April 04, 2022

Corporate Anti-inflammatory Health Workshops

Corporate Motivational Speaker

Eat Burn Sleep Corporate Talks and Workshops are delivered by the CEO and founder of Eat Burn Sleep – Yalda Alaoui, a Naturopathic Nutritionist.

Unique approach to boosting productivity, morale, health, and vitality.

She has earned a reputation as a globally recognized inflammation pioneer through her groundbreaking research into chronic inflammation and gut health. Yalda’s mission is to share her expertise and reach as many people as possible so that we all live our best lives, with more autonomy over our dietary and lifestyle choices, for long-term physical and mental health benefits.

Health Education as a Productivity and Retention Tool

She extends her education to the workplace and offers corporate talks, workshops, and masterclasses. Since many mental and physical health conditions that people suffer from are linked to chronic inflammation (which leads to absences, stress, and low morale) and how optimum health can be achieved (along with virus resistance), through her method – it is no wonder that the workshops are incredibly popular.

Feedback shows that mental and physical well-being is boosted, a stronger resilience against sickness and disease is achieved, disengagement decreases, productivity is increased, and morale is returned to the office.

As a former capital markets professional, Yalda understands the challenges of working in an intense office job, business trips, juggling home life, and keeping physically and mentally balanced.

She offers valuable insight into coping strategies optimized by the world-renowned, science-backed anti-inflammatory lifestyle she created.

Tailored to the needs of the Corporation, Yalda Alaoui delivers compelling, life-changing health talks, workshops, and masterclasses. Applicable to everyone. Beneficial to all.

Designed to boost health, morale, productivity, and vitality.

In talks or workshops, Yalda delivers complex information in easy-to-understand language, inspiring key takeaways and vital tools for a healthy, happy life. Of course, healthy, happy people benefit corporations:

  • *Reducing employee absences
  • *Boosting workplace morale
  • *Improving mental well-being
  • *Increasing good time management
  • *Increasing drive and inspiration
  • *Lifting employee engagement
  • *Reducing employee turnover
  • *Retaining good employees
  • *Improving productivity
  • *Improving motivation
  • *Improving energy
  • *Improving longevity
  • *Decreasing the risk of burnouts
  • *Enhancing work-life balance
  • *Increasing profitability

 Educational. Engaging. Inspirational.

Eat Burn Sleep Health Workshops, physical or virtual, including topics such as:

Masterclass on chronic inflammation

  • *What is inflammation?
  • *How is inflammation caused?
  • *What is chronic inflammation?
  • *Signs of chronic inflammation
  • *Chronic inflammation conditions
  • *The impact of chronic inflammation on physical and mental health
  • *How to keep inflammation low


How Living a Low Inflammatory Lifestyle Benefits Work, Business & Home

  • *Understanding the brain-gut axis to support cognitive functioning
  • *How brain fog and low moods can be dissipated through gut bacteria
  • *How reducing inflammation increases mental well-being
  • *How to increase mental clarity, efficiency, and work quality
  • *Improved work relationships through a stable body and mind
  • *Optimal health for optimal business decisions
  • *How this anti-inflammatory lifestyle increases energy and motivation
  • *How this lifestyle enhances work-life balance
  • *Resilience against disease and sickness
  • *Decrease in burnout and stress-related sickness


Masterclass on Optimum Mental and Physical Health

  • *The link between chronic inflammation and mental health
  • *The link between chronic inflammation and physical health
  • *Delving into the brain-gut connection
  • *Neurotransmitters – how feeding the gut well affects mental health
  • *How Eat Burn Sleep anti-inflammatory lifestyle benefits mental and physical health
  • *What exercise is anti-inflammatory?
  • *What exercise creates inflammation?
  • *Practical tips to support mental health on the weekend: activities, foods to eat, foods to avoid, nurturing practices, etc.
  • *Practical tips to support mental health on weekdays: exercises, keeping stress at bay, foods to eat – equilibrating body and mind.


Stress Reduction and Improved Productivity in the Workplace/Home

  • *Brain-gut axis eating plan to reduce stress
  • *Protecting against oxidative stress
  • *Strategy for managing hybrid/remote work and staying healthy
  • *How sedentary behavior is associated with inflammation
  • *Tips on movement for light and serotonin
  • *Deep understanding of nutrition for improved focus


Nutrition in the Workplace

  • *Anti-inflammatory food combinations – lunch & snack ideas
  • *Recipes to curb cravings
  • *Portion control
  • *Foods that are inflammatory
  • *How timing of eating has a major impact on productivity and brain function
  • *Debunking myths about food
  • *Implications of a low-carb and high-carb diet
  • *How dairy affects the human body
  • *Bloating and digestive issues
  • *Discussion about caffeine.


Nutrition when Travelling and Business Dinners

  • *Keeping performance at peak
  • *Mental clarity
  • *Physical well-being
  • *What to eat when traveling to avoid ‘jet lag’ sickness
  • *Mental and physical well-being during time zone changes
  • *What to eat at business dinners
  • *What not to eat at business dinners
  • *Keeping healthy the morning after business dinners
  • *Optimum health when away from home

All talks and workshops include tools and tips around each topic, along with an in-depth Q&A.

Participation is encouraged. Applicable to everyone.

To track progress, questionnaires are distributed to attendees during the first and last workshops to assess:

  • *how they would rate their health and habits
  • *how they would rate the progress in their knowledge at the end of the workshops
  • *whether the workshops have had a positive impact on their habits related to nutrition and health
  • *how they rate the increase in their productivity as a result of improving their habits.


Attendees leave with handouts summarising the key points, the inspiration to act, and further reading recommendations.

Delivering life-changing talks that resonate, motivate, and optimize health and productivity, we guarantee your audience will be captivated by Yalda’s knowledge and delivery. Book yours today!




“You cannot outsource your health.”

All around the world, thousands have joined the revolutionary Eat Burn Sleep anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Membership is also a popular thank you/welcome pack health gift for associates.

Prescribed and used by Health Professionals and acclaimed by all members. Embraced by Employers.

Special packages are available for corporation well-being benefits enrolment. 

Contact the Eat Burn Sleep Team for more information about how we can help you look after your employees’ mental and physical well-being on a non-financial retention incentive for the long term, setting the tone for your company’s internal values and ethos.

Yalda Alaoui


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