May 17, 2022

The Dangers Of A Vegan Keto Diet

What Do I Think About A Vegan Keto Diet?

Hi Everyone!

I was asked about what I think about a vegan keto diet by Live Science.

Those of you that know my thoughts on the keto diet and a vegan diet, know that I am already not a fan of either. Combined together? You can imagine what I am going to say.

Why Is A Vegan Keto Diet A Bad Idea?

If I said to you that by eating a certain way would toxify your liver, disrupt your metabolic functions and digestion, and disturb your sleep, would you do it?

If I told you that the same diet also increased your appetite and hunger, depleted your body of nutrients and put you in a low mood, wouldn’t you be wondering what sort of diet is this?

Then, also note that the same diet leads to chronic systemic inflammation in your body, a compromised immune system and opens it up to one or many diseases, what would you say?

That’s the vegan keto diet! Say no more.

You can read the article here.

A vegan diet by itself is not enough for optimum health. A keto diet is extreme and opens up the body to disease in the long-run. For optimum health, I advise a diet that focuses on gut health, as a priority.

I do have lots of delicious vegan recipes on the anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Here’s a few that you may like to try:


Vietnamese Chopped Salad

Paleo Miso Eggplants

I serve them with fish or animal protein (or by themselves).

It’s all about balance and moderation!

Look after your health. It is your most valuable asset. Don’t mess around with it. Think long-term not quick fix.

Have a super day!


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