February 10, 2022

My Anti-inflammatory Skin Routine

Feature on Dr. Barbara Sturm: My Anti-inflammatory Daily Routine

I was interviewed for the website of the amazing Dr. Barbara Sturm recently. She and I connect through our anti-inflammatory philosophies.

Gentle and Trusted Skincare

Like myself, Dr. Sturm has carved out her second career by addressing a need through innovation and challenging the traditional medical systems through her inflammation research.

She is world-recognized for her non-surgical skin treatments, which have achieved cult status with devotees worldwide – and it isn’t surprising.

My beauty routine includes her skincare range, as I love the performance.

‘…Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Ampoules and for moisturizing, I alternate between a few different ones, but I do love her Face Cream…

I like that they are not harsh on the skin. Harsher products like retinol leave my skin very dry – so I agree with her approach of being gentle on the skin for long-term, trusted results.

I include a taster from their article since I often get asked:

What anti-inflammation supplements do you use?

‘I take Vitamin D every year, as being of Moroccan and Persian descent, I need more sun exposure than I get in London. The darker our skin, the more sun we need for optimal Vitamin D levels.

I take a Vitamin B complex for about a month twice a year and around my bi-annual liver detox, which is shared on the Eat Burn Sleep platform.

I like to take L-Lysine and Zinc Picolinate whenever my immune system needs a boost. I also take omega-3 fish oils over the course of a month, a few times a year.’

I absolutely love the feature on Dr. Strum’s website, and I hope that you do, too! Please read it here: Eat With Me With Yalda Alaoui.

Further skin treats from Eat Burn Sleep:

You may also be interested in watching my Videos. I cover why Vitamin D is important and how to improve your Vitamin D levels, as well as many other anti-inflammatory, chronic inflammation, gut health and nutrition tips.

I include an omega-3-rich recipe that your family and friends will love. It is called Champions Salad. It’s a nutrient powerhouse meal to boost your immune and nervous systems, balance your hormones, and feed your skin.

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Wishing you great health!

Yalda Alaoui


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