March 31, 2021

Emotional Health Strategy

Steve Burns

How to Take Action to Feel Your Best!

In this fascinating episode, Steve Burns joins Yalda, to talk about the mind-body connection and taking action to feel your best. Steve is an Emotional Coach & Addiction Specialist and is the founder of the therapy Lounge in London.

Steve had a successful corporate career until he suffered a mental breakdown. After being disappointed by the results he saw with psychotherapy, he devised his own unique method to recover his mental health. He has since made a career change and helps others feel better. He believes in rapid, genuine, and long-lasting change.

The Power of Gratitude

Steve and Yalda share the same philosophy about taking action to be well, feel well, and stay well. It is so important for your mind and body! We discuss emotional, mental, and physical health and how to take charge of what you can change.

In this podcast, they also touch on:

*Self-compassion and self-acceptance

*Taking action to be well

*Impact of lockdown on our emotional health

*How to get past self-pity

*Taking action to feel your best

*The primary unconscious needs that human beings need to satisfy:

Sense of security

Variety and uncertainty

Connection – love and belonging




*Are you a creator of change or a victim of it?

*The power of gratitude

Steve says, “The people that seem to be the most resilient are the people that look after their emotional well-being daily. They are the people who practice mindfulness, think about gratitude, and work hard at acceptance and forgiveness. All of these weighty concepts have a profound impact on how we feel.”

‘Feel better. Frown less. Smile more.’

There is a section on this platform for members that is dedicated to Mental Wellness. Mental wellness improves gut bacteria, boosts the immune system, and reduces cortisol – instantly.

A snippet from Steve, “You can give gratitude for everything around you: for your clothes and the sunshine, health, education, the people that we love the most – we are not entitled to any of them. There is so much to be grateful for. To breathe, to laugh, and to smile. If I choose to put on my gratitude glasses, even if there is adversary around me, it is so powerful.

It is an awareness of how crazy that grey matter is between our ears and how we can’t control our thoughts. I have practiced mindfulness every day for 8 years, and I can’t focus for 45 seconds without some random, bizarre, and often surreal thought popping through my head. I can’t control my mind, but I can change my perception. Maintaining awareness.

Self-compassion through mindfulness, prayer, riding a horse – anything. Spending time to be aware of these weighty topics. If we feel better, our body is much more able to balance and produce chemicals that we require without pain and discomfort. Brain and mind are two different things. By doing this work, you can change the makeup in the DNA.”

It is a fact, and it is called neuroplasticity. Epigenetics is when you turn off your genes.

Yalda: “I refused – 100% any negative vision about my health. I share on the podcast a personal story of mine, which (disclaimer!), I advise you all NOT to do! I wanted to share my story, though, because I was faced with surgery, and after diffusing the situation by making light of the situation, which you will hear, I focused on a positive outcome.”

Ultimately, positive thoughts and thinking about good scenarios – and refusing to accept a negative outcome assisted in putting my autoimmune conditions into full remission.

What we choose to focus our mind on has a profound impact on what goes on inside our body, and we hope that you enjoy listening to Steve and Yalda discussing this.

You may also be interested in the podcast with the Media Professional Andrea Wong, who shares her views on achieving a healthy work-life balance and a positive mindset.

Thanks for listening, and remember: keep happy, keep healthy, and keep the inflammation down!



Yalda Alaoui


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