Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Bloating and Digestive Issues

Treating IBS The Eat Burn Sleep Way

Best Treatment for IBS, Bloating, and Digestive Issues

Have you been diagnosed with IBS and want natural relief for the long term? Have you not been diagnosed with IBS, but are you wondering why you always have bloat and gas pains?

Has your debilitating stomach pain and constipation been under investigation for a long time, but your tests return normal?

Do you wonder why your stomach gurgles so much, even when you are not hungry?

Are you dealing with diarrhea regularly? Do you experience painful spasms in your colon?

Are you concerned about the stabbing pains in your chest that feel like a heart attack (and have had heart conditions ruled out by a healthcare provider?)? If you have had anything serious ruled out by your Doctor, it could be your digestion. 

If you are suffering from bloating, IBS, constant abdomen discomfort, and indigestion, natural and safe help is here for you. 

If you have been searching for an anti-bloating diet, IBS diet, or a lifestyle to manage digestion – that works long-term, then look no further!

How to Treat IBS Successfully

Treating IBS, bloat, and digestive issues is imperative for your immune system and mental well-being and for protecting yourself from developing an autoimmune disease.

What happens with IBS is that your gut bacteria is disrupted (dysbiosis), and you have poor microbiome diversity. 70% of your immune cells are in the gut, and 60% of neurotransmitters are produced in the gut.

(This is why if you have IBS, you may also have depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorder because of the bidirectional link between the gut and the microbiome and the brain).

Unless your gut health is treated, it could lead to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is a dysregulation of the immune system.

If good gut bacteria are not populating and being wiped out, chronic inflammatory disease will present itself in your body. This is not achieved by diet alone.

It is essential to have a holistic anti-inflammatory lifestyle focusing on gut health, liver detoxing, immune protection, and reducing contributing factors attributed to inflammation.


How to Get Rid of Bloat and IBS

Eat Burn Sleep anti-inflammatory lifestyle is the best safe, natural, long-term, 360-degree treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Treating the condition at systemic levels is how this optimum healthy lifestyle is successful for longevity.

Eat Burn Sleep also treats many conditions that are developed as secondary to IBS and digestive issues.

Eliminating stress and inflammation in both mind and body with anti-inflammatory movement is part of the EBS method. Neuroplasticity exercises, regular sleep, and enjoying the journey to life-long good health are other vital factors of this unique anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Gut, liver, and immune health are all boosted, reducing inflammation and symptoms and eventually putting conditions into remission.

Healthcare Professionals and EBS members worldwide rely on this anti-inflammatory lifestyle to assist with chronic inflammation.

EBS prevents and reduces bloat, gas, pain, and other digestive symptoms. It treats all symptoms that can often occur alongside other chronic inflammation conditions – like Celiac disease and endometriosis.

We give chronic inflammation sufferers their lives back. Along with full daily support, there’s a personalized advice section for inflammatory bowel conditions and digestion that helps when you have a flare-up.

The IBS personalized advice protocol includes foods to avoid, foods to favor, supplement advice, lifestyle and other nutritional guidelines, and extra dietary advice for chronic diarrhea and constipation relief.

In most cases, members feel relief within 48 hours (but long term is the focus), and most members experience sustained better health and happiness than ever before.

Join Eat Burn Sleep if you haven’t already, and start saying goodbye to irritable bowel syndrome and its side effects today!



Yalda, I started the 6-week-rest again 2 weeks ago. I’ve been following it word for word and 4kg's of bloated-ness and puffiness is now gone! I overindulged over the festive period and never reigned it back. I have better sleep! And the Turkey Beef Skewers are amazing.


A month into the lifestyle and I feel great. Most of my symptoms have disappeared, and I am just feeling lighter. I lost 5 kilos, and I am now at my ideal weight. I am feeling less tired and less anxious which I used to be all the time. I initially purchased the premium membership because I was always bloated with abdominal pain and nausea. I always felt down and got diagnosed with SIBO. All of it is gone! Thanks for all your recommendations on the platform. I have been spreading the word. Two of my colleagues are considering getting the premium membership.


I have been following the lifestyle very seriously for several weeks now. I lost 6kg, no more bloating, and my digestion has never been that good. Loving it.


I can feel my gut glowing; not just my skin.


Thanks to the EBS lifestyle, I feel lighter and less bloated. It also helped me improve the quality of my skin, and my adult acne disappeared when I started eliminating the food on the red list. My goal was not to lose weight; I just wanted to have a healthier lifestyle.


