December 18, 2022

How to Lose Weight For and During Holidays

With Lots of Food and Treats!

Hello Everyone! You will not believe how many delicious foods and treats you can have to lose weight exponentially while packing your body full of nutrients to lose weight.

If you started living the Eat Burn Sleep way now.

Of course, this means that if you want to lose weight quickly after Christmas, you will already be on the way there and won’t need to worry. (Not to mention for next year’s vacations and holidays!).

If you want to reduce chronic inflammation, avoid weight gain at Christmas, and enjoy lots of delicious food and treats, read on to find out how.

How Can You Lose Weight at Christmas?

Does Being Overweight Mean You’re Unhealthy?

How to Avoid Weight Gain at Christmas

Can You Gain Weight From Christmas Dinner?

What Food Helps You Lose Weight?

Simple, Healthy Christmas Recipes

How to Lose Weight After Christmas


How Can You Lose Weight at Christmas?

It is possible to lose weight over Christmas if you embrace living in an anti-inflammatory way from now on.

Going forward, if you get good sleep, keep stress down, eat gut-healthy foods, do anti-inflammatory movements daily, and practice neuroplasticity as a matter of life, it is more likely that you will lose weight. This will aid in reducing any other conditions that you have, like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, eczema, depression, irritability, tearfulness, headaches, Long COVID, IBS, and the list goes on!

You can still have sweet treats and snacks if you want to. Make sure to make them yourself so you know what’s in them. We have many sweet treat recipes for our weight loss lifestyle.

You can still have champagne and wine. It’s all about moderation, after all. Life is to be enjoyed, and I know that if weight loss dominates your thoughts, then there may not be room for enjoying yourself.

I advise switching your focus to how you can improve your gut health with amazing foods as a healthier, sustainable suggestion that delivers incredible results.

Good food is essential to gut health, liver health, immunity, neurotransmitter production, and keeping inflammation down.

This will reduce your weight and make you happier because of the brain-gut connection – not just because of weight loss.

Does Being Overweight Mean You’re Unhealthy?

Excess weight puts the body into a pro-inflammatory state and interferes with optimum health, opening the body up to some serious health issues.

If not paid attention to and reduced, it can lead to obesity, which is a chronic inflammatory condition and puts your body at risk of a whole array of non-communicable diseases like:


Since Covid-19 is doing the rounds again, it is wise to want to lose weight now and over Christmas. People with obesity that catch Covid-19 are more likely to be hospitalized.

It doesn’t take much weight loss to make a tremendous difference in reducing health risks, and because Eat Burn Sleep’s recipes are so delicious and easy to follow, you can really enjoy losing weight.

I often quote our member Kristen because she was in the media with her 60 lb weight loss (which also put her depression into remission). Still, if you scroll to the bottom of the weight loss/obesity condition page, you can watch some of our members talk about weight loss.

I love getting these videos (and those by text) from members because it means so much to put a face to their names, know them better, and follow their health journey. It makes me so happy!

If you look through all the testimonials, weight loss is usually mentioned and happens quickly. Like I always say, though, long-term health is the goal.

The article: How Can You Lose a Lot of Weight Fast? & Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Quickly may interest you, too!

How to Avoid Weight Gain at Christmas

Of course, you can eat an incredible, exciting array of foods and desserts, have a glass of wine or two over Christmas, and avoid weight gain. I recommend that you follow this advice to prevent weight gain over Christmas.

Can You Gain Weight From Christmas Dinner?

If you eat a Christmas dinner prepared with whole, unprocessed foods and without additives, you will not gain weight from that meal.

Likewise, if you are not cooking and you are eating at a dinner party that may contain foods that are not anti-inflammatory or gut-healthy, yet eat and live in an anti-inflammatory 80% of the time, you will be fine if you know your trigger foods.

It may not digest the same and make you feel uncomfortable and want to lie down, but this one meal isn’t going to put weight on you instantly.

If you are eating out and need guidance at all times, Members can use the Eating Out Guide. It is handy because you can access the app, whilst out, for quick reference. It soon becomes second nature.

Don’t forget to do some anti-inflammatory movements or take a walk to aid digestion.

What Food Helps You Lose Weight?

There are misconceptions about what food helps you lose weight and misleading packaging, and I could talk all day about the dangers of zero-calorie food, the dangers of the way food is processed these days, and not eating well.

Your body needs nutrition, and you can lose weight without compromising nutrition, not just temporarily, which happens on many diets.

So many people yo-yo because these restrictive diets are not sustainable.

You need to have access to Eat Burn Sleep’s entire 300+ anti-inflammatory ‘weight loss’ recipes, such as example weeks and organized monthly menu plans, shopping lists, and all of the tools you need to make weight loss easy.

Weight loss is a side effect of Eat Burn Sleep’s anti-inflammatory lifestyle. If that is inflaming your body, weight loss occurs quickly once you start on this gut-healthy lifestyle, which continues exponentially.

