March 10, 2024

How Does Sleep Help With Inflammation?

Are you sleeping well? This is a question I ask my executive coaching clients, and the answer is frequently no! Modern life is full of things that disrupt sleep. Eating ultra-processed foods, scrolling social media, late-night Netflix, lack of exercise –  it’s little wonder that people are struggling to sleep. And yet sleep is critical to health especially if you are dealing with an inflammatory condition. So, how does sleep help with inflammation?


Sleep and Inflammation

Your body does a great deal of cellular repair work while you sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, this healing work is compromised.

There are 4 stages of sleep in each sleep cycle, and we go through several cycles each night.

Stage 1 is the first stage of non-REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. It is a light sleep that lasts a few minutes as the body and brain start to relax and wind down.

Stage 2 is the next phase of non-REM sleep during which our core temperature drops, muscles relax, and heart rate and breathing slow down.

Stage 3 is deep non-REM sleep. This is the deep, restorative sleep that allows the body and mind to heal, repair, restore energy, and consolidate memories. This is the most important stage of sleep for optimum health and managing inflammation.

Stage 4 is REM sleep. Brain activity picks up and we may experience vivid dreams. REM sleep is thought to be essential for healthy brain function and processing information.

Studies show that sleep loss and disrupted sleep lead to raised levels of inflammatory mediators (Dzierzewski et al, 2020) which are linked to the development of chronic conditions and metabolic disorders like Type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease (Mullington et al, 2010).

In turn, the pain and discomfort of chronic inflammatory disorders can interrupt healthy sleep patterns, leading to a negative spiral of poor sleep and further inflammation.

Chronic low-grade inflammation is an underlying factor in so many conditions. From obesity and weight gain to depression, fertility problems, and thyroid issues, tackling inflammation is the secret to optimum health and vitality.


Sleep and Gut Health

At Eat Burn Sleep we recognise just how important gut health is for overall health and wellbeing. Your gut microbiome influences almost every aspect of disease and constantly communicates with your brain and immune system.

Messenger molecules produced by gut microbes help to regulate your sleep-wake cycle, the internal 24-hour clock that determines when you are asleep or awake. If the balance of microbes in the gut is disturbed – we call this microbiome dysregulation – it can interfere with healthy sleep patterns and promote a state of inflammation.

These microbes also produce some of the neurotransmitters that help you sleep. For example, over 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut and it is serotonin that converts to melatonin, the sleep hormone.

GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) is another important hormone. It has a calming effect in the central nervous system helping you wind down and relax. If the microbiome is out of balance, it struggles to produce enough of these vital neurotransmitters.

Nutrition and Sleep: An Anti-Inflammatory Approach

The evidence is clear: an anti-inflammatory diet that supports a healthy and diverse gut microbiome is vital for managing sleep problems.

The EBS program is acclaimed by healthcare professionals worldwide. Each stage of the program includes recipes, meal plans, exercise and movement videos, guided meditations, and access to health Masterclasses. We are a supportive community, here to help you eat well, sleep well, move well, and be well!


This is what some of our members have to say:

“It is an amazing platform that I joined in 2020! Well substantiated with research, it links a lot of illnesses to inflammation and has helped thousands of people to educate themselves and change their lifestyle, lose weight, and heal from various conditions!

I always go back to her recipes, medication advice, and personalized advice.

Her food lists are a great way to keep healthy. I love Yalda and EBS!”



“The EBS platform has been like a mentor, coach, and friend.

Always by my side, whether it’s in my kitchen, on my exercise mat, during conversations with friends and family, or even during my walks. I smile every time I hear you say “Hello everyone” and know I’m in good hands.

I have more energy and motivation, I’m less bloated, and I notice my emotions are less affected by my hormones.

Your platform is easy to navigate and allows me to follow the lifestyle with relative ease.”



The EBS program is proven to relieve a huge range of health conditions and can help you enjoy the deep, restorative sleep you need.

Find out more about our membership options here. I recommend starting with the 6-Week Reset as the best way to begin your journey to better sleep, health, and vitality.


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Sweet dreams,

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