Treating Depression The Eat Burn Sleep Way

Best Natural Treatment for Depression

Have you been diagnosed with depression? Do you feel like your life has been hijacked and in its place is consistent sadness, lack of interest and lethargy? Does what used to give you pleasure, doesn’t anymore?

Are you feeling very emotional, tearful and don’t know why? Or, have you been on medication for depression and it has stopped working? (There’s a reason for that. Watch the video above!).

If you have been looking for a diet that is good for depression, ways to treat depression naturally and a lifestyle to reduce depression, look no further!

For anyone battling depression, Eat Burn Sleep may just be the life raft that you need to take you on a journey to remission. Check out the testimonials below!

How to Treat Depression Successfully

You don’t need a blood test to prove you have depression, of course but it is important to understand the results of blood tests (that have been run on people with depression and major mental disorders), in order to treat it at source. (Explained in more detail under Depression and Anxiety in the videos section).

The bottom line is: there is a link between depression and chronic inflammation; a bidirectional relationship, in fact. 

The other important information to note with depression is the cause. It can include complex interactions between social, biological, environmental and psychological factors (and often the side effects of medication and other conditions).

One major cause is genetics. If there is depression in your family, and you have so many factors contributing to chronic inflammation and neuroinflammation in your body, depression is switched on.

Chronic inflammation triggers epigenetics. Chronic inflammation triggers depression and depression triggers chronic inflammation. 

Also, a healthy microbiome, particularly the gut microbiata, for people suffering from depression and anxiety is important. Studies show that dysbiosis (imbalance) and inflammation in the central nervous system is linked to causes of mental illness.

There is a bidirectional link between the gut and the microbiome and the brain.


How to Stop Depression

Eat Burn Sleep’s anti-inflammatory lifestyle is so successful in treating depression, anxiety and MMDs. Not only does it lower neuroinflammation systemically, through the right food and anti-inflammatory movement, good sleep promotion and neuroplasticity exercises – but gut flora is improved.

It’s the brain-gut connection!

60% of neurotransmitters are located in the gastrointestinal tract for adults. They are: serotonin – the happy hormone, melatonin – the sleep hormone, GABA – the reward hormone and dopamine (pleasure and motivation).

If the digestive system is compromised and we are not eating the right food, we are not producing these neurotransmitters. As a result, we are not feeling good in our minds. This is the link between the gut and the brain and it goes both ways! Think about how your stomach feels before an exam, interview or when you are in love!

We can’t change our DNA with our lifestyle but we can activate or deactivate those genes. It can be more inflammatory or less inflammatory.

If it is more inflammatory, whatever weak genes we have inherited, they may get switched on. When we lower inflammation there is less gene expression of those weaker genes.

Chronic inflammation is also linked to mindset, which is a major focus on the Eat Burn Sleep anti-inflammatory lifestyle. A conscious effort – combined with science – is powerfully effective. 

It is why Eat Burn Sleep exists. Subscribe to treat your depression naturally, for life, today.

For a brief moment, when it came time to renew my membership, I wondered if I had learned everything I could from you. How wrong I was! This year has been the healthiest and happiest of my life, and part of that is due to discovering new information on the platform and using the movement videos almost daily for the first time. Moving forward, I won’t go without the membership because I now know that I will always have more to learn!


Just finished week one and I’m feeling great already. The main reason I’m following the EBS lifestyle is suffering from Endometriosis. I lost 1 kg on week one and feel less bloated. Overall I think mentally I feel better as well!


I wanted to thank you for your program. I’ve been following you for a while and it has really helped me with my stress levels in the past few months. I had a lot of change including relocating to another country and EBS was one of the biggest mental health game changes for me.


Yalda I’m on day 5 of the program and believe it or not I'm feeling amazing. I was feeling exhausted both physically and mentally after my surgery. I'm feeling great and also the post-operative swelling on my face (where I had the surgery) is almost completely gone!!


Yalda honestly I can’t thank you enough for EBS, it’s helped me (alongside other things) get back to me again! It’s the no-stress approach that had really helped, and the guilt-free vibe and holistic approach. Thank you so much.


I’d been told that an anti-inflammatory lifestyle would help me during COVID. All the lovely recipes on the site were a wonderful mood booster and definitely made me feel better plus the rest of the family loved the food too


I do the movements video every morning I feel so good after it! I used to go to the gym and do heavy weight I was feeling so stressed after and never saw results!
With your movements video, I start my day beautifully feeling happy and relax and I see amazing results!!!!!


I started my EBS journey in Aug 2021, shortly after being diagnosed with ME. I also suffer from endometriosis, migraines, and IBS. I was at a real-time low, chronically fatigued, and in pain every day, and I felt stuck. I had followed Yalda on Instagram for a little while and decided to give it a go. I started with the six-week reset and couldn't believe the difference I felt in just a few weeks. No bloating, more energy, less brain fog, better mood/sleep/skin - I felt mentally stronger and balanced. Nine months later, my ME is totally under control, and my energy levels are back to where they were before my diagnosis. The lifestyle is so easy to follow, and the recipes are delicious. I also believe the mental wellness element of the program is fundamental and has enabled me to maintain a positive attitude and helped me flourish again. It's a fantastic investment and totally worth every penny as there is such a wealth of information and many resources available on the platform. It's also constantly being updated. I'm so happy I found it and can't thank Yalda enough for creating it!

Anna Pasco

I’m just about to start week 2 of the reset and feeling so good! I feel so much lighter, no bloating, more energy and so much better mentally! Thank you for everything you share!


I started your 6-week reset and I'm feeling SO much better.. more energy, less bloated, and much more positive about my healing.


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