I’ve been on the platform for about 3 months now and am really starting to notice the differences. I enjoyed a treat but did not feel bloated, and I also didn't feel guilty. I knew I had made good choices earlier in the day and would make good choices the rest of the weekend, so I didn’t have any stress about a nice family dinner. I also naturally felt full sooner so I didn’t feel like I overate. With the 80/20 I really don’t feel like I’m giving anything up! If I want something, I have it and enjoy it, but honestly, I find that I don’t really want it anymore. All that to say thank you for a truly sustainable lifestyle and for finally helping me to have a healthy relationship with food.


I cannot rate Yalda and her lifestyle enough! It’s simple, not overly restrictive, and genuinely really easy!
The lifestyle solved many tummy issues I’ve tried solving for years, and the workouts stopped me from being a sad little gym bunny!


I started my EBS journey in Aug 2021, shortly after I had been diagnosed with ME. I also suffer from endometriosis, migraines, and IBS. I was at a real-time low, chronically fatigued, and in pain every day and I felt stuck. I had followed Yalda on Instagram for a little while and decided to give it a go. I started with the 6-week reset and couldn't believe the difference I felt in just a few weeks. No bloating, more energy, less brain fog, better mood/sleep/skin - I felt mentally stronger and balanced. Nine months later, my ME is totally under control, and my energy levels are back to where they were before my diagnosis. The lifestyle is so easy to follow and the recipes are delicious. I also believe the mental wellness element of the program is fundamental and has enabled me to maintain a positive attitude and helped me flourish again. It's a fantastic investment and totally worth every penny, as there is such a wealth of information and many resources available on the platform. It's also constantly being updated. I'm so happy I found it, and I can't thank Yalda enough for creating it!


I have always been suffering from IBS and chronic constipation & had more health issues after pregnancy. Eventually, I was diagnosed with SIBO, anemia, chronic gastritis, gluten & dairy intolerance, chronic migraines, and anxiety. Then I decided to finally embrace the EBS lifestyle 100%, and it is a life changer. I am enjoying all the recipes and have shifted from HIT to the movement videos, which have been great for me. It has been 3 months, but it is safe to say that most of my symptoms have disappeared. I truly recommend the EBS lifestyle to anyone who wants to live a healthy life and enjoy it to the fullest.


I attended the Ampersand Yalda did last week for stress, IBS, and Arthritis and found it absolutely amazing. I burst into tears about halfway through as I agreed with everything you were saying. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2017 but had been struggling with the condition particularly badly this year. I have tried multiple different things over the course of the year, with varying success. I feel this is what I have been looking for to cover all aspects of health, not just one area. The food in particular, is the thing I am most looking forward to, as I feel there is so much misinformation out there it is hard to know what the right thing to do is. I am taking a week or so to take in the platform and inform myself before diving into the 6-week re-set, but I am so excited to start this journey.


After being diagnosed with ongoing gut health issues, I found nothing that helped to reduce symptoms. I suffered from severe bloating, always felt unwell, had bed brain fog, and had little to no energy.
Then I came across Eat Burn Sleep, which I followed on Instagram. It gave me hope, so for four months, I started looking into anti-inflammatory foods and tried the recipes.
I suffered a severe flare-up with my illness, bed rest, liquid diet, and subsequently antibiotics. This always takes me six weeks to recover from. At this point, I decided to join the platform, I felt better in as short as a week, and after three weeks, I found I had more energy, no bloating, and my brain fog had completely gone (I can’t believe it!) I no longer crave sugar/sweet things.
I love this platform as it brings all the info together in one place, it is a friendly environment, and the recipes are amazing and super easy to follow. I love the movement videos every day to set my intentions. The meditation and mental health videos have been so helpful and have helped through the days.
I have recommended this platform to family and friends. If you want to invest in your health, this is the perfect platform for you.


I love the EBS lifestyle! On my 3rd week, and I'm much less bloated; I have lost 4 pounds and have little to no cravings! Also, I think that the movement videos are my favorite part of the lifestyle. I never thought I could do pilates/yoga, but I am, and I look forward to it.


A month into the lifestyle and I feel great. Most of my symptoms have disappeared and I am just feeling lighter. I lost 5 kilos, and I am now at my ideal weight. I am feeling less tired and less anxious which I used to be all the time. I initially purchased the premium membership because I was always bloated with abdominal pain and nausea… I always felt down and I got diagnosed with SIBO. All of it is gone!
Thanks for all your recommendations on the platform.
I have been spreading the word and as we speak two of my colleagues are considering getting the premium membership. I wish you all the best!


The lifestyle helps me deal with my IBS-C issues, and I really love the research. Plus, the recipes are yummy, and I am not a cook! It helps me with hypothyroidism too.


Just finished week one and I’m feeling great already. The main reason I’m following the EBS lifestyle is suffering from Endometriosis. I lost 1 kg on week one and feel less bloated. Overall I think mentally I feel better as well!


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