February 12, 2023

How to Recover From Virus Infections

Resetting Health After Illness and Antibiotics

If you have had a virus that resulted in you having oral or intravenous antibiotics, I have no doubt that you will be feeling unhealthy and lethargic. You may have depression, memory lapses, joint pain, and brain fog. Or maybe small signs like dark circles under your eyes, a skin rash, or a white coating on your tongue.

You may be wondering why you are not recovering well from a virus or why you keep getting sick over and over.

You see, there’s a reason for you feeling ill after antibiotics, even if it was months ago that you had them.

I myself just recently have had to have two lots of antibiotics in the last couple of months, and it all stems from emotional shock, which made me sick last year when a loved one was in an accident. If you watch my Lives on Instagram, you will know the story of how emotional shock led to my catching bacterial meningitis, what subsequently happened, and why I didn’t share it at the time.

Why Do You Keep Getting Sick?

What Do Antibiotics Do To Your Body?

Can You Recover From Antibiotic Damage?

Reducing Bacterial Overgrowth

How Do You Know If You Have Candida?

The Best Way to Recover From a Virus

How Do You Get Bacterial Meningitis?

Bacterial Meningitis Recovery

Can You Prevent Bacterial Meningitis?

Can You Fully Recover From Bacterial Meningitis?

Best Way to Eliminate Candida

How to Optimize Health

Why Do You Keep Getting Sick?

Chronic inflammation leaves you susceptible to viruses. There are signs of inflammation that may surprise you.

Chronic inflammation is a dysregulation of the immune system.

Constantly getting sick means that your immunity needs boosting. I advise Eat Burn Sleep’s 6-Week Reset in the Membership section and following the specialized advice within the first three weeks for Long Covid Recovery and the Candida Protocol. It will ensure that getting sick all the time does not happen to you anymore. You will feel incredible afterward, too. See below.

For me, recently, when I am usually robust, my immunity was compromised because I went through a terribly stressful time just last year. (I have two autoimmune diseases that I keep in remission through this anti-inflammatory lifestyle).

A very close family relative had a terrible accident. The shock that lasted some time caused excess cortisol to run through my system, which reduced my immunity and caused hair loss.

Then, further down the line, because of my reduced immunity, I had bacterial meningitis, which is the type of meningitis that can kill you.

On the first visit to the hospital, they didn’t pick up on it. When I went back, I was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and sepsis, and they quickly put me on an antibiotic intravenous drip, thankfully.

Afterward, I had to have ten days of antibiotics. This is why I got sick after being treated for the infections.

What Do Antibiotics Do To Your Body?

Well, in many incidences, they clear the virus quite rapidly, and I needed them desperately when I had bacterial meningitis. I am so grateful because I think I may have died.

Antibiotics have saved millions of lives by removing pathogenic viruses.

Ultimately though, oral or intravenous antibiotics damage our gut health by reducing the bacteria that are good for our health, like Bifidobacterium, and increasing the bacteria that aren’t, like antibacterial resistance genes, for instance.

70% of our immune system cells (GALT – gut-associated lymphoid tissue) reside in our guts, so you can realize that your immune health is compromised with an unhealthy gut microbiome. Also, a healthy gut maintains the mucus layer, which will keep pathogens from leaking into the bloodstream.

So, on top of this, with the emotional shock that lowered my immunity, all in all, this flu that I contracted recently wiped me out. Unfortunately, it developed into a lung bacterial infection, and I had to be given antibiotics again.

Of course, gut dysbiosis causes inflammation and triggers.

If you have ever experienced diarrhea or bad stomach ache when taking antibiotics, it is Clostridium difficile that is causing it, for instance, which is increased in the gut in the presence of antibiotics. The bacteria often live harmlessly, under the control of the beneficial gut bacteria, but dysbiosis allows its growth.

So, this is a disaster for anyone with an inflammatory bowel disease, and I know that many of you have experienced similar.

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Can You Recover From Antibiotic Damage?

Yes, you can recover from antibiotic damage, and depending on how you go about it will all matter to recovery time and outcome.

You can change your gut microbiota within 24 hours, but there can be a longer-lasting negative effect on the body following antibiotics.

Typically, if you work on being healthy, it can take your microbiome months to return to a good balance of good bacteria after antibiotics, and even then, you can still feel not quite right. Antibiotics can really do a number on your gut and leave you feeling sick for months.

