May 12, 2021

Anti-inflammatory lifestyle

What are the Benefits of an Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle?

Many people have asked me if I can share my IGTV Lives on my podcast, so here we are!

I get asked a lot by people who do not have health issues whether my anti-inflammatory lifestyle would benefit them in some way.

Here, I explain how following an anti-inflammatory lifestyle can benefit you.

Keeping healthy. Staying healthy. Improving the way you feel. Aiming for optimal health levels.

Optimal health is not a standard. It is very subjective to your own circumstances, how you feel, your age, your genetics, the microbiome that you were born with and have developed over time, where you live, your lifestyle demands, and so on. This is optimal health.

So many people who follow the Eat Burn Sleep anti-inflammatory lifestyle say that they look the best that they have ever looked. The reason for this is that they are feeling better.

When we lower chronic inflammation, even if we don’t have any health issues, the first thing that it does is increase our energy levels. Our energy levels are very low if our diet and lifestyle are stressful.

When it comes to diet, it is important to give our body the right nutrients to have a strong gut flora. This impacts your immunity and neurotransmitters like serotonin, GABA, and melatonin. It impacts sleep, hormones – whether you are a man or a woman, and as a result, your energy levels. It also impacts your endocrine response. For example, if you have unstable sugar levels, that will affect your cortisol levels, adrenaline levels, and your energy levels.

So, following an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle, from a food standpoint, can have a huge impact on your energy levels.

Anti-inflammatory lifestyle can also have an impact on your mental wellbeing.

It is all linked because you are producing certain hormones. The way that you think changes. 60% of neurotransmitters are allocated in the gut. 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut. This will change your mental wellness as well. You may see an improvement in body composition. What I mean by that is that when you follow an Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle, you are eating foods that support the healing of soft tissues, your bones, your muscles, and your skin.

A lot of people say that they get the ‘Eat Burn Sleep Glow’. That is very much linked. Your body will become stronger because of what you feeding the body. It is not just exercise. Of course, exercise is part of the lifestyle that greatly influences your energy levels and will influence liver detoxification pathways. It will also influence your mental wellness, and going for a walk in the fresh air and getting vitamin D all will influence how you feel and look.

Do you Need to Have a Health Condition to Embark on this Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle?

You don’t need to have a health condition to feel the incredible benefits of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. An anti-inflammatory lifestyle can make you feel better. You will have great energy levels, a better mood, better body composition, better sleep, better skin, and just feel like you are the best version of yourself. This is the short term, but in the long run, this is super important, as I have spoken about so many times:

What chronic inflammation does is switch on your poor, weaker genes.

So, if in your family there is a history of diseases like heart attacks, autoimmune disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, hormone issues, cancer… – all are linked to chronic inflammation. For any disease that you cannot transmit, the expression of those genes will be dependent on the levels of chronic inflammation in your body. Such a lifestyle plays a huge role in prevention. It really helps people prevent potential health issues.

For example, like for me, because I have autoimmunity in my family, this is my weak gene. When I had inflammation running through my body, I developed one autoimmune disease, and then I developed another autoimmune disease. What I have realized is that once you have one autoimmune disease, you can have multiple autoimmune diseases. You can develop so many. You can have Hashimoto’s and multiple sclerosis or cancer and colitis because they are forms of autoimmunity.

What I thought on my journey was that I needed to stop this hemorrhage; I needed to stop this bleeding. I need to make sure that I am getting better because I am being given all of this medication, and what it does is like a building that has cracks on it and putting a plaster on it. It isn’t fixing the foundations, so more cracks will appear. What I needed to do in my case was fix the foundations so that more cracks didn’t appear.

Autoimmunity expresses itself pretty early in people’s lives generally. Other issues, like cancer and heart attacks, generally express themselves later in life. By then, it can almost be too late because they are so inflamed because they have been inflamed for a long time.

When you are sick, some people are lucky because they reverse the disease pretty quickly, and we have had amazing results on the lifestyle. For me, it wasn’t a quick fix; it was a long journey. So, it depends on people. You can’t just think that when you have a problem, you can just go on an anti-inflammatory diet and that will sort it out. It can take a long time, so the prevention side is huge.

There is so much misinformation when it comes to health out there right now. 

Frankly, if I had found an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle when I was sick, it would have saved quite a few years of pain. That is why I created the Eat Burn Sleep anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Don’t Believe Fads

Someone told me about someone who said they cure people with a sugar diet!! There are so many fads out there. Get rid of them. Ignore them. If anything doesn’t make sense from a common sense standpoint, then it is probably not common sense.

This method is about structured moderation. It is what moderation looks like in real life. If you feel that you cannot commit to it, like the 80/20, the way I share it, at least understand what your choices are, so when you are making choices so that you know if something is truly anti-inflammatory, you can adjust it.

In fact, what I strongly advise is that most people do liver detoxification on the Eat Burn Sleep program twice a year. Springtime and Autumn are perfect, but if you want to also do it in winter and summer. It is always good to detoxify the liver, which is an organ that is responsible for over 500 functions. It is responsible for fat burning, hormone homeostasis, blood production, lipolysis, gene expression, and removing toxins from the body – processing anything that you put inside your body.

Don’t wait until you feel unwell or until you have gained weight to do an Eat Burn Sleep liver detoxification.

In the podcast, I also talk about:

*How the Eat Burn Sleep platform works.

*How the program suits people who like eating out a lot, too.

*How there is also a very structured option that has your daily routine covered, which tells you what to eat (with the recipes, shopping lists for the week), meditation, and workouts. From morning through to nighttime, with a sleep preparation routine.

*I run over the various sections that help mental wellness and optimal health. There are so many videos and sections on the program to teach people to be experts themselves!

*How the additives in foods affect physical and mental health

*Bacteria in the gut is important

*Relationship with food

*Specific foods to reduce inflammation

*Not banning foods and losing bacteria

*Rewiring your subconscious brain

*Bedtime tips for a good sleep

*How the body knows when we need more sodium

*Our unique selves and how long it will take for results on the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle!

Thank you for listening, and remember: keep healthy, keep happy, and keep the inflammation down!

Yalda Alaoui


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