Treating Thyroid Issues The Eat Burn Sleep Way

Best Treatment for Thyroid Issues

Have you been diagnosed with hypothyroidism? Do you have hyperthyroidism? Or do you have autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s) or the autoimmune disorder Graves Disease? You may have been told that you are susceptible to developing a thyroid disease.

This can happen because of certain lifestyles, medication, supplementation and whether you have another autoimmune disorder. Or if there is a family history of Graves or Hashimoto’s. You could be looking to protect your thyroid from the damages of exposure to toxins, xenoestrogens and halogens.

The fact is, we all need a healthy thyroid to function well, mentally and physically.

If you are looking for the best thyroid diet and lifestyle to follow (alongside your medication) – so that you can give your body the optimum chance of controlling, managing and reducing your thyroid condition and symptoms – you are in the right place.

How to Treat Thyroid Issues Naturally

Combining allopathic and holistic medicine is usually very successful. We advise everyone to never stop taking their medication without talking to a doctor first.

Your thyroid plays a major role in how your body functions, and that includes the liver. Boosting liver detoxification with any hormonal condition is important.

The liver performs over 500 other functions in the body, like hormone homeostasis and converting T4 (thyroxine: mood, body temperature, metabolism) to the active T3 (triiodothyronine: digestive, metabolic, bone health) hormone.

An overburdened liver will not function at its optimum, so detoxifying the liver is key.

What happens is the pituitary gland releases the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), which tells the thyroid to produce T4. The conversion from T4 to T3 is essential for the body to use the active hormone T3.

Another place that conversion happens is the gut. For the gut to be able to perform functions, it needs to have the right gut-health-optimized foods. Extreme dieting can affect the conversion, too.

When our bodies are stressed, higher amounts of the hormone cortisol is released. The body then turns its focus off converting T4 to T3 and concentrates on the cortisol and redirects T4 to another hormone Reverse T3. Too much of this and metabolism is affected.

A balanced, gut-healthy diet and anti-inflammatory lifestyle, that eliminates disruptors and includes influencers is ideal for thyroid conditions.

A lifestyle for thyroid conditions should also support the liver and immune system. Protecting the body as much as possible from toxins, and keeping stress at bay, is important for the thyroid (and all chronic inflammation conditions).


How to Reduce and Prevent Thyroid Issues

Eat Burn Sleep is a tried and trusted inflammation-reducing lifestyle platform, that is used and prescribed by healthcare professionals for thyroid conditions around the world.

Members endorse the revolutionary method for feeling in the best health that they have ever been in with their thyroid condition.

The reason for this is that the EBS method treats the entire body and mind, while reducing secondary chronic inflammation symptoms and conditions. Treating conditions at the source, rather than masking symptoms, and not for quick fixes, is why the anti-inflammatory platform is successful.

Its safe and natural method focuses on optimum health; promoting good gut microbiata with maximised nutrient absorption, taking into account that certain micronutrients are recognised to influence thyroid function.

Also, specific components in food can either increase or decrease the ability of these micronutrients. Consuming them indirectly affects thyroid hormone levels. Certain foods and supplements affect how well your body absorbs medication, too.

Liver detoxification is key: as nutrient deficiencies, disruptors and influencers are addressed, the liver can free up concentrating on promoting essential hormones instead of dealing with toxins.

Thyroid medication can be heavy on the liver and many autoimmune disease sufferers are prone to liver congestion. The symptoms of thyroid conditions can make sufferers prone to liver congestion, also.

A healthy liver will allow for efficient use of your own thyroid hormones as well as the efficient use of thyroid medication. Reducing chronic inflammation in the body, will enable healthier thyroid functioning.

There is a specialized advice section for thyroid conditions for optimum thyroid health, which lists what to avoid, what to include and other nutrition and lifestyle guidance.

Eat Burn Sleep pays daily attention to reducing stress through movement and neuroplasticity exercises which keeps excess cortisol at bay, while promoting optimal body functions.