Resetting your microbiome is how we start the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle, as I mentioned above, and it works after antibiotics, chronic inflammation conditions, autoimmune diseases, and any time you need to reset your health and go forward for the long-term.

We begin with the 6-Week Reset!

This is designed to balance the microbiome to a healthy diversity. So, with Eat Burn Sleep, in as little as 42 days, you could not only be feeling better and healthier but simply fantastic.

Once you have reset your health by balancing your microbiome and cleansing your liver (because all sorts of wonderful things happen to your body when you do the Eat Burn Sleep reset), you can begin the 80/20 balance.

You can enjoy treats but still feel incredible, and as each day passes, you feel even more wonderful than the day before.

Optimize your health, but also live and enjoy life without restrictions. Nobody wants to follow strict regimes all the time (which is why many diets are unsustainable).

The problem for me is that the ratio changed a lot by the end of the year because of the party season, so that is why I got the flu, too, not long ago. I was having way too many treats!

Reducing Bacterial Overgrowth

The problem is that when we have been on antibiotics, we have much higher chances of developing candida overgrowth, and our bodies become inflamed.

Resetting my system was what I needed to do because I felt so ill. So I stuck to Eat Burn Sleep’s green list only and didn’t have wine or my usual treats. The first days were challenging, but I was in such a way that I did not feel good at all physically, and I didn’t want a treat. You know that feeling when you are just too ill to think about treats?

I then implemented the Candida Recovery protocol in the Personalized Advice section, which is under Menu in the Learn section of the app.

I advise going on the 6-Week Reset and, in the first few weeks, implementing the Candida protocol in the Personalized Advice section.

Soon, you will be feeling mentally and physically better than you did before.

Then start doing movements like the energy-boosting 16-min Wake-up Stretch.

How Do You Know If You Have Candida?

The way to see if you have candida is that you have a white coating on your tongue. Recurring nail infections, sinusitis, tiredness, joint pain, and thrush are other signs. There are so many symptoms of candida overgrowth, which, of course, is treated successfully on Eat Burn Sleep.

The Best Way to Recover From a Virus

Oh my goodness, let me tell you how I feel after following the best antibiotic recovery, as described above. I feel incredible. My mental well-being is indescribable, and I feel like I am enjoying life even more because of it.

I have lost 3 or 4 kg of weight, which is probably mainly water, but what is game-changing for me, which is why I am reluctant to have too many treats at the moment, is that my mental well-being has gone through the roof.

It isn’t just my mood that has improved, but my efficiency and productivity with work are insane. My brain is functioning so well. It is so amazing.

I feel stronger physically and mentally, but my mood is better, and I feel like I am enjoying life more and feeling less overwhelmed. It has done me so much good.

Did you know that anxiety, depression, low mood, and brain fog are linked to chronic inflammation, which leads to neuroinflammation (inflamed brain cells)? I don’t experience any of these now, but treating my mind and body to the Eat Burn Sleep 6-Week Reset and Candida Recovery protocol has reduced the inflammation in my body so much that I am hooked on this feeling!

Have a read of 4 Secrets to Feeling Good.

How Do You Get Bacterial Meningitis?

Well, I was in the South of France with my kids in the summer. We were staying with friends, and I think the pH in the pool wasn’t quite right. They do have a pool cleaner, but something happened for the water to change because my son got a terrible ear infection.

His ear infection was so bad, and he had a fever, so we ended up in A&E, seeing an ENT specialist. We canceled the flight home because of the risk of ear popping and the pain that would cause and took a train instead to London from the South of France.

During that time, I felt a little bit of ear pain, and I just presumed that I was picking up on my son’s pain!

Now, I have a high pain threshold, so this should have been a sign of something, but I was so focused on my son that I missed that I had a middle ear infection.

Untreated Ear Infections Can Be Dangerous.

Fast forward a week or so, and I was hearing noises amplified. An ambulance siren sounded even louder, and somebody shouting was too loud, for instance. I found myself putting my fingers in my ears a lot and asking my boys if it was particularly loud, and they told me it wasn’t and that it was me.

So, I decided that I would get my ears checked when they returned to school. This didn’t happen because when I was on the way home from dropping my son off at school, I felt so ill that I stopped by the hospital. They checked for COVID-19 and discharged me.

A couple of weeks later, I was at A&E, and I felt so terrible that I felt like I was dying. I couldn’t sit down, yet I was trying to find three seats so that I could lie down, and I was so thirsty. My friend had to communicate with the doctor because I couldn’t speak. The pain in my stomach was horrendous, and I had the worst headache that I had ever experienced.

