February 15, 2022

Why I Use Collagen

How Collagen Compliments the EBS Lifestyle

It takes one person in the public eye to be linked to a product’s worthiness and boom, everyone is scrambling to find out more.

Some crazes get taken out of context and are rather extreme and soon fall by the wayside (thankfully) but taking collagen powder seems to be sticking around – and for good reason.

In this article, I am going to tell you the reasons why I personally love and use collagen.

Discovering collagen

Is collagen good for autoimmune diseases?

What is collagen?

Why do we need to take collagen if we have it already?

What is hydrolyzed collagen powder?

What are the benefits of collagen?

What shall I look for when buying collagen?

Is collagen worth the hype?

What helps collagen absorption?

Discovering collagen

Before I qualified as a Naturopathic Nutritionist in 2021, I studied health and nutrition (and continue to) for over 10 years to find a solution for a couple of “incurable” auto-immune conditions I was suffering from.

My primary focus was to get healthier in order to enjoy my life and stop spending my time in various hospitals. My research into preventing, reducing and managing inflammation in the body is why Eat Burn Sleep exists.

Of course, I enjoy sharing what I discover – and one of the amazing products that I found along the way, during this journey of healing my autoimmune diseases, was indeed collagen.

Is collagen good for autoimmune diseases?

I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis, which is an inflammatory bowel disease (it’s like IBS on speed!). When people suffer from autoimmune diseases, skin conditions, food intolerances and inflammatory bowel diseases and so on, the origin is leaky gut syndrome.

The one thing about leaky gut syndrome is that the gut should be completely sealed and no particle should go into the blood. When the gut lining is not sealed and it is leaky, particles go into the blood stream and this is what causes lots of problems in the body.

So, during my healing process I tried glutamine, without much success – and then my Naturopath suggested collagen protein powder. I have listed the benefits of how collagen has complimented my anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle below but in brief, collagen reseals and rebuilds the gut lining.

Collagen is good for inside and outside of your body and it was the beginning of my recovery. I used to be intolerant to most foods and then through rebuilding my gut, I was able to eat something else other than chicken soup and broth! Amazing!

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, keeping it all together, like a scaffold. It is formed by amino acids linking together to form fibrils, which are long, thin and strong, supporting fibres – and are located in your muscles, your bones, skin and connective tissues.

There are four types of collagen:

  • 1. The most abundant, representing 90% of total collagen in the body is found in bones, teeth, skin, fibrocartilage, blood vessels and connective tissue.
  • 2. Cartilaginous tissues which cushion joints
  • 3. Muscles, internal organs and arteries
  • 4. Skin – fibroblasts (cells) form in the middle of the skin which is where dead cells are restored and replaced and new cells grow.


Why do we need to take collagen if we have it already?

Natural collagen (endogenous collagen) which is synthesised by the body breaks down as we age and are exposed to external and internal toxins like UV rays, pollution, smoking and unhealthy diets. Depletion causes many issues in the body, like cartilage weakening and aging.

Which is why collagen from outside sources (exogenous) comes in handy!

What is hydrolyzed collagen powder?

Hydrolyzed collagen powder is basically 100% pure protein powder constituted of amino acids that have been broken down into smaller units.

It is really popular because this process makes it easier to dissolve and add to shakes, tea, soups, etc. I sometimes add a tablespoon to my green tea in the morning. It is basically the equivalent of bone broth, in powder form.

What are the benefits of collagen?

The immediate benefit of taking collagen for me was a reduction in my symptoms, which meant the collagen powder really did help rebuild my gut lining in the beginning. This may seem irrelevant to you, but it isn’t.

Your gut is the MOST IMPORTANT organ when it comes to overall health.

A healthy gut lining will stop you from having leaky gut syndrome, which is the source of many ailments – from food intolerances to auto-immune issues.

The second collagen benefit was for my hair, skin, and nails. I noticed that my skin became plumper, more elastic, and more hydrated.

My fine lines got reduced significantly. I am 42 years old, and people often compliment my skin. There might be a genetic element to it, but I am pretty convinced my low inflammation lifestyle has a lot to do with it!

Collagen protein is definitely one of my best beauty products!

I have never had any botox, fillers, or treatments done to my face. I only use natural products and feed myself on the anti-inflammatory diet that I developed. My hair got thicker and shinier too, and my nails stronger.

The third collagen benefit that I found was that it really maximises the benefits of a workout and plays a good part in any sports performance and recovery program. I recommend my pre or post-workout shake, as it builds and repairs muscles and cartilage in a really effective manner. (Because it is potassium-rich, I also recommend that shake for replenishing the body when you feel hungover!).

When collagen powder is added to any one of my anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes regularly, it will assist in improving the health in your gut.

Collagen is used by medical professionals in a plethora of methods to repair tissues.

It is to be noted that taking collagen powder alone does not cancel out damaging foods or an unhealthy lifestyle. In conjunction with a diet that is rich in compounds that heal the gut, and with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle guide, it works beautifully. I state this because sometimes non-members wonder why it isn’t working as claimed.

What shall I look for when buying collagen?

You can find many brands and types of collagen online. My advice would be to not go for expensive supplements in tablet form or any flavoured versions.

Go for grass-fed pasture hydrolyzed collagen.

For an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle, we are avoiding substances that cause inflammation. It is the same with animals. If they are eating grains, then this will be collagen that will cause inflammation.

When an animal eats grass rather than grains, this will allow you to consume a product higher in Omega-3s (the good omegas that lower inflammation) and lower in Omega-6s (the bad guys which cause inflammation).

Check for a third party certification too, from a credible group. I have listed the one that I use on my Yalda Loves page. I will be adding lifestyle products to help with gut health and chronic inflammation to this page as I go along.

Is collagen worth the hype?

Based on my experience over several years, and feedback from members who compliment its effectiveness combined with the Eat Burn Sleep program – I am confident to recommend collagen powder to be taken internally. As stated above, maximum benefits are seen and felt when in conjunction with a gut healing diet and lifestyle.

What helps collagen absorption?

Collagen really compliments the anti-inflammation program and I must reiterate that collagen alone cannot heal conditions by itself.

It is important to eat the right compounds found in foods in conjunction with collagen powder, as much as it is to avoid certain substances found in food – to maximise absorption.

Considering properties of ingredients, the presence of some substances can cancel the quality of the good compounds, and may also impede absorption.

There are certain compounds, for instance, that are abundant in the Eat Burn Sleep recipes; substances that protect the body, which will aid collagen present in the body to get on with its job!

Eat the right foods to heal your body, feed your microbiota, manage inflammation and protect your body from damage. 

I really enjoy creating new recipes that are developed with healing at the top of my mind!

As you can imagine, it is music to my ears to hear the life-changing success stories from members, as well as how my recipes both nurture and delight. There are over 220 anti-inflammatory recipes now (many contain collagen-rich ingredients) on the Eat Burn Sleep program.

Enjoy this collagen-rich Oxtail recipe that is easy to digest and very popular. Comfort and healing in a bowl.

You may also enjoy my collagen shake recipe, which I am drinking here:


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