Side effects are plentiful and positive, like great sleep, weight loss, great skin, better hair growth and more energy.

Please do check out the testimonials of members that have improved their chronic inflammation conditions, and have not only got their lives back on the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle – but feel the healthiest that they ever have.

Subscribe today for optimum thyroid health – and overall mental and physical health, the Eat Burn Sleep way.

Thyroid Issue Success Story

Victoria was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2019. She figured that it had probably been going on for quite a while but studying to be a doctor, and holding down a job left her with a busy life, and health issues were not being addressed.

The doctors were shocked to find out that her TSH was 17 (so more than quadruple the normal range). She was prescribed 75mcg Synthroid for a few months.

With her undergrad being in human biology, physiology, and immunology, everything that was on the Eat Burn Sleep platform made sense. So, seven months after her diagnosis, Victoria started the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle.

It soon started to reverse her symptoms. Synthroid  became way too strong and turned her hypothyroidism to hyperthyroidism.

She stopped all medication and never took it again, under medical attention, despite that the doctors (GPs and endocrinologists) had told her that she would need medication for the rest of her life, and probably with increasing dosage given her very high TSH levels.

Fast forward to 2021, she was still on the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle but following it more on a 70/30 ratio.

She wanted to lose all the weight she had gained during her hypothyroidism days, and just wanted to feel healthier overall, so decided to do the six week reset.

This would kickstart her weight loss and staying on the anti-inflammatory lifestyle would ensure that it was ongoing and long term.

So Victoria started the Six Week Reset and the first week, she experienced the ‘healing crisis’. By the second week, she had recovered and by the end of the six weeks, she had lost 7kg!!!!

Victoria’s Eat Burn Sleep Thyroid Success included: 

– Lost 7kg (it is more likely to be more now, as she intended)
– Better mood + energy
– Skin improvement (she suffered from milia on her cheeks and jawline, and they are smaller in size)
– Baby hair growth
– Dramatically decreased all of her cravings
– Fewer migraines (she still has them once in a while but not as often and as severe)

Victoria states that she hopes to prescribe Eat Burn Sleep as “medication” when she qualifies.


The lifestyle helps me deal with my IBS-C issues, and really love the research. Plus, the recipes are yummy, and I am not a cook! It helps me with hypothyroidism too.


I have had a surgery in February and suffered since then from severe water retention. I’ve always been sensitive to this but mainly when it is very hot in the summer. I have to admit that I have had two very long flights to Australia and back in April that haven’t helped my problem either.
Anyway, when I hit the 69,6kg on the scale, I decided that I had to do something about it!
I have now completed my first week of EBS and have lost 4kg!! Probably a bit of fat and a lot of water… But who cares. I am back to 65,6kg. I must say that everything Yalda had foreseen happened. I have had my “healing crisis” on day 3. Extreme tiredness, low energy, and low mood. I’ve had some cravings too but those were manageable thanks to her tips. I was over those naughty feelings on day 5 and feel much better now. My skin is also glowing which is a little bonus too.
I am very motivated and can’t wait to see the results after week 6! I’ll maybe reach my 60kg goal I haven’t been able to see on the scale for the past 20 years. To be continued…


I have been iron deficient since I was 12. My deficiency worsened over the years, and I normally need three iron infusions per year. I fixed all my health issues, but this is the one thing I didn't manage to fix, but something miraculous happened: my digestion has improved so much on the lifestyle that I am no longer iron deficient, and I haven't had an iron infusion for over 2 years now!

Tiffany (name changed for privacy purposes)

My Hashimoto symptoms have reduced and I'm seeing better energy levels in only 3 weeks.

