Treating Endometriosis The Eat Burn Sleep Way

Best Treatment for Endometriosis

Are you wondering how to get help and relief for you (or someone that you love), for endometriosis?

Have you not been diagnosed with endometriosis (and have had other conditions ruled out), have many painful symptoms, and have been told that it is normal?

Do you want to clear up your endometriosis to improve your fertility chances (because it is possible – see the testimonies)?

If you suffer from endometriosis, we have no doubt that the pain and symptoms that you are experiencing is incapacitating. Endometriosis flare-ups can be a debilitating daily occurrence, and can really impact your life, both physically and mentally.

Rest assured because help is here for endometriosis sufferers – with the condition, symptoms, the psychological caveats and the goal of fertility.

If you have been looking for the best endometriosis diet, an endometriosis treatment plan and ways to reduce endometriosis quite quickly, for the long-term – look no further!

Check the testimonials below and on the testimonials page. Read about members’ experiences on Eat Burn Sleep with other conditions/symptoms/goals that you may have.

How to Treat Endometriosis Successfully

Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory condition, driven by the hormones estrogen and progesterone. With endometriosis, cells from the womb lining attach themselves to other parts of the body.

They then undergo cyclical changes where patches of endometriosis thicken and shed but they don’t leave the body. It causes tissue scarring and intense pain. It is a chronic inflammation condition.

Unfortunately, endometriosis is linked to infertility because chronic inflammation is linked to infertility and miscarriages – but whether fertility is a goal for now or the future, do not despair.

When you lower inflammation around the uterus, the chances of having a healthy implantation and a positive outcome for pregnancy are much higher.

Reducing chronic inflammation in the whole body will assist with carrying you through to delivering a healthy baby.

Chronic inflammation conditions need to be treated with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that treats the condition at systemic level for long-term health. Details below!

How to Reduce Endometriosis

Eat Burn Sleep is a 360 degree inflammation-reducing platform that is used and prescribed by healthcare professionals – for endometriosis and other chronic inflammation conditions – around the world.

This anti-inflammatory lifestyle treats the inflammation at systemic level and reduces pain where needed. Eg. Dysmenorrhoea is a painful symptom of endometriosis. By quietening the inflammatory response caused by prostaglandins being produced in the body, pain subsides.

Through improving gut and brain health and detoxifying the liver (which has 500+ functions in the body including homeostasis) efficiently – and getting good, regular sleep to allow for hormone regulation – endometriosis symptoms balance and reduce. In most cases, endometriosis goes into remission.

It is a safe and natural method that does not involve medication and works harmoniously alongside medication, if you are on a prescription.

In fact, the lifestyle allows for better medication absorption, since one of the key factors is improving liver function to its full capacity. Medication can overload the liver and stop it functioning to optimal levels.

With endometriosis and many conditions, the impact on a sufferer’s life is significant. There’s stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fertility concerns, weight issues and other concerns. Navigating work, school, relationships and home life with the debilitating symptoms of endometriosis are challenging. Endometriosis can affect so many parts of the body.

This is what makes the Eat Burn Sleep method so successful for longevity because the anti-inflammatory lifestyle reduces inflammation in the mind and body over time.

The optimum health lifestyle reduces inflammation wherever it is needed to be reduced. This reduces pain and symptoms, and sometimes very quickly (but long-term is the goal).

Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle contributes immensely to giving sufferers of endometriosis their lives back. Members appreciate the daily support, as well as the specialized advice section (that really help for endometriosis flare-ups, for instance).

In many cases, members state that they are feeling healthier and happier than ever on this lifestyle. This is EBS science! Not just because they have achieved their goals of reduced pain all over their body, fatigue, fertility and parenthood (check out those testimonials)!

Join Eat Burn Sleep and start saying goodbye to endometriosis and all of its side effects, today.




Just finished week one and I’m feeling great already. The main reason I’m following the EBS lifestyle is suffering from Endometriosis. I lost 1 kg on week one and feel less bloated. Overall I think mentally I feel better as well!


I have some great news that I wanted to share with you. My endometrioma finally started to shred, one year after the diagnosis and after joining the EBS, it was stable and I tought it was never gonna shred. On February 2022, it was down by 1,5cm and now it is down by 2,5cm ! I couldn’t believe my doctor!! I tought that surgery is the only way to get rid of it !! I am so happy that I finally see the healing, the brain is incredible, I believe reducing stress, body mobility and whole food are keys to sustainable health. Thank you :heart:


I started my EBS journey in Aug 2021, shortly after being diagnosed with ME. I also suffer from endometriosis, migraines, and IBS. I was at a real-time low, chronically fatigued, and in pain every day, and I felt stuck. I had followed Yalda on Instagram for a little while and decided to give it a go. I started with the six-week reset and couldn't believe the difference I felt in just a few weeks. No bloating, more energy, less brain fog, better mood/sleep/skin - I felt mentally stronger and balanced. Nine months later, my ME is totally under control, and my energy levels are back to where they were before my diagnosis. The lifestyle is so easy to follow, and the recipes are delicious. I also believe the mental wellness element of the program is fundamental and has enabled me to maintain a positive attitude and helped me flourish again. It's a fantastic investment and totally worth every penny as there is such a wealth of information and many resources available on the platform. It's also constantly being updated. I'm so happy I found it and can't thank Yalda enough for creating it!

Anna Pasco

I’ve been on the lifestyle for a year now and I am so happy that I purchased it. I am now more aware of my body, I know what triggers inflammation in my body and it has improved my life immensely. I have fallen off the wagon a few times but always come back to the lifestyle because the endometriosis pain is very intense when I eat badly. I have successfully lost 11kgs this year and kept it off so far.


Amazing amazing amazing results! I’ve been suffering from endometriosis which causes bloating and water retention. I tried every diet, you name it and couldn’t lose any weight. The scale just did not move! However, after starting the lifestyle, I’ve reached my desired weight quickly, no more bloating, and most importantly, I’m feeling great after so long! Thanks, Yalda!


I suffer from severe endometriosis which has had a debilitating effect on my quality of life. I have tried every pill under the sun to help with the severe pain. The side effects were astronomical and I could not cope. I also struggle with anaemia and go for regular iron drips. My next step would be to have a hysterectomy. With the current COVID pandemic, it is not safe to be in a hospital right now. I decided to try the lifestyle and pray that it helps so that I can live a full life. The first week of the reset was incredibly difficult. I got a bad flu and a terrible headache. As it turned out, I felt awful because I had COVID. I was on several medications including antibiotics and taking lots of vitamins. With all of the challenges faced, I still lost 3.2kgs in the first week. I am still following the lifestyle 80% of the time. I still have COVID symptoms but they have been decreasing with time. I have so much more energy, I have lost almost 6kgs so far and I am able to live an almost pain-free life. Thank you for helping me!


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