Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Treating PCOS The Eat Burn Sleep Way

Best Natural Treatment for PCOS 

Do you have polycystic ovary syndrome and are looking for ways to manage your condition naturally? Are you looking for a lifestyle that helps treat PCOS and achieve your goals?

Whether they are: having a healthy baby, hormone balancing, weight loss, pain reduction, reduction of excess hair growth, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, help is here for the treatment of PCOS.

If you have searched for the best diet for PCOS, a PCOS treatment plan and a PCOS lifestyle to put PCOS into remission, look no further! 

Results aren’t temporary and the side effects are amazing. Check out the testimonials below and the testimonials page for all symptoms and conditions.

How to Treat PCOS Successfully

Scientific studies show that it is proven that diet and lifestyle interventions for PCOS can treat the condition successfully.

Since PCOS is a chronic inflammation condition, a holistic anti-inflammatory lifestyle is successful in treating PCOS and the secondary conditions that can come with it. Diet and medication alone is not enough.

Reducing chronic inflammation, balancing hormones and stabilising blood sugar levels is advised. As well as regular inflammation reducing exercise.

These will reduce PCOS symptoms and help sufferers achieve their goals of fertility, weight loss and cosmetic, as well as protect themselves from osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, for instance.

How to Reduce PCOS

Part of the problem of PCOS is that there is hormonal imbalance. There is too much estrogen, too much testosterone (as well as the surrogate androgens or different versions of testosterone) and too much insulin in the body.

Insulin is the hormone that regulates and distributes our blood sugar. All of these hormones are directly linked to what we eat. Our diets are responsible for their efficacy and the right lifestyle is imperative for PCOS healing.

With PCOS, you may have other concerns like: reproductive, psychological caveats, impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular consequences and cancer risks.

Eg. Depression often runs alongside PCOS in women (both reactive and psychologically), particularly those with hirsutism, acne and menstrual irregularities – as it is extremely distressing for many, affecting their whole lives.

This anti-inflammatory lifestyle has been proven to treat these symptoms and conditions on a systemic level for long-term results.

Eg. Eating the Eat Burn Sleep way treats neuroinflammation through gut health, reducing depression -and it advises against certain compounds found in foods, which aid in pain relief and so on. It also reduces the risk of osteoporosis, strokes, etc.

Detoxifying the liver is necessary and plays a major part in the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle.

The EBS anti-inflammatory lifestyle is the best way to treat PCOS because it treats conditions at source. Symptoms are not just masked for a while to reappear later on.

This lifestyle will reset gut health; improving gut bacteria in the microbiome. Blood sugar levels will be stabilised and insulin resistance will not be challenged due to the right foods; the right portions.

The liver will be detoxified (to guard against medication resistance and to achieve hormone homeostasis, for instance), and chronic inflammation – in mind and body, will be lowered.

This is all achieved through the unique protocol of anti-inflammatory movement, gut-healthy meals, neuroplasticity exercises and reprogramming the mind.

Regular, good quality sleep (where lots of healing occurs) is promoted on this platform and even works for people who used to have the most stubborn, long-term bad sleep habits.

There is a specialized advice section for PCOS sufferers with extra diet guidance on what to eat, what to avoid and supplement advice, for instance.

Check out the other testimonials that treat any other symptoms/secondary conditions that you may have.

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Let’s get started on reducing your chronic inflammation and achieving your PCOS goals today!


I retired in late November after almost 40 years of management in the retail industry. 23 years of running my own business and another 16 years working for a luxury retail company.
All this while raising 2 girls with my husband who traveled extensively. Life was fun however very stressful as we tried to juggle all in order to have a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.
As we became more comfortable we purchased a condo in Miami several years ago. We would try to visit for 2 weeks at a time every couple of months. Those 2 weeks were so precious and the ocean breeze and swimming made you forget the stress of every day. It helped us to re-energize in order to face the next few months back home in Montreal where winter is brutal.
When I retired I found it very difficult to find myself as I was always on the go.
Now I find myself back in Miami and finally able to stay longer than 2 weeks. I realized it was time for me to retire and enjoy the beautiful weather and hear the breeze of the ocean.
I recommend everyone find an outlet to help relieve the stresses of daily life.
Yalda once I joined your lifestyle it made me realize how stressed I was as well as developing small health issues. I did not have serious conditions other than the start of type 2 Diabetic which I have managed to maintain due to your lifestyle.


