May 21, 2023

Skin & Climate Change

Kim Walls

In this episode, my guest is Kim Walls. She is the CEO, and co-founder of Furtuna Skin, which creates a collection of luxury natural skincare products made in Italy.

Kim’s products are created from olive oil. This is produced at an organic farm that uses regenerative agriculture techniques. In this podcast, Kim brings her beauty expertise and talks about how regenerative agriculture and regenerative beauty radiate through every aspect of their operation, culminating in her approach to skincare.

We discuss how certain farming practices can improve the climate and ecosystems and how to find harmony within nature. We talk about skin changes in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s and how we need to treat our skin differently as we get older.

We explore how hormones and menopause affect our skin.

This podcast is not to be missed if you want to know more about organic skincare and how a cleansing balm can reverse climate change.

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Keep checking in with the podcasts. We have some more exciting guests on the way!

Have a fabulous day!


Yalda Alaoui


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