Eating lots of the right foods with anti-inflammatory properties that work synergistically together provides the body with all the nutrients it needs, balances gut microbiota, reduces inflammation, and reduces weight.

This does not happen with many weight loss diets.

Many weight loss diets are all about calorie counting and banishing food groups. They are nutritionally unbalanced, making people feel emotionally unstable and unhappy because their guts are unhappy.

When you focus all day on calories or what not to eat, this induces cravings and misery!

You can be starving on the inside yet have weight issues. A well-nourished body will not be starving. 

A starving body also creates less-than-optimum mental well-being. You may enjoy listening to the chat with myself, Russ Kane, and Chantal Rikards OBE, on How Can You Achieve Optimal Wellness. We laughed a lot!

Simple, Healthy Christmas Recipes

If you are signed up for our newsletter, an anti-inflammatory healthy Christmas menu will be dropped by your inbox this week.

It has various delicious, anti-inflammatory options that are easy to prepare and can be made in advance, including some Christmas salads and amazing, easy dessert recipes. If you missed it, contact our team, and we can send it to you!

Good, tasty food that feeds your gut microbiota well and reduces inflammation will aid your weight loss goals.

I appreciate that not everyone wants or has what is known as traditional Christmas Day food. Hence, it’s a nice collection of delicious food that will help you avoid weight gain over Christmas and give you a taster of what delicious anti-inflammatory food tastes like.

If you are looking for healthy, one-pot, anti-inflammatory meals to have over the Christmas holidays. And ones that can be made quickly and in advance; go with some energy-efficient (in more ways than one) slow cooker ones that are so good for your gut health. (Members, there are so many slow cooker recipes to choose from).

They keep in the fridge for up to 5 days and in the freezer for three months.

There is nothing like bringing some delicious food out of the freezer and feeding friends and family when you don’t have time or feel like cooking!

A dish of beef brisket, a meal for digestive disorders.

Slow Cooker Beef Brisket 

Throw all the ingredients in and slow cook for 6 hours. Amazing for your gut health and digestion and lowers inflammation.

The beef breaks away into soft, succulent strands, and the sauce gets richer by the day, so this is definitely one to prepare a day or so in advance because it tastes even better. Serve with broccoli steamed lightly for a burst of green in your bowl and calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C, B vitamins, and so on.

Slow Cooker Paleo Beef Short Ribs

Slow-cooked pasture-fed beef is good for gut health, digestion, immune strengthening, and protection from (as well as reducing) chronic inflammatory conditions.

Plus, the procedure used in creating soy sauce creates unique carbohydrates that feed microbiota, which will assist in lowering inflammation.

Slow Cooker Indian Vegetable Curry

This slow-cooker Indian curry recipe couldn’t be more straightforward. You can use mild, medium, or hot curry paste/powder, depending on your taste.

Because you are using a ready-made paste, make sure it doesn’t have any inflammatory ingredients, which will undo all the good microbiota-feeding work! Members, check the list of ingredients that you should avoid in the red foods list section.

The amino acids that reduce inflammation in mushrooms, plus the antioxidants, minerals, and fiber in all the ingredients here, make this a potent anti-inflammatory meal, feeding good gut microbiota and giving a good dose of vitamin D.

A bowl of chicken soup and vegetables in a clear broth - an EBS recipe

Slow Cooker Chicken Soup

Chicken is exceptionally high in heart-healthy vitamin B3, and the darker meat contains double the amount of zinc and iron of the lighter meat, giving it extra immune-boosting properties.

Who knew that healing and weight-reducing foods tasted so good?

Savor the flavor and enjoy the anti-inflammatory weight loss properties of our Eat Burn Sleep Christmas menu in your inbox. Subscribing will give you lots of health education tips and recipes to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.

The majority of the foods that you eat need to be nutritious (and delicious) for weight loss (and for a happy life). Remember, though, you cannot heal with food alone. Lifestyle matters so much!

How to Lose Weight After Christmas

As I touched on, if you follow this anti-inflammatory lifestyle, you will already be losing inflammation; losing weight, and you won’t need to worry about putting your attention to weight loss after Christmas. Just concentrate on living your best life.

Weight reduction will continue if you follow this lifestyle. It sounds so easy. That’s because it is, and it is enjoyable. 

Good food that isn’t full of chemicals, unhealthy fat, and ingredients that our bodies do not know what to do with gives us life, not puts it at risk.

It is there to be enjoyed, and it is essential. We all deserve tasty, nutritious food that doesn’t inflame our bodies and cost the earth!

If you are looking for a gift to help anyone with weight loss goals or a non-communicable condition, autoimmune disease, digestive issues, and so on, consider the gift of health.

Whichever corner of the world you are in over Christmas, I wish you health and happiness and hope you have a beautiful time.



Yalda Alaoui


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