February 11, 2024

Recovering from Cancer

I am continually amazed by the incredible cancer testimonials we receive here at Eat Burn Sleep from members who are recovering from cancer. From breast cancer and squamous cell carcinoma to positive pap-smear tests and pre-cancerous cervical cells – our EBS members are seeing fantastic results.

One of my favorites is from Wilma, who used the EBS program while undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

This is Wilma’s story about recovering from cancer.

Recovering from Cancer – Wilma’s Story

Wilma had been an EBS member for four years, using the program to manage her Irritable Bowel Syndrome before she discovered a lump in her right breast. Medical investigations led to a triple-negative breast cancer diagnosis and an aggressive program of 16 chemotherapy sessions, surgery, immunotherapy, and radiation. This level of treatment puts a huge strain on the body and can be incredibly difficult to manage.

Fortunately, Wilma was already in a good place, having used the EBS plan for several years.  This meant her liver and gut health were in a really good place, and able to handle the strong treatments.

After her diagnosis, Wilma immediately began to follow the Week 1 Lifestyle recommendations and added in all the cancer-fighting protocols too. These are specific guidelines for anyone who wishes to work on cancer prevention or who is undergoing cancer treatment.

The EBS Cancer Prevention & Recovery Personalized Advice

This covers all aspects of diet and lifestyle including:

  • Cancer promoters
  • Pros and limitations of certain diets
  • Effects of dairy, artificial sweeteners, and processed meats
  • Importance of liver health
  • Specific foods that have anti-cancer properties
  • Foods to include in an anti-cancer diet
  • Example meal plans
  • Meditation and visualization support

Wilma also reached out to the team and hired me as her nutrition coach so we could work closely together on her plan.

As you can see, her results are incredible! Wilma says…

“Yalda and her amazing program helped me so much!

Chemotherapy, though not fun, was not so difficult for me. Having a healthy gut and a liver that does not have to focus on anything other than supporting the body through chemotherapy made a huge difference. All my lab work came out almost normal the entire treatment, and my doctors could not believe how positive I was and how well I felt, even after 6 months of chemotherapy. I was able to continue to work and to work out as much as my body would allow without pushing myself, and this helped me stay strong and healthy.

Yalda encouraged me to maintain positivity, continue to meditate, to add movement (when possible), to eat as clean and healthy as possible (following week 1 of the platform), and to visualize remission daily. She did additional research and was there for me every step of the way.

I am extremely grateful to Yalda and her amazing program and encourage anyone who is diagnosed to follow the Cancer section of the Eat Burn Sleep platform. Do not just follow the food portion, but implement Yalda’s mindfulness, movement, visualization, sleep, and an overall positive outlook.”

The wonderful news is that after all her hard work and treatment, Wilma is now in remission.

She continues to follow the EBS lifestyle to maintain her health and is increasing daily movement to improve her physical strength.

Why the EBS Plan works

The beauty of the EBS plan is that it is holistic, covering food, lifestyle, and mindset. Each one of these factors is a powerful intervention on its own but combined they are phenomenal. Non-communicable diseases like cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and diabetes require this holistic approach that medication alone cannot provide.

Cancer can develop in any one of us, at any time. According to statistics from Cancer Research UK, 38% of cancers are preventable – which means they are linked to diet and lifestyle factors.

Genetics are linked to cancer of course, but the expression of those genes (epigenetics) is connected to diet and lifestyle. Sustained chronic systemic inflammation can trigger any disease gene expression, including genes linked to cancer (Coussens & Werb, 2002).

For more on the links between inflammation and cancer, check out my article The Dangers of Chronic Inflammation. And you might also enjoy my podcast episodes:

How to Survive Breast Cancer

Heal Yourself With Mushrooms

The best source of treatment for any kind of illness is prevention. An anti-inflammatory lifestyle, such as The Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle, focuses on lowering inflammation, improving gut health, and supporting a healthy, balanced immune response, among many other benefits.

As Sofia, another cancer-care EBS member says in her testimonial:

“I remember my oncologist hematologist scrolling down my blood results and he was amazed & asked me what did I do.

I simply answered saying that I followed an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.”

Check out our membership options here.

Yours in good health,

Yalda x


Yalda Alaoui


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