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The best kept secret for health and youth

I have studied health and nutrition for 10 years to find a solution for a couple of “incurable” auto-immune conditions I was suffering from. My primary focus was to get healthier in order to enjoy my life and stop spending my time in various hospitals. Along the way, I have discovered some pretty magical products, and today I am discussing one of them which is… collagen protein.


What is collagen protein?

Collagen protein is basically 100% pure protein powder constituted of amino acids. It is used by people who train to repair muscle. It is a white powder that has no taste and can be added to shakes, soups, etc. I sometimes add a tablespoon to my green tea in the morning. It is basically the equivalent of bone broth, in powder form.


Why did I use collagen protein?

I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis, which is an inflammatory bowel disease, and I started using it because collagen protein is known (among health professionals) to rebuild the gut lining. I had tried glutamine, without much success, and my naturopath suggested collagen protein.


Which benefits did I observe?

The immediate benefit was a reduction in my symptoms which meant the collagen powder did help rebuild my gut lining. This may seem irrelevant to you, but it isn’t. Your gut is the MOST IMPORTANT organ when it comes to overall health. A healthy gut lining will stop you from having the leaky gut syndrome, which is the source of many ailments – from food intolerances to auto-immune issues.

The second benefit was for my hair, skin, and nails. I noticed that my skin became plumper, more elastic, and more hydrated. My fine lines got reduced significantly.  I am 39 years old, and people often compliment my skin. There might be a genetic element to it, but I am pretty convinced my lifestyle has a lot to do with it! I never had any botox, fillers, or treatments done to my face. I only use natural products and feed myself well. My hair got thicker and shinier too, and my nails stronger. Collagen protein is definitely my best beauty product!

Finally, collagen protein is also amazing to maximize the benefits of your workout. I love adding a couple of tablespoons to my pre or post-workout shake as it builds and repairs muscles in a really effective manner.

Which one should you buy?

You can find many brands online. My advice would be to go for grass-fed pasture as that will allow you to consume a product higher in Omega-3s (the good omegas) and lower in Omega-6s (the bad guys which cause inflammation). You can check out my blog post on Omega-3s for more details on this topic.



Yalda is a globally-recognized gut health and inflammation expert and the founder of Eat Burn Sleep.

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