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Ready to reduce inflammation, restart your gut microbiome, and promote optimum immune and liver health?

Eat Burn Sleep is an online optimum health education platform that helps you do just that – as well as empowering you so that you have more autonomy over your health.

Glowing reviews from doctors

I am an anesthesiologist and Ph.D. molecular biologist and I find Yalda’s research evidence-based and there is a lot of science behind her methods… It is easy to follow and I have changed the way I approach what I put into my body and how I treat myself! I have shared her ideas with my patients who have lost weight, increased energy, and have fewer aches and pains! I can’t recommend her approach more!

Dr. Natasha Singh For Eat Burn Sleep Dr. Natasha Singh Anesthesiologist & Ph.D. Molecular Biologist

Having treated pain all of my career, I firmly believe that diet, exercise, stress reduction through means such as meditation are crucial components of treating both acute and chronic pain.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, decreasing inflammation, and stress reduction are important components that affect a disease.

It is why I became an adept of Yalda‘s program.

Dr. Silvia Nicolae For Eat Burn Sleep Dr. Silvia Nicolae Anesthesiology Specialist, Interest in Pain Management

Absolutely amazing site to help transform your life to an anti inflammatory lifestyle.
The recipes are amazing but beyond that the support and integration of mental and physical well being.

Dr. Natasha Singh For Eat Burn Sleep Dr. Natasha Singh Anesthesiologist & Ph.D. Molecular Biologist
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EBS Verified Member
Gaia For Eat Burn Sleep

I have Crohn’s disease. I was feeling severe nausea and acid reflux due to my condition & that’s totally gone!

I also crave less sweet stuff and just generally have more energy during the day.

I’ve also lost 6.5 pounds in one and a half weeks.

EBS Verified Member
Ashley For Eat Burn Sleep

Hey, queen! I just finished my 6-week reset and I can not begin to tell you how this has changed my life. I struggle with hormone imbalance, joint issues, depression, migraines, and obesity. I haven’t had crippling depression since I started this, I’ve lost 12lbs so far, I can bend my thumb for the first time in months (I have a trigger finger), I don’t remember the last time I had a migraine, and hormones are still balancing out but my periods are starting to come back to normal. I was so skeptical trying what I thought was just another “diet” but I was so desperate for help I needed to try something. This has truly become a lifestyle for me and the mental clarity it brings is just truly off the charts. Thank you so much for this and for constantly bringing the awesome content and recipes you do! I have never felt deprived or like I was missing out on anything and just live my life a little bit better. Seriously, thank you!

EBS Verified Member
Conny For Eat Burn Sleep

I was diagnosed with chronic colitis at the age of 23. I searched for cures my whole life, but nothing could help me. I discovered the lifestyle 2 years ago through a friend and have been on it since then.

I have lost weight, gained confidence, and energy.

The other day I had a colonoscopy, the doctor confirmed that there were no traces of colitis in my body and that I am officially in remission! I have had colitis for 26 years, and no one could cure it.

Yalda’s lifestyle does help, it does make miracles happen!


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