Best Treatment For Diabetes

Do you have type 1 diabetes or type 2? Do you have prediabetes and need to turn it around quickly with the best lifestyle? Are you looking for the best diabetes diet or the right lifestyle to prevent diabetes?

Rest assured, because preventing and controlling your diabetes is here!

The Eat Burn Sleep platform assists sufferers of diabetes and any other inflammatory conditions that they may have alongside their diabetes.

How to Treat Diabetes Successfully

The causes are different in Diabetes type 1 (an autoimmune condition where the pancreas cannot produce insulin) and diabetes type 2 (the body’s resistance to insulin). Successful treatment remains the same.

Chronic inflammation plays a significant factor in diabetes type 1 and type 2, so targeting inflammation at source for prevention and control is critical.

Inflammation can lead to diabetes, and inflammation markers are increased in diabetic people (compared with non-diabetic people).

The liver has over 500 functions and plays a significant role in controlling diabetes. A healthy liver stores and manufactures glucose and circulates it when the body needs it.

A healthy liver keeps blood glucose within the normal range and protects against excessive fluctuations.

Conditions alongside diabetes, like obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, can raise the risk of liver inflammation.

Liver detoxification is critical: when functions are addressed, the liver can free up concentrating on promoting essential hormones and keeping blood glucose within range instead of dealing with toxins.

Diabetes medication can be heavy on the liver, and many people with autoimmune diseases like diabetes 1 are prone to liver congestion.

A healthy liver will allow for efficient medication use and maximize absorption.

The right food, portions, and timing (which will avoid blood sugar spikes) are essential for managing diabetes. Feeding the microbiome with good gut microbiota will assist with optimum health.

Good, consistent, quality sleep will allow for blood sugar control in diabetic conditions but will also assist with optimum health. Sleep increases resistance to oxidative stress, which will keep inflammation at bay.

What happens with any autoimmune disease (like diabetes 1), you already have open inflammatory pathways and are more susceptible to acquiring more autoimmune diseases, so sleep is imperative.

During sleep, essential hormones (HGH, leptin, grehlin…) are regulated, too.

Stress plays a big part in how our body functions and should not be underestimated. Reducing stress through mental wellness exercises and daily physical inflammation-reducing movements will aid in treating diabetes.

So, it is essential to focus on lowering chronic inflammation, suppressing the inflammation pathways, and stabilizing blood sugar levels, to alleviate symptoms and avoid further complications.

Through balanced gut microbiota with the right food and timing and optimum liver and immune health, diabetes can be under control.

Proper exercise to reduce chronic inflammation will help you manage diabetes and its symptoms.

Good sleep – reducing inflammation and cutting insulin resistance – is critical in controlling and reducing diabetes, type 1 and type 2.

This is, of course, for long-term diabetes management.

How to Manage Diabetes Type I and Type II

Eat Burn Sleep helps with all of the above – and more!

This is a tried and trusted inflammation-reducing lifestyle platform used and prescribed by healthcare professionals for diabetes type 1 & type 2 around the world.

This anti-inflammatory lifestyle is perfect for diabetes (and prediabetes) sufferers to control their condition.

As well as following the program, there is personalized advice for diabetes here for Premium Members.

The focus on gut and liver health allows for blood sugar and homocysteine level regulation, avoiding liver congestion, and simultaneously, for chronic inflammation to be tackled.

Side effects are plentiful and positive, like weight loss, glowing skin, better hair growth, sleep, and more energy.

Eat Burn Sleep, so finely calibrated, promotes good, regular sleep, which is essential for the control of diabetes long-term.

Studies show that diabetes is associated with various sleep disorders, and Type 2 diabetes occurs due to sleep impairment. Insufficient sleep is related to dysfunctions in the endocrine system and metabolic health.

Even the most sleep-challenged are amazed at how this chronic inflammation platform reprograms their minds and bodies.

Members endorse the revolutionary method for feeling the best health they have ever been in with their diabetes.

They are more in control of their chronic inflammation condition, inflammation is treated at the source, and symptoms have reduced. 

Optimum health is achieved and retained, and people feel better daily!

Subscribe today (if you haven’t already) for optimum health with diabetes – and overall mental and physical health, the Eat Burn Sleep way.

I just wanted to say thank you so, so much for your app and lifestyle guidance. Finally I'm losing weight and feel happier and healthier- bloat free, pain free, just everything is better! Thank you.

Yalda, I started the 6-week-rest again 2 weeks ago. I’ve been following it word for word and 4kg's of bloated-ness and puffiness is now gone! I overindulged over the festive period and never reigned it back. I have better sleep! And the Turkey Beef Skewers are amazing.


I have followed you for a long time and I'm so grateful for the lifestyle and how you deliver the information. It’s truly researched, candid, and practical advice. The lifestyle has been a huge help in my journey with thyroiditis. When I saw you, I mentioned my friend who had cancer - I frequently baked him your lemon coconut yogurt cake whilst he was undergoing chemo, and he raved about it. He was so grateful. I have also used your recipes for my mother in law who was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Your work really does change lives!

