune system, central nervous system, and endocrine system interact with each other.
When stressed, your sympathetic nervous system kicks in, shutting down the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Have you heard my podcasts with Nick Potter about The Behavioral Immune and with Dr. Tamsin Lewis about Long Covid, Immunity, & Energy Levels?

When life feels like it is crashing around you, pay attention to your gut (70% of immune cells and 60% of feel-good neurotransmitters reside in a healthy gut) and de-stressing techniques.

It is vital to keep chronic inflammation at bay because chronic inflammation promotes anxiety, depression, and other diseases, as well as a weakened immune system.

Woman in bed smiling, fast asleep

8. Get Good Sleep 

Sleep is the foundation for good health! You only have to think about how you crave sleep when you feel ill and have a virus. Nothing can keep you awake. Your body tells you to lie down and heal!

A person who regularly sleeps for a good amount of time will likely have more antibodies than someone with fitful, irregular sleep. This is an excellent way to boost your immunity quickly.

Long-standing shift workers and insomniacs have turned their lives around on the Eat Burn Sleep reprogramming. Reprogramming your sleeping is possible. Check out the Insomnia personalized advice.

9. Stay Social 

It’s fundamental to our overall health and survival. Our emotional joy!

Studies show that people who socialize tend to live longer than those who are more isolated. Plus, dopamine is released when we mix and exercise.

Stay social for good immunity

10. Go For a Walk 

Walk with your family, your friends – or just yourself – and feel the pleasure and reward of the dopamine hit from doing so. You will release stress along the way, boost your immunity quickly and be outside!

Remember that a robust immune system can respond appropriately to the world around it and can defend the body against invaders, pathogens, and viruses!

I wish for you – the best immune health there is!


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