The lifestyle has been the best thing ever for my PCOS. I was on medication for almost two years and my symptoms did not improve even 1% - I actually felt worse. EBS has fixed multiple issues I was facing, which included bad skin, weight gain (especially around my tummy), painful and irregular periods, high cortisol levels, the list is endless - not only have all these symptoms improved, I’ve had one baby and another on the way (after being told I would struggle to conceive) and I truly believe your lifestyle is the way to achieve this for anyone facing fertility/hormonal issues.


You have changed my life! I am so thankful for you and your platform! Suffering from PCOS made it a huge struggle for me to shift my tummy weight! I was doing everything I thought was right but my body wasn’t agreeing! When I surprisingly got pregnant I didn’t stop eating. But! My baby is 5 months old now! I committed to the EBS lifestyle when she turned 7 weeks old! I’m over 6kgs down, I feel energised and motivated every single day! I’m obsessed with your recipes and can’t wait for my baby Marwa to start tasting them with me too! Thank you soooo much and can’t wait to continue my journey with you!


The lifestyle has helped me so much. I have PCOS and IBS/reflux. An added benefit for me is my cystic acne from PCOS just vanished. My 13-year-old acne is clearing up. Same for my grown brother and his migraines also lessened. The bloat is gone, no more popping TUMS and Gas-X and Omeprazole all the time. My tummy is flat for the first time since babies! I feel better at 40 (my birthday is tomorrow) than I did at 30. My hair is shinier, my nails are breaking less. I would also add that I am adapting many of my Pakistani recipes (inspired by yours) and the ingredient list to be EBS compliant. I’ve never been a big eater and didn’t join for weight loss. My weight has dropped maybe 2-3 pounds but it seems to have just redistributed to the right place.

Dr. Mehreen Khan


Hi, Yalda! 10 years ago, my doctors told me I wasn’t gonna be able to get pregnant naturally. 4 years ago they confirmed me I have PCOS and they told me to get hormonal treatment. I said no. I educated myself on everything I could do to change my situation and while doing that I found your Instagram years ago. I started doing your recipes, discovered your shakes, listen to everything you say, and bought the e-book. During these years I’ve been able to have a regular pain free period, had my mood change, lose weight when working out, I’ve really seen my body change and ended up with no cysts in my ovaries (which my doctors still don’t understand) and after trying for some months I got pregnant in October naturally. My blood test has been better than ever this time and knowing I had PCOS my midwife told me I was going to have Gestational Diabetes for sure… Well, guess what: not even close to having it. So yes… You also helped me. Been meaning to write to you: THANK YOU! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing so much with us; can’t wait to keep this journey going following your amazing tips!


Hey Yalda, this is a major appreciation message. I don't even know where to begin. The Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle has helped me so much. I was always healthy but after being diagnosed with PCOS I could feel something was off, my body just wasn't responding the way it should. 5 weeks in and I finally feel like myself again. Yes, I lost weight and back to myself again but that isn't even the important part. What's great is that I feel so much better mentally and emotionally. I honestly cannot thank you enough!


I cannot thank you enough Yalda! The EBS lifestyle has worked so well for me. It has improved my PCOS related sugar issues and I do not feel as tired all the time anymore. In addition, I lost quite a lot of weight easily without having the impression I am following a diet. I love the workouts from the platform. The anti-inflammatory movements suit my body much more than the gym. Thank you so much!! This lifestyle is amazing.


I am now 37.5 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes last week. I am testing my blood sugars after every meal. I have followed the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle for 4 days this week and have not had one bad glucose reading, and my consultant has told me I do not need to go on medication. I am so glad I know the lifestyle and will continue until birth.


In my last pregnancy, I had gestational diabetes and it was a tough pregnancy worrying about the baby and the impact my diet could have. After the baby I found Eat Burn Sleep to help me lose some weight and also become healthier and get into a routine of healthy eating and snacking. During my second pregnancy, I can’t promise that I have followed Eat Burn sleep religiously but it’s always on the back of my mind so I have tried to stick to it were possible. I have just received the results of my gestational diabetes test and I am so happy to report that I don’t have diabetes this time. Thank you so much for all that you do.


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