Ella (name changed for privacy reasons)

I am on week 3 and really feeling much better. I have also already lost 3kgs, but for me, the better mood and higher energy levels are the most magical outcomes so far. After 2 full weeks, I don't crave sugar anymore and find the reset pretty easy to observe.


After week 3 on the lifestyle, it’s crazy how much better I feel & this is the first thing in a long while where I am losing weight. I just want to say thanks & I think you might need to add a lifetime member option. Also, your movement videos are spot on & your voice is very calming.


I got my blood test results yesterday, and all my inflammatory markers are normal for the first time since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis five years ago. I've been on the lifestyle for two months, and I credit you for this result as I've previously tried very restrictive diets, and none have had this impact. You and the lifestyle are honestly incredible! I feel so hopeful for the future now.


I have been following the lifestyle very seriously for several weeks now. I lost 6kg, no more bloating, and my digestion has never been that good. Loving it.


I joined the platform ten days ago and started the 6-week reset, and gosh, I see results straight away. I have always been on a good diet but always felt bloated regardless of what I ate. I went on with Yalda’s lifestyle and recipes, and I lost 2 kilos of water retention in 5 days! Yalda is a genius, I always was a fan but was lazy to join her platform, thinking I won’t be able to follow all the steps since I have a busy lifestyle, but she made it so easy. I eat three proper meals a day which I never did before, and I have never been happier before with myself and my body.


"I have been so ill recently, and I was on antibiotics for a month, and the doctor told me to change my diet. I was ok to start with, but then my iron level went really low; they put me on an iron tablet which killed my tummy. He said I should take lactulose as it would help; I also had heartburn and took Rennie. Then my joint started to be stiff, and I couldn't do much. The doctor said could be arthritis. I said no way; it's inflammation! So I decided to leave this doctor and do my own thing and get back on the lifestyle; after one day, all my symptoms were gone!


I had surgery in February and suffered since then from severe water retention. I’ve always been sensitive to this but mainly when it is very hot in the summer. I have to admit that I have had two very long flights to Australia and back in April that haven’t helped my problem either.
Anyway, when I hit 69.6kg on the scale, I decided that I had to do something about it!
I have now completed my first week of EBS and have lost 4kg!! Probably a bit of fat and a lot of water… But who cares. I am back to 65.6kg. I must say that everything Yalda had foreseen happened. I had my “healing crisis” on day 3. Extreme tiredness, low energy and low mood. I’ve had some cravings too, but those were manageable, thanks to her tips. I was over those naughty feelings on day 5 and feel much better now. My skin is also glowing, which is a little bonus too.
I am very motivated and can’t wait to see the results after week 6! I’ll maybe reach my 60kg goal I haven’t been able to see on the scale for the past 20 years.


I was recently diagnosed with Coeliac disease and have really struggled to find the right foods to eat to help heal my inflammation. After being hospitalized with the condition, I knew it was time to make a change! I am now 2 weeks into the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle and it is safe to say I have never felt so amazing. Not only have I lost 6.3KG in 2 weeks, but most importantly, my entire well-being has transformed! I am the happiest I have been in a long time. Thank you, Yalda, you have changed my life.


I have been following Yalda for some years, and after I got bitten by a tick last year & contracted Lyme disease, I decided to sign up to the platform. Although I was treated properly, I still had flare-ups of my symptoms & the doctors told me there was nothing they could do. I decided to take things into my own hands and signed up to the platform. It really has transformed my health! In just a few weeks I started to feel better and my symptoms subsided. That is still the case today.
Also, my husband, who has type 1 diabetes, decided to join me, and he saw a huge change in his sugar control in a few days. The bonus for him is that he lost 7 kgs! We feel empowered being able to control both Lyme disease and diabetes!


I joined the EBS platform around two years ago. I went off it for a while, but in the past six months, I've been trying to be more disciplined, and I've lost around 10 kgs since then. My favorite thing about the platform is that it's a common-sense-based approach to health, and it looks at health from a 360 view. There is a lot of effort and work that goes into the advice given. It's all backed by research, and the advice is always constantly updated. New sections have been added, which I really appreciate. I'm definitely very grateful because I came across the platform, and I've already recommended it to my friends.


I lost my baby weight: 10 kg post delivery and never felt better. It becomes a way of life to have quinoa at home and bake healthy sweets and, most importantly, 10k steps per day at least.


I attended the Ampersand Yalda did last week for stress, IBS, and Arthritis and found it absolutely amazing. I burst into tears about halfway through as I agreed with everything you were saying. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2017 but had been struggling with the condition particularly badly this year. I have tried multiple different things over the course of the year, with varying success. I feel this is what I have been looking for to cover all aspects of health, not just one area. The food in particular, is the thing I am most looking forward to, as I feel there is so much misinformation out there it is hard to know what the right thing to do is. I am taking a week or so to take in the platform and inform myself before diving into the 6-week re-set, but I am so excited to start this journey.


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