I didn’t know that the pain in my stomach was the beginning of sepsis.

The doctor asked if I had recently had a cold or a virus, and of course, I had a middle ear infection, which I dismissed because of my high pain threshold.

They quickly put me on intravenous antibiotics, thank goodness.

What happens is that we have bacteria all over us, and when it travels to the brain membranes (meninges), that is when it can be a killer. Death can occur in little time with bacterial meningitis.

Bacterial Meningitis Recovery

So, there is viral meningitis, which I am vaccinated against, and bacterial meningitis, which I had.

You can’t catch it, but it develops after a cold or flu, untreated ear or sinus infection, or a skull fracture. Which is what it was in my case, and that is how I got bacterial meningitis.

So, knowing that antibiotics can lead to candida overgrowth (and even the pharmacist said to me when he gave me the antibiotics – and steroid spray for my lungs because I was so inflamed – that I may get thrush in my mouth and other places), I knew that I had to reset my body and do the Eat Burn Sleep Candida Reduction protocol that we have on this anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

I had symptoms like tinnitus, too, which is a sign of inflammation, so I needed to follow the EBS recovery method to a tee to reset my gut health, boost my immunity, and sort the ear ringing out! I had to ensure that my cognitive function wouldn’t be affected in the long run, too.

Can You Prevent Bacterial Meningitis?

No, you cannot prevent bacterial meningitis, so I advise that if you are not feeling well, go to the doctor. I wasn’t feeling well, and I had ear pain, and I ignored it. Look what happened!

It is better to be safe than sorry, so visit the doctor with any ailment that you have and get it investigated.

Can You Fully Recover From Bacterial Meningitis?

Bacterial Meningitis is serious. Some people have had to have amputations with Bacterial Meningitis. Thankfully, I just made it, so yes, if you catch it early enough. Bearing in mind that I live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle on an 80/20 ratio usually, which bolsters me. Of course, I have not only recovered, but by following the protocol to recover from viruses, I am feeling better than before!

Best Way to Eliminate Candida

Well, the candida protocol is part of the Eat Burn Sleep lifestyle, so it is an add-on. I advise implementing the candida protocol within around 3 weeks of the 6-Week Reset.

How to Optimize Health

Members explore the platform. When I did my liver detox this summer, I pointed out the Liver Detox personalized advice to follow on top of this lifestyle, and so many members hadn’t seen it.

The lifestyle is easy to follow, and many members have not explored the whole platform yet. It is packed with health education, and members have access to everything.

There is everything you need on this health platform to improve your health.

You may be suffering from multiple symptoms or needing a boost where you need an extra protocol, like for depression and anxietyfertility, bloating, insomnia, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, healthy weight loss, healthy weight gain, long COVID recovery, acid reflux, Hashimoto’s, and other thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, gout, psoriasis, or what to eat during Ramadan, say. The list goes on, and it is continually added to. 

You may come across some things that you experience, like migraines, as an example. That extra advice in the Specialized Advice section under Learn in the app could give you more results and have you feeling even more incredible.

Knowing how our body works is key to taking care of it.

Because I mentioned France, I must point you to my podcast appearance on Alicetuyet.com. Le podcast est en français!

I have been feeling so good that I thought that I wouldn’t drink again, but the other night, I had a couple of glasses of wine when I went out to dinner.

The next day, I did not like how I felt. Once you get hooked on feeling good, you can’t tolerate not feeling 100%.

This is how members can connect with why Eat Burn Sleep works and is so powerful.

When you feel this good, not only do your brain and microbiota not crave the food and drink you used to have, but you actually don’t want to feel like that again.

Standards rise when you get used to feeling so incredible, and this is how you get hooked on this healthy lifestyle.

Feeling really alive is intoxicating.

This is why so many members state that they are on Eat Burn Sleep for life and love the simple, healthy, delicious recipes like Lebanese Meatballs & Pumpkin Pie.

You feel happier and healthier in your first year on this optimum healthy lifestyle, but it gets better as the years go by. Members (even the ones that had chronic conditions that took over their lives) who are in their second and third years say they have been achieving things beyond their wildest dreams.

Eat Burn Sleep is a way of life that gives even better results as time goes by and gives you more autonomy over your health, which is priceless.

I hope that you have a beautiful day!


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