April 17, 2022

How to Reduce Chronic Inflammation

My Interview in The Telegraph: Chronic Inflammation Affects All of Us

I was interviewed recently for The Telegraph about what we need to know about chronic inflammation because it affects all of us.

It was only through my health issues (which started when I was 12 and led to dire circumstances where I faced death) that I developed this method to treat chronic inflammation.

Initially, the gut health program was created for me. I wanted to live and be here, enjoying life with my kids.

I adapted the inflammation reduction program for my lifestyle – because I needed it to be flexible enough to include treats, eating out, a glass of wine, and so on – for it not to be bland.

After healing myself from two autoimmune diseases through my method – studying the science-backed evidence of the anti-inflammatory diet and implementing the inflammation-lowering lifestyle for a decade – to such great success (in remission and pain and medication-free), I founded Eat Burn Sleep.

Is Eat Burn Sleep for Chronic Inflammation Only?

I qualified in naturopathic nutrition after three years of study with one of the best nutrition schools in London to help everyone with chronic inflammation and/or in situations similar to mine.

Yet, this method isn’t just for when people find themselves chronically inflamed – it ascertains optimum health for everyone. We are all likely to be inflamed in some way!

People who follow the plan but do not have conditions find themselves having more energy, better moods, clearer skin, better sleep, improved body composition, clearer cognitive thinking, and much more that help them work and play well.

All subscribers have noted that they can be the best versions of themselves, and everyone around them notices! I love reading the testimonials, as you can imagine.

Looking and feeling healthier is guaranteed if followed 80% of the time.

This proves that even when we think we are incredibly healthy, extra guidance on gut health and managing inflammation is essential.

Why does Chronic Inflammation Affect All of Us?

Every condition you can think of that is non-communicable (not able to be transmitted) is linked to chronic inflammation.

So, from alopecia to bowel disorders to endometriosis to Hashimoto’s to migraines and psoriasis, the list is endless regarding chronic inflammation.

It surprises many that even fertility issues can be treated on the Eat Burn Sleep program.

There are so many Eat Burn Sleep babies. Amazing!

There is so much information on this platform about the nuances of chronic inflammation: Why we get chronic inflammation conditions, managing chronic inflammation, and reducing chronic inflammation – because that is why it exists.

Check out the videos and other inflammation and gut health articles.

I am on a mission to help people live their lives with optimum health (and there are so many conditions that are dulled down with drugs but not treated systemically, and so much convoluted information and faddy diets out there that could be harmful).

Becoming an Eat Burn Sleep Member is easy!

Why do People Develop Digestive Conditions?

We all carry weak genes, and I have autoimmune problems in my family, but other factors can switch on those genes, and your immune response isn’t as robust, either.

I explain more in the article that what you eat, where you live, and how you live significantly impact your digestion.

Changes that disrupt your gut flora can create many painful and debilitating conditions. 

Do Drugs Work for Inflammation?

Rather than tackling the underlying conditions, drugs are often prescribed.

What happens is that corticosteroid drugs given for conditions like I have (ulcerative colitis) are very good at masking the symptoms while taking them.

When you stop, the symptoms express themselves again.

The underlying inflammatory pathways remain open. The problem is that once the inflammation pathways open, you can develop multiple autoimmune diseases.

Immunosuppressants that are dished out, too, shut down the immune system. Inflammation goes down artificially but deems the body vulnerable to viruses and other consequences of low immunity.

Also, drugs cause gut dysbiosis, which then creates more issues because you are in a never-ending cycle.

How can we Fight Inflammation?

I developed the anti-inflammatory gut health program to fight inflammation.

The right ingredients in our meals boost the diversity of our gut microbiome (the trillions of bacteria that live in the gastrointestinal tract) and keep inflammation in check.

You also need to adopt an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

What has the Gut got to do with Inflammation?

The reason that having a healthy gut microbiome is essential in lowering inflammation is that 70 percent of our immune system is housed in the gut.

The brain-gut axis becomes harmonized by eating the right food at the right time, with anti-inflammatory movement, and practicing neuroplasticity exercises.

Inflammation is reduced, gut bacteria is balanced, the immune is strengthened, sleep is better quality, and our mental and physical well-being is optimized.

An anti-inflammatory lifestyle is the best way forward for everyone for long-term health!

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