Mary (name changed for privacy purposes)

Today is my Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle anniversary! I want to thank Yalda and her team, and say I’m incredibly grateful for the platform. I will try to explain how it benefited me without being too long. In 2019, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which probably had been going on for quite a while. The doctors were shocked to find out my TSH was 17 (so more than quadruple the normal range). I was on 75mcg Synthroid for a few months. And 6-7months after my diagnosis, I started the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle (I would say 70/30) which started to reverse my symptoms and Synthroid became way too strong and I had hyperthyroidism. I, therefore, stopped all medication which was such a relief, and never took it again. Ironically, all the doctors (GPs and endocrinologists) told me I would need medication for the rest of my life, and probably with increasing dosage given my very high TSH levels.

Fast forward to 2021, I was still on the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle but with a lot of red list foods I believe, and I wanted to lose all the weight I gained during my hypothyroidism days, and just wanted to feel healthier overall. I then started the Siv Week Reset, and I lost 7kg!!!! I respected the food list and meal plan religiously, however, I definitely have room for improvement regarding my water intake/physical activity (part-time job + studying for a big exam in May)/ and also meditation. I hope this summer I will be able to incorporate all those and lose my last 7-8kg remaining to be at my normal weight. I also want to add, that my first week was terrible. I had awful migraines, I threw up multiple times in the morning, I felt nauseous most of the day. I only started feeling better after the second week.

I just want to say that, it is a journey, it might be easy for you, for me the first week was pretty bad. But the results are fantastic, and I truly believe that the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle can only lead to positive outcomes. My undergrad was in human biology, physiology, and immunology, and everything Yalda says makes sense. I hope the lifestyle will stick with me once I become a doctor, and maybe, who knows, prescribe it as a “medication”
Still with me? I’ll sum up how the lifestyle benefited me here:
- Lost 7kg
- Better mood + energy
- Skin improvement (I suffered from milia on my cheeks and jawline, and they seem to be smaller in size)
- Baby hair growth
- Dramatically decreased all of my sugar/junk food cravings
- Fewer migraines (I still have them once in a while but not as often and as severe)


I went for my Hashimoto's (thyroid nodules) ultrasound and usually, my doctor says that everything is ok and not to worry, etc. Last week he turned to me and said- 'Well, the nodules are significantly smaller, what have you done?' Oh well, I said, 'I am on the Eat Burn Sleep Lifestyle!'


This lifestyle is a lifesaver; great for my hypothyroidism but pleasantly surprised at how helpful it is in all other facets of the wild ride that is our lives right now - helps with my sleep, anxiety, skin, everything!


I have been struggling with Hashimoto’s for 19 years. Thanks to the Eat Burn Sleep anti-inflammatory foods and exercise my Hashimoto’s literally disappeared.


I have Hashimoto's which was diagnosed after my second child. I felt exhausted from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed no amount of sleep helped. I used to think that was parenthood! I saw a naturopath who helped a lot and I stopped eating gluten and dairy which helped for ages then I slipped back into bad habits after my 3rd child, drinking coffee eating sugary foods and while I avoided dairy and gluten I ate all the alternatives of pasta, dairy-free cheese etc.

I have followed you for years I even tried some of your recipes but I never joined the plan. I started it 3 weeks ago and I can honestly say I LOVE it. I struggled a lot the first week with headaches but in week 2 I had loads more energy, my digestion is better, my head is clearer, the ‘fog’ that I used to experience has gone, my skin is better and I sleep ALL night something I haven’t done for years. I feel empowered, I feel motivated, I feel in control of my body and mostly I feel nourished and happy.

I am grateful for what my body has done, 3 wonderful children but now it is time to give it some TLC. No more crazy long runs or spinning classes, I walk everywhere. I don’t get hungry between meals anymore (which is something I never thought would happen) I am grateful to you and your knowledge for sharing what you do.


Hi Yalda, this one goes right to you! I have recently checked my thyroid nodules (I have Hashimoto’s) and my breast nodules! My doctor was super happy to see that they are smaller and softer! Thank you so much for this! I had a difficult time with some health issues which are now mostly solved thanks to your diet and all the extras that you offer! You are my angel on earth and I really hope I get to meet you